Monday, April 12, 2010

Has Republican Party Really Gone Nuts?

As a former member of the Republican Party, who has not lost ,my conservative views.
I am finding it hard to understand what the rational is for some of the mistakes,being made in judgement. I did not leave the party because of Obama , i was already gone .the mean spiritedness drove me away.The so called Conservative movement and people involved are almost a vigilante group. The so called Tea Party, mean,verbally abusive,night riders, moving from State to State making believe, there is a real movement and all regular Political operatives know it's not, yet they continue.
I supported Perry, met with him privately long ago, this man has turned into a big liar, just to keep an elected office? What are our people going to do next.Is holding the office of Governor worth a mans soul,or JP or School Board,is it worth anyone's salvation.
Politics have been my passion for all my life, I loved it,once upon a time,I could eat,sleep and breath it,that was when it was pure ,honest,may the best team win.People were the reason ,you ran for Office,to help them, make laws that would improve their quality of Life.
No more,Politics are all about the next development, next land deal,who will build next big shopping center,what Official can direct the project to their Friends and etc.
It has killed my Spirit,I wish I could move away ,to a place where no Officials exist,the land was the rule, but no such place exist.I must hear, these phone calls with corrupt Officials, calling for soon to be corrupt Officials and the people who vote are the ones who will be hurt,but they blindly vote with the Leader who calls them, the most doing election time.They can never get a return call if its about something going on in the area.
Well ,I have spoken, will move on and vote tomorrow,asking God to please allow this person ,to give the taxpayers 20 hours a week of service,anything greater would be asking to much.

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