Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Coming, Ass and Breast Out Season !

i enjoy the summer, since my transplant the heat is hard,because of the medication I take for rejection, one main side effect is heat and sun,so I'm in most of the summer.

When I do go out and return home,it takes a while to gain my composer,I see so many
big behinds ,sticking out with ,shorts showing their butt cheeks, it's sicken, they are every where. Shopping center,grocery store,drug store,restaurants.
Showing cleavage is nothing new,back in 1959 Ray Charles made a song, lyric said "see the girl with the Red dress on" ,I was in the Hollywood palladium and had on a red tea strap dress with cleavage showing, I made myself thing Ray Charles was talking about me,it was cleavage, not whole Brest showing. How do you guys go out with these woman with all her breast out,sagging breast,old breast just all kinds for the World to see,its not sexy its nasty. What about out shopping ,picking up kids from school,wearing house slippers and pajamas,what has happen to home training?
Young men walking with young woman, with their pants down so low the whole, boxer short is showing,there should be a law against this,Mayor Caraway was right on this issue,why must I as a Citizen be forced to look at their behinds when I'm in a store,that almost like being in a rest room with him.Where are the parents of all these people,how did they miss all the training, I had on what and when to wear sleeping clothes,what about adding oil or lotion to your rusty feet and heals prior to wearing your sanders in public,wash your dirty nasty feet before you leave home,foot odor comes up and hit us in our noses when you stand in line.
I hope before the summer is in full force someone would teach these folk how to dress for public places,

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