Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How About That Obama!

Well the President has performed another task,left all the Haters behind,slipped over to War zone,chilled with Soldiers had a talk with them, enjoyed them cheering,and happy to see his face,knowing how hard he was working for them, in a fight He did not start.
It's nice to go away sometime and just see new folk, who have an appreciation for Life and Liberty and to see another day, in a strange land where no one knows their name.

I had a wonderful Lunch today with some Gentlemen who knows, what it means to face rejection on a daily bases, yet the Principle Owner is smiling and doing very well,growing a company and hiring other highly Qualified men to work.

There are so many Black men doing well,that I had forgotten how many there are.Living in the Southern sector, I see them in relax attire and forget that's not their every day wear.

So proud to have set with Two business Black men and another two came into the Restaurant while we were there.

Stay Sound Black Men,I am proud of You. How About All of You.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republican Party! What a Disapointment!

The Party of my Father, my Party for a long time,even when I supported Democrats candidates. I always believed in their ability to treat people fairly and not cheat.
I caught Lot's of grief, in fact the hardest lesson came,when I ran for City Council,
People who knew me very well said,"they could not vote for a Republican, my opponent robo called the voters and reminded them,that I was in the Party. I found out just how much the Republican Party was hated, somehow because I was not one of the One's people hated I though maybe, there were more like me.
I supported Obama, because of his message,plan and energy to get things done,John McCain had a dysfunctional Family and that crazy Sara Palin made him worse, the dumbest White woman ,I ever heard off in my 68 years of living. There is an old Movie,The American President released in 1995, in a speech the President said, Republicans ( i put republican in)
care about two things, "Making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it" just to be re elected. This is so true today, from a movie the truth rang true.
What Republicans have done is, worked the American people up to be afraid of Obama, with lie after lie,now they're telling you he's the blame for it, with lie after lie
and the are sticking to those lies, from the Governor to the Attorney General of our State. No one told Abbot we wanted him to file any law suit, far as I know he has not ask. Who annotate Perry and Abbot, God? Republicans have turned into angry old men and drunk old women,who care only for themselves, there is a higher power who will take care of them. If my description of Republicans, doesn't fit you ,please don't be offended,I'm speaking about ,what I saw and heard from people in DC for the past few days.Why would Officials make the Public afraid of Health Care ,when the very people voting NO has public Option health care and Medicare cards in their pocket, why is it good for them and bad for Us, never witness such a lie being told to the Public in the Public.

May Hugh Robinson Rest In Peace,Kid Won The Right!

Late News announced, Judge ruled , General Robinson's older Kid's will have the honor, of burying their Father, at Arlington National Cemetery. I am so happy for that.His first Love and Mother of his Children ,will have him close,to care for him and his final resting place.

Woman ,come and go but true Love is everlasting , there is no love as a Fathers love.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update,Hugh Robinson Burial .Most Likely VA.

It seems that a Dallas County Court,has granted an Order for the Legal next of Kin of Mr. Robinson , his older Children who live in VA.,to take possession of his Remains for Burial. There seems to be a problem with the current Ms. Robinson providing a legal marriage certificate.So sad that these kids had to spend this time and money while suffering the lost of their Father.

Hugh,worked hard for this Community and deserves better ,women should try hard to have their affairs in Order, when dealing with a Loved one who has Children and former wives. All people should have their affairs in order,we never know when our last day is upon us.
Yesterday,because of this family's situation, I called all my various places that would be impacted by my death and corrected all information,placed all documents in the safe place ,and started to write ,what I want to occur ,at the time of my demise.
You all should do the same,Death is the one thing we know is coming,the date remains unknown.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hugh Robinson's Family , Something Is Very Wrong !

Having been in Funeral Business for over 50 years,McGowan Funeral Home,2830 South Ervay St.Dallas,Texas,I know when something is going wrong within a family,of a deceased Love one.Hugh Robinson passed away,some time last week and there was a new story on his death as well as a paid obituary submitted by Funeral home in charge approve by a family member making arrangements.First and foremost in the new story,I felt the interviewee,gave to much information,and the Orb. in the paper had former wives included and I had never witness that in the history of the profession,were no children were involved,than the mother of his Kids was left out,and they had him being the biological father of a Step daughter.I knew from that,there were problems within the Family and his Older Kids.
Then, I saw the new Obituary,that include the Mother of the Older Kids and the correction on the Stepdaughter,minus all the ex wives,the fact an autopsy has been performed which,is an indication his medical record are being question,or home Death.
The new Obit. also said burial with Military honor will be announced.The new Obituary is also in this Sunday paper.
It's sad that the Family ,both groups are experiencing this trauma after the lost of a Loved one.Hugh never seemed a confused person,I had not seen him in about ten years,but he was always very nice and kind. I hope they ,for the sake of their grieving and Hugh's legacy ,it gets resolved quickly.

Lewisville Cat Case,Was Violation Of Young Mans Civil Rights !

The case I saw on Judy Judy about a week or so ago, was a violation of the Young man's Civil rights and a complaint should be filed with Justice Department right away, if you feel like going into it. Your life might be changed, if you intend to remain in that area, I am not sure if that was a County Assistant DA,who retrieved the cat or a City Prosecutor.Also when you were arrested was it City Police of Sheriff deputy.Clearly the owner of the cat lied to both parties and perjury should be filed on her.Please check with Justice on what your rights are as it pertains to the Law enforcement people involved in your case,clearly your rights were violated.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Southern Dallas Justice,Please ACLU We Need Help !

In Southern Dallas a Constable wrote a young man a traffic ticket,he read the instruction on said ticket and followed them to the letter of law.This young man drove to the JP Court in Pct.1,Lancaster ,Texas well within the time frame on the ticket.The Young man ask for a Jury trial,the Court clerk tried to discourage the trial,she told him about various programs on paying the ticket,at the end of conversation,the Young man said,I want a Jury trial,the Clerk said OK then,but it will take a while,I will send you notice of date.The Clerk did not give him any paper with his request on it nor did she sign ticket indicating he had been there.
This Young man received no NOTICE from JP Pct 1 on Court date for Jury trial,he was waiting for notice,when a letter arrived from Austin,Texas, saying he had been found guilty of the offence on ticket and owed a surcharge for his guilty verdict and the fine for ticket.
How can a Man be found guilty of a traffic offence,when he never went to Court,never notified of a date and the sad part is,its going to be easy to see if there was a Jury called for a Pct.1 from the downtown Jury service.They lied to the State,if he had failed to appear a warrant should have been issued and he would have been arrested,they have now put a mark on his license and a three year sur charge,when they did not do their job.What kind of Judge/JP would do such a thing? How can these people over here continue to violate Peoples rights and we can do nothing about t.What is happening in Southern Dallas is worse than any Country we are fighting for,we have no justice out here,and they make and break laws daily and nobody gives a DAM.Wrong Young Lady arrested at school,when warrant has male on it,think anyone cares? No. How many other people have ask for Jury trial and because Judge/JP has to work,they don't do it and than find you guilty,without any type of Court appearance.

Black People ,When Will We, Get On, With It ?

I have lived 68 years,gone through so many trials and tribulations,wars,injustice,I can't name them.I know its time to get on with Life and living life as it is,and stop living history.Knowing history,understanding it and determined not to repeat it,is worth while,but living it,talking about it,basing all our present activities on it,is useless.
I have the utmost respect for Dr.Julianne Malveaux,her column in the Dallas Weekly,this week is disappointing to me.Dr. Malveaux says Mo'nique's Oscar was Victory and Setback.Julianne says,she did not relish the Precious story making it to the screen,but every day,Child Welfare workers deal with these cases daily,all over the US,where is the outrage from Black people? She goes on to say Sandra Bullock won,for playing a White woman who, took in a Black kid,and there are many Black woman raising relatives and other peoples kids,we know there are hundreds of Black women caring for Black kids,that is normal for our race.The movie Blind Side was about an unusual story,a story people will pay to see.There are enough Black millionaires to make movies about our families,we cannot blame White Hollywood for not making a single interest movie,who will pay to see it? The fact is,both are movies,Blind Side was based on a true story,Precious was not.Oprah and Tyler Perry helped to promote it,Black people got to work at their craft and won Performance based awards.Dr.Malveaux is making a movie into real life,its not.She speaks about the 10 million budget and the fact has earned only 50 million,I see nothing wrong with a low budget film making 5 times what it cost to make it,with DVD sales and rentals it will make additional monies.
Bottom line folks,its time for Black people to get on with it,no matter what goes on,some Black person has something to cry,we are so accustom to being a victim we cannot stop finding fault with everything.I am so sick of hearing about how bad Blacks are being done,and I look around and the only people doing us bad or US. I hope before God calls me home,Black people will Get on with living Life as it is,stop the Blame game and get off your Ass and do what needs to be done.Dallas needs to take a lesson from Houston,Black people in Houston do it,and the Ones that Don't,the people turn them OUT.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DART Shame On You ! Pay Mr.Betz.

DART you should be ashamed of your treatment of Roscoe Betz, and the hard working Hispanics families who rent from him,who are hurt from the flooding.
DART,you know as I know,you put that cement and field dirt in that space to keep your property from flooding,you maybe did not know that it would do the damage to the homes of the other residents,but it did.DART you have known it long enough to have corrected it.
DART, you have spent enough money on legal fees to have fixed the problem and paid the small amount of damages caused. You can still simply remove the fill dirt and cement and stop the flooding,your facility does not have people living in it.
I just wonder where are all the Hispanic Leaders who wanted a street named for CHAVEZ, you must did not know what he was about? Chavez would be there standing next to Mr.Betz fighting for the families living in this flooding area,created by DART.
Chavez fought for people who were powerless and needed help,sitting on the DART Board,holding a seat,and not knowing the people effected by this flooding and allowing your high paid legal staff to stomp on a 91 year old man, in Court,is not cute or smart.In fact its a PR nightmare and I am going to make it a point to use every means available to me,to get the word out.The fun Part is Mr.Betz won over you legal team and will continue to win,the higher you go,and again Dallas will look like fools all over the World.I hope all people who read this blog,please call DART and tell them not to appeal County Court decision in Betz case.

What Happen to The Other John Wiley Price ?

Once upon a time ,there was a young man who cared about everyone,he feed people,housed people,got cars washed,fought battles for people,powerless to fight for themselves.This young man drove the bust of Dr. King to Atlanta, for approval by the family, and back.Much time has passed and times have changed,but along the way something happen and I missed it.
The John Price,that would not acknowledge he new Erick Johnson,yet he had appointed in to the Dallas County Historical Commission back in 2006, is not the Price I knew back in the day.The Price,that said he's not concerned by Deputies not having certification is not the real John Price,the license process teaches what you need to know ,to perform the job,that should be his major concern,with 85% on inmates Black and he always been the advocate of Black people,so they believe.The smoke and fire system in the jail has not worked in years,and the Court knows it.There was a time they took parts from 2377 Stemmons to make it work for inspections, and then bring back.The new Medical Examiner building just built with Bond money cannot be used,something wrong with it,have you all seen the very new building 2355 Stemmons,that cannot be used,has anyone ask Why?The ME is operating in a substandard building while the new place sits empty.Something is wrong Dallas County,and it is costing the Taxpayers lots of money.John Price once upon a time was a champion of the people,now he's become this angry old man,who punish people who differ with him,using power to stop not start progress,involved with people he knows mean nobody but themselves good.It was a time he would have called for Valdez resignation,not now. I'm not sure if there is a place for the John, who broke limbs walked slow across streets,if there is a place for a John Price,it would be the John who cared about the Senior Citizen,who needed her house painted and Tax paid,when he was a young honest,innocent man from the Country.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Tom Dunning, A True Friend !

There are not many people in life who can claim one Friend. I am speaking of a person who is with you,come rain or shine,in sickness or health for richer or poorer.A man who means what he says,by his action. A man who has never allowed race, gender or politics,to dictate who he befriend.

Tom Dunning, is that man, a Friend in every sense of the meaning of the word.Tom's wife has been very kind and accepting of his friends,and it shows in her face,as she supports Tom and his friends.

Thanks, Tom, you are the type of person,I would pick to be my "Fox Hole Buddy".Many years ago, my Father told me,"Be Careful Who You Pick To Be Your Fox Hole Buddy",I have never forgot.

Just wanted to make this know,to people who might not be familiar with Mr. Dunning.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

God Bless Erick Johnson and Family!

I am so happy for Erick Johnson and his family.I know he will do a great job.The faith in the voters of District 100,I had proved to be right.Last night I saw people from the District,that I did not know were with him,Some old very hard working community folk.
I also saw Craig Watkins,our DA he sure has soft hands, and very personable.I supported Craig the very first time he ran for DA ,when a lot of people ignored him,I supported him last time,when the Powerful Democrats laughed at him again,and did not support ,him until the Votes were counted.Now everyone is his, king maker,Craig Watkins had enough faith and guts to step out and run,that faith and help from hard working dedicated folk and the top of the ticket bought that victory.
DA Watkins, did say I had written something bad about him on my blog,I said no ,I have not,then he reminded me it was about his wife ,being a political consultant,I reminded him that I had freedom of speech,and I did not think it appropriate for her to represent Judges in Dallas County,it's not illegal. He is such a fine young man ,he and I had a good exchange.I know his family and have admired him and them for their hard work, helping him.I really like DA Watkins and when I do write about him,its to help him stay in office,his heart is right,he's smart and doing a good job.Some fights,I think his inter circle should help him avoid,there just not his fights.Best of luck and Love to Erick and Craig.

Officials In Dallas ,Sill Don't Get It,Favors For Pay ,Is Illegal !

Last week and the beginning of this week,Federal Judge handed down long prison sentences,for a former City Councilman City Plan Commissioner and others,for favors for pay scheme. Yet ,it seems that many of the current Officials,don't remember or do not care that some of their actions are in the same vain.

When you are an Elected or Appointed Official,with the authority to govern,all your decisions are to be in the best interest of the body you serve,not to benefit private business people directly,when you make a decision at the request of private business people,that is not in the best interest of the Public body you govern,but for the sole profit of a private business,its illegal.
Public officials,who allow vendors to lodge complaints, and without any investigation
make decisions based on one sided information are doing disservice to their community.When Officials allow vendors to write memos and letters to Governing Boards,signed by them (official) with information they believe is true ,and turns out it's not correct, and has purposely , been altered from original language,is an indicator the Official is being use for someones personal gain.

The prison time seems to not had the right effect,the Judge had expected,it's business as usual in Dallas with Officials.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Black College Steppers,Mad,White College Steppers Won Contest!

Coca Cola hosted a Stepping Contest for College students,any Step group could enter.A White group entered the competition and won,they were picked by the Judge's.
Black Steppers became angry after White group won and acted a dam fool.Now the claim Stepping is a Black cultural thing and White people should not have been in the contest.How crazy can Black people be these days. What about Stepping is a Black thing ,where did it start? When did we rule who could dance or not. We do every thing the White man does,but we don't want them to dance like us.And to think they are in college.

The worst part is Coke ,gave in to their demands, and created another First place and prize for their group.Coke wanted to just keep the peace and go away,it cost an extra $10,000.00. I will bet you $100.00 that Coke will not sponsor another program
for this group.They won the prize,but lost the war.The school will not overcome the long time lost.The contest rule did not say you must be Black Steppers ,to enter or win, we want equal rights ,what about other peoples rights?

Dog Investigation Concluded !

The investigation of the shooting of my dog has been closed. I understand the reason,as an avid viewer of First 48,COPS,CSI and others,I understand the no witness rule.In my dog's case only the Shooter and her Handy man (she told police her Gardner)was present and witnesses.The Official report the shooter said she came home after being called by the Handyman,saying the dog was in her yard and he was in his truck,she said when she got home,the dog was gone,while she and handy man stood talking dog came back,she than went into house got gun and shot dog,wonder where handyman was while she went to get gun?Wonder why she did not remain in safety of house until Police or animal control arrived? Officer White explain to me why a case could not be filed,the DA always review cases and without a witness we would really have no case.I am happy with that outcome,I just wanted someone to hear the other side of story,I know she shot my dog for evil,but what I know and what can be proved in a Court of law are different.
My Son gave the dog away ,so he would not be killed, we both have put the neighbor in the hands of God. We have been here 25 years and never had problem,I can live here 25 more and never see that crazy woman, who is so jealous ,of who I am.God blessed me with a brain,many others have tried to destroy me ,because I speak the truth and they can't stand it,but oh, I serve a God,that keeps me wrapped in his blood.
Thanks DPD and Officer White for the time you spent trying to solve a situation that should have never happen,in a upper income and educated community.