Thursday, March 11, 2010

DART Shame On You ! Pay Mr.Betz.

DART you should be ashamed of your treatment of Roscoe Betz, and the hard working Hispanics families who rent from him,who are hurt from the flooding.
DART,you know as I know,you put that cement and field dirt in that space to keep your property from flooding,you maybe did not know that it would do the damage to the homes of the other residents,but it did.DART you have known it long enough to have corrected it.
DART, you have spent enough money on legal fees to have fixed the problem and paid the small amount of damages caused. You can still simply remove the fill dirt and cement and stop the flooding,your facility does not have people living in it.
I just wonder where are all the Hispanic Leaders who wanted a street named for CHAVEZ, you must did not know what he was about? Chavez would be there standing next to Mr.Betz fighting for the families living in this flooding area,created by DART.
Chavez fought for people who were powerless and needed help,sitting on the DART Board,holding a seat,and not knowing the people effected by this flooding and allowing your high paid legal staff to stomp on a 91 year old man, in Court,is not cute or smart.In fact its a PR nightmare and I am going to make it a point to use every means available to me,to get the word out.The fun Part is Mr.Betz won over you legal team and will continue to win,the higher you go,and again Dallas will look like fools all over the World.I hope all people who read this blog,please call DART and tell them not to appeal County Court decision in Betz case.

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