Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Happen to The Other John Wiley Price ?

Once upon a time ,there was a young man who cared about everyone,he feed people,housed people,got cars washed,fought battles for people,powerless to fight for themselves.This young man drove the bust of Dr. King to Atlanta, for approval by the family, and back.Much time has passed and times have changed,but along the way something happen and I missed it.
The John Price,that would not acknowledge he new Erick Johnson,yet he had appointed in to the Dallas County Historical Commission back in 2006, is not the Price I knew back in the day.The Price,that said he's not concerned by Deputies not having certification is not the real John Price,the license process teaches what you need to know ,to perform the job,that should be his major concern,with 85% on inmates Black and he always been the advocate of Black people,so they believe.The smoke and fire system in the jail has not worked in years,and the Court knows it.There was a time they took parts from 2377 Stemmons to make it work for inspections, and then bring back.The new Medical Examiner building just built with Bond money cannot be used,something wrong with it,have you all seen the very new building 2355 Stemmons,that cannot be used,has anyone ask Why?The ME is operating in a substandard building while the new place sits empty.Something is wrong Dallas County,and it is costing the Taxpayers lots of money.John Price once upon a time was a champion of the people,now he's become this angry old man,who punish people who differ with him,using power to stop not start progress,involved with people he knows mean nobody but themselves good.It was a time he would have called for Valdez resignation,not now. I'm not sure if there is a place for the John, who broke limbs walked slow across streets,if there is a place for a John Price,it would be the John who cared about the Senior Citizen,who needed her house painted and Tax paid,when he was a young honest,innocent man from the Country.

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