Monday, March 01, 2010

Dog Investigation Concluded !

The investigation of the shooting of my dog has been closed. I understand the reason,as an avid viewer of First 48,COPS,CSI and others,I understand the no witness rule.In my dog's case only the Shooter and her Handy man (she told police her Gardner)was present and witnesses.The Official report the shooter said she came home after being called by the Handyman,saying the dog was in her yard and he was in his truck,she said when she got home,the dog was gone,while she and handy man stood talking dog came back,she than went into house got gun and shot dog,wonder where handyman was while she went to get gun?Wonder why she did not remain in safety of house until Police or animal control arrived? Officer White explain to me why a case could not be filed,the DA always review cases and without a witness we would really have no case.I am happy with that outcome,I just wanted someone to hear the other side of story,I know she shot my dog for evil,but what I know and what can be proved in a Court of law are different.
My Son gave the dog away ,so he would not be killed, we both have put the neighbor in the hands of God. We have been here 25 years and never had problem,I can live here 25 more and never see that crazy woman, who is so jealous ,of who I am.God blessed me with a brain,many others have tried to destroy me ,because I speak the truth and they can't stand it,but oh, I serve a God,that keeps me wrapped in his blood.
Thanks DPD and Officer White for the time you spent trying to solve a situation that should have never happen,in a upper income and educated community.

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