Wednesday, March 03, 2010

God Bless Erick Johnson and Family!

I am so happy for Erick Johnson and his family.I know he will do a great job.The faith in the voters of District 100,I had proved to be right.Last night I saw people from the District,that I did not know were with him,Some old very hard working community folk.
I also saw Craig Watkins,our DA he sure has soft hands, and very personable.I supported Craig the very first time he ran for DA ,when a lot of people ignored him,I supported him last time,when the Powerful Democrats laughed at him again,and did not support ,him until the Votes were counted.Now everyone is his, king maker,Craig Watkins had enough faith and guts to step out and run,that faith and help from hard working dedicated folk and the top of the ticket bought that victory.
DA Watkins, did say I had written something bad about him on my blog,I said no ,I have not,then he reminded me it was about his wife ,being a political consultant,I reminded him that I had freedom of speech,and I did not think it appropriate for her to represent Judges in Dallas County,it's not illegal. He is such a fine young man ,he and I had a good exchange.I know his family and have admired him and them for their hard work, helping him.I really like DA Watkins and when I do write about him,its to help him stay in office,his heart is right,he's smart and doing a good job.Some fights,I think his inter circle should help him avoid,there just not his fights.Best of luck and Love to Erick and Craig.

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