Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hugh Robinson's Family , Something Is Very Wrong !

Having been in Funeral Business for over 50 years,McGowan Funeral Home,2830 South Ervay St.Dallas,Texas,I know when something is going wrong within a family,of a deceased Love one.Hugh Robinson passed away,some time last week and there was a new story on his death as well as a paid obituary submitted by Funeral home in charge approve by a family member making arrangements.First and foremost in the new story,I felt the interviewee,gave to much information,and the Orb. in the paper had former wives included and I had never witness that in the history of the profession,were no children were involved,than the mother of his Kids was left out,and they had him being the biological father of a Step daughter.I knew from that,there were problems within the Family and his Older Kids.
Then, I saw the new Obituary,that include the Mother of the Older Kids and the correction on the Stepdaughter,minus all the ex wives,the fact an autopsy has been performed which,is an indication his medical record are being question,or home Death.
The new Obit. also said burial with Military honor will be announced.The new Obituary is also in this Sunday paper.
It's sad that the Family ,both groups are experiencing this trauma after the lost of a Loved one.Hugh never seemed a confused person,I had not seen him in about ten years,but he was always very nice and kind. I hope they ,for the sake of their grieving and Hugh's legacy ,it gets resolved quickly.

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