Monday, March 01, 2010

Black College Steppers,Mad,White College Steppers Won Contest!

Coca Cola hosted a Stepping Contest for College students,any Step group could enter.A White group entered the competition and won,they were picked by the Judge's.
Black Steppers became angry after White group won and acted a dam fool.Now the claim Stepping is a Black cultural thing and White people should not have been in the contest.How crazy can Black people be these days. What about Stepping is a Black thing ,where did it start? When did we rule who could dance or not. We do every thing the White man does,but we don't want them to dance like us.And to think they are in college.

The worst part is Coke ,gave in to their demands, and created another First place and prize for their group.Coke wanted to just keep the peace and go away,it cost an extra $10,000.00. I will bet you $100.00 that Coke will not sponsor another program
for this group.They won the prize,but lost the war.The school will not overcome the long time lost.The contest rule did not say you must be Black Steppers ,to enter or win, we want equal rights ,what about other peoples rights?

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