Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mother Pleaded for Return Of Baby! All a lie.

The mother of the missing Baby now says she was afraid of the Boyfriend so she lied.

I can understand being afraid of a man when you are alone with him and cannot protect yourself. When you have several Police Officers surrounding you , how in the Hell can you still be afraid of one man. I am sorry Ladies but I don't buy the story.
An Innocent child is gone and this fool has another one on the way my goodness what are we to do.

The other group of fools killed the Doctor because he performed abortions. I do not believe in abortion, however I believe in a Person's right to make that choice not the Government. The group that killed the Doctor think it's OK to kill a grown man but not OK to kill an unborn fetus that nobody knows. What the Hell is this world coming to?

How Dare DMN Criticize Carolyn Davis?

HOW DARE the Dallas Morning New, criticize Carolyn Davis for Dead Man Curve!

DMN (the Palin group) is slowly becoming the worst Editorial group since Heck was a pup.
S.M. Wright Freeway has been an ongoing Battle for People in South Dallas since Councilwoman Elsie Faye Higgins. Every single Black elected Official and some well meaning White people and Officials have worked on that stretch of Highway for years only to be told time and time again the same thing. What you see now at the spot of many accidents is an improvement.
When I-45 split the Black neighborhood in half and destroyed many homes, they promised to fix Dead Man Curve and what you see is the fix. The street was widened and cement curve barrier put up to prevent head on collision like in pass accidents. Give Carolyn Davis a break on Dead Man Curve we all have worked our ASS off to get that thing fixed but to no avail. State and City had no intention of fixing it as long as it leads to nowhere in their minds.

DMN, Davis gets chance to hone leadership skills: Well, Hell where were you while that Buffoon lead DISD? Have you ever ask Jack Lowe where he’s been while an over paid staff stole the DISD blind? Did you ask Lowe if he knew Hinojosa son was in that program using Title 1 money, which is clearly for poor kids, first generation graduated and undeserved minority. Hispanics are the Majority of DISD so the are not undeserved. Hinojosa son met none of the qualifications for that program; Jack Lowe said it’s nothing wrong with it. 1.6 million dollars paid to connect kids to college, what the hell is wrong with that picture.

Carolyn Davis has had some slow moments at City Hall but so have two other elderly White men from North Dallas. One can not remember one vote from another after he wakes up. The people elected them not the DMN.

Dallas has lots of bad elected officials and as you noted DMN only 1,338 voted in the run off. You know why. Black people are worn out with seeing the same situation in their neighborhood week after week month after month and nothing seems to change. It does not matter who the Council person is Dallas City Hall is run by the same folk or their children or their Protégé.
The City Manager form of government is why Dallas is one sided, all on the North nothing on the South. It was planned. Looks at what we have North bright lights, clean streets new buildings as far as the eye can see until you cross the magic line and even the grass looks different the Freeway is gray and ugly not beige and brown with State star.

DMN Black people in this Town are tired of seeing White people, Brown people, Asians people prosper and gain respect in Dallas while nothing changes for them, from their local Government. If Hinojosa was Black he would have been run out of Town or in jail for the things He’s done at DISD. How did he hire Kim Olson knowing she was given an Honorable discharge from service on a Plea bargain and part of that say’s she can not work under Federal programs for some years, DISD has all sorts of Federal programs.

DMN find some White people to talk about. I am too old to keep being hit in the face each morning with your news paper and the Bull S____ you write. Visit someone who knows something about Dallas before you state your Opinion. Why do you think these new Black Leaders are in trouble all over this Country, they found out after being elected the Dream was a sack of money and the businessmen had the biggest sacks? The Dream had nothing to do about ALL the People just you and yours.

President Obama please help me Dream again!