Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mother Pleaded for Return Of Baby! All a lie.

The mother of the missing Baby now says she was afraid of the Boyfriend so she lied.

I can understand being afraid of a man when you are alone with him and cannot protect yourself. When you have several Police Officers surrounding you , how in the Hell can you still be afraid of one man. I am sorry Ladies but I don't buy the story.
An Innocent child is gone and this fool has another one on the way my goodness what are we to do.

The other group of fools killed the Doctor because he performed abortions. I do not believe in abortion, however I believe in a Person's right to make that choice not the Government. The group that killed the Doctor think it's OK to kill a grown man but not OK to kill an unborn fetus that nobody knows. What the Hell is this world coming to?

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