Friday, December 21, 2007

DHA Audit !

My Friend Rufus Shaw

Rufus Shaw has been one person who has always spoke out on issues that most people would not say one word. Rufus knows a lot about a lot of things he has opinions about most things and they are just that Opinions. I respect Rufus because he is well educated and has spent time working for this community. However the development of Southern Dallas is more then just the DCC saying do it. As a former member of City Plan Commission I learned a lot about the problems on WHY the vast amount of land is not developed. The problem infrastructure. South Dallas has no or old infrastructure. Take the UNT campus on the school is tied into the neighborhood lines, there are no water lines on Houston School Road . All the streets and lights,water and etc. at American Airline center was paid for by the City. When developers try coming south the City says we have no infrastructure money so the people go other places. The City manager of past and City Council members did not fund in the South as they did in the North that's the whole story. So let's get busy and get a bond issue for the South Dallas infrastructure.

Cell phones on job !

I have gone to several places shopping and saw employees talking on their cell phones. Why do employers allow this? It is rude and unacceptable in public. I ask the young people to stop talking while waiting on me. They react with anger. Please
stop your employees from talking on cell phones on your time.

Cell phones on job!

Holiday Season

Happy Holiday Season to all readers of this blog. I have much to be thankful for. Last years at this time I was in Baylor hospital with surgery . Thanks be to God I am recovered and doing fine. I have been lazy about Blogging lately because there is so much going on and I have tried to stay focused on Dallas Housing Authority. Just a few things to mention:

1. Dallas Housing Authority is doing well and the Audit you saw on the news this week was the someone that made the news last year. We are in the process of correcting all problems at DHA.

2. Poor Commisoner John Wiley Price ,in the DMN saying" Ms. Lott would not have community support this time" poor angry old fellow he should have been at the Authority meeting Tuesday night the place was on overflow with people who support Ms. Lott.I knew when he was there last year that he was not for real he was there to join the crowd. Poor fellow has drop support for Ms. Lott because I am now on the Board and his hate for me is so strong. When one hates others it will destroy them.

3.Thanks DMN for high on areas that need fixing in Southern Dallas maybe you will get City services. The utility lines above ground has been a long time problem, I was told the resources went to North Dallas on new housing starts.

4. I have tried to get City service in the 4800 block of Spring across the street from the new housing being built by DHA. Councilwoman Ragsdale has also tried to get help, Chaney did nothing in that area because he is one of the bad property owners.

5.I support Dr. H at DISD but he has some major problems the people he hires maybe educated but they have no common sense. Why lie when you know the truth is written
and under freedom of information anyone can get it.Some of the problems are just common sense when looking for ghost employee for example: you have a budget with funded positions in each department all one needs to do is have each person pick up check with proper ID from Ross avenue on pay day. A ghost employee cannot pick up check.

6.Mary S. is a good city manager however I do not know why people get a bonus for doing the job they are paid to do with taxpayers money.

7. Dallas County Commissioners Court is spending money right and left for lawsuits
the Court is out of control.

8.After New Years!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chief Brown goes to City Hall !

I am always happy to see a person move up and around in a government job because the more you learn the higher you can go. I am not sure if Mary knows what she has in Chief Brown as interim assistant City manager. Chief Brown is a very hard working City employee who worked to earn the respect that people have for him. He is no nonsense and treats everyone the same. He does not talk out of both sides of his mouth and it does not hurt that he is from Dallas, Texas.

Once upon a time and Sharon Boyd will remember this when the City, DISD and others were hiring their interoffice Black professional employee Dallas Black professional could not get the jobs. The powers that be during that time always wanted an imported Black. I have not figured that out just yet, sure was not because of smarts, the Federal government hired some but these other people could not see it.
Levi Davis was one of them he turned out to be very good, Richard Knight, Harry Jones and lots of others were good hires.

Back to Chief Brown Code enforcement will get cleaned up and working now under Brown in fact every department under his direction will become efficient I, had signed up to speak today at City Council about code enforcement but respect for Brown made me cancel I know my concern will be corrected. Congratulation Chief Brown and Happy Holiday to your lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

T.O. Thats My Boy ! Pray for the Sean Taylor

I attended the Dallas Cowboy game last Sunday and to see T.O. in person reminds me of the good old Cowboy days in the cotton bowl. The young man is BAD !

It is hard to be happy for your team when another team has lost such a young smart man. I am praying for the Taylor family.

The young college player shot down at Big T last week has just put me down. What are we going to do in our Communities to stop this madness. The Black on Black crime is taking our young men to the grave or jail.
We must stop this gun happy mentality. Someone needs to figure out what we need to do and we need to do it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill ! Such A Flake!

I learn doing the City Council campaign just how deceitful Vonciel Jones Hill was. Prior to the campaign I had respect for her, didn't know much about her but what I knew was OK.
During the campaign I heard her tell lies and she knew they were lies one time at KHVN I ask her during the break how she as a Pastor could lie and sleep at night? Robert Ashly had ask her about her arrest in Atlanta she said she could not remember her charge, but she forgot I knew because we had been to the Dallas News and she told them.She just looked at me. Another time she fail to say she had worked for Dallas County and was fired by a group of Lawyers after she left the City. She had put on her literature she retired from the City but she knew she was fired and that was not the first time, she had been fired from the City before. I am saying this so you know why I write about her, I told her that I would keep the public informed every time she lied or tried to miss lead them. I'm keeping that promise.
Councilwoman Hill sent out a mailing at taxpayers expense on what she accomplished during her first 100 days in office. I will have the mailer posted so you can see it. The Councilwoman is paid $37,000.00 per year to work but she put
attending the Council Retreat as an accomplishment, attending budget meetings , committee assignment, River of Trade coalition, Urban League banquet, met with constituents, Congressional Black Caucus, Taught Court Education(was paid for that)
has nothing to do with City. Added two litter crews to budget big deal. The woman
thinks we are all crazy or she is that shallow that she does not know any better.
What ever the case it is sad for District 5.People getting killed, stores closing,vacant housed and drug houses ,18 wheelers driving up Redbird Lane and more and this woman has identified as an accomplishment speaking at J.L. Turner Legal Association of which she is a member. If she is not doing anything she should not use city postage to tell people about her Social Calander.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Trinity River Vote Is Over ! Let It Go !

The Trinity River campaign was the ugliest campaign since Strong Mayor. People took this vote so personal that it has created permanent enemies Oh how sad for Dallas. This was not a life or death issue. No one is dead today because of this vote. Dallas we must find a way to disagree and still come together. Council woman Hunt has been called demoniac and Mayor Tom Leppart has been called evil just because they believed different on a public works issue. Other Cities have this type contest and join together at the end of the night and announce their willingness to work for the good of the Citizen they represent , but not Dallas. We need a little more Love in our hearts. I hope some healing will come for the entire City. Mayor Leppart
is doing his job, like it or not.

Federal Judge Information

Write to Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn and protest the sealing of records containing name of other people involved in City Hall scandal. If they were involved the Community needs to know.

U.S. District Court
1100 Commerce
Dallas, Texas 75202

Monday, October 22, 2007

Federal Attorney Want's to Hide Snitch's Names !

Call Federal Judge Laney's office and ask him not to grant the Federal Attorneys request to seal the names of the Snitches who help make the Government case in the City Hall scandle. I do not want the names sealed because some of them are Elected Officials and others are former Elected Officials while others want to become Elected Officials. The reason they turned evidence is because they were involved but to a lesser degree and made a deal. The fact remain they did some wrong also and should be punished. I know most of their names but the general public needs to have access to the list if they want to. Also if you attent the trial their name will come up from time to time.

Public Mailer say's Vonciel Jones

On the negro mailer Councilwoman Vonciel Hill has Vonciel Jones as her name if I remember correctly Ms. Hill signed a statement in the city Secretary Office saying her legal name was Vonciel Jones Hill all her campaign literature had Hill now she is Jones. What is wrong with her Hill name surely it could not be that the Hill name is now sullen and she wants to distance her self from Hill. Don Hill is a human and regardless to what the Government says he is innocent until proven guilty. One does not need to treat their friends so shabby. Ms. Hill needs to be careful because she has a license to protect and using a name that is not your legal name is not legal,unless since the election she got a divorce. How can people want something so bad that they sell their own Soul. Be thankful for who you are,what you have or God can take it at anytime.

Back To Vonciel Jones or Vonciel Jones Hill

Vonciel Jones Hill or Vonciel Jones

If you received the latest negro mailer from the vote No group it Say's We All agree!
Sad , again the professional campaign people who happen to be non minority know that the Black/Negro Officials seldom agree on anything, that is one reason we never get anything done so the new campaign slogan is WE ALL AGREE as if that means anything to the Black voters. Black voters are sick of the cross talk but they will respond to
what they believe is harmful to them. Black Leadership will use Laura Miller for most anything against another Black person but they are not telling Black that the same Laura Miller is on the Vote NO team. The Black Leadership have joined hands with Laura Miller to get the vote out. There is nothing wrong with their position but why keep it a secret from the public. It's time they stopped hiding .

What Is The District 5 Councilwoman's Name ?

Friday, October 12, 2007

When will DISD Board Learn ?

It just dawn on me this whole DISD residency issue is about the new Human Resource Director being an elected Official in Weatherford, Texas. The Board is willing to make it's own Taxpayers angry by changing the residency policy to accommodate a 183,000 a year employee who knew the policy was in place when she was hired. The people being hired in Dallas Schools are not in speciality fields. Human Resources is personnel management that is a job very easy to fill and the person hired was not an HR person she was military. Dr. H. should not play this card very hard because I support him but on this issue I can not. If you can not live in Dallas how can you have loyalty to Dallas? The employee in question does not bring enough to the table to split the Board. Some time the fight is not worth it.

Identity Thief Got Me Again !

Well they got me again, it's been 5 years since my checks were stolen from the Post Office. Now I find that my name and SS number is being used by person or persons unknown. I found out from a credit collector calling about an energy bill in the amount of $887.00 I had the burden of proof that it was not me and after sending seven different documents that I had to collect from various departments the collector stopped calling but it's still on my credit report, now I get another call
from another collection agency for another energy bill for $817.00 and a mail order
business claiming I owe them for a lot of clothes. They used a P.O. box to get the package in my name. I have no idea what else is out there in my name. I went to Desoto police and made report they went to address where energy service was received and the people are still there but they denied using my name and the police said it was nothing they could do because I could not prove they did it. Would someone please help me with this: The people who used the energy are still living at the address where energy was used, but because they said they did not use my name it's nothing I can do , but I have lived in my home for 21 years with TXU electric being my energy provided uninterrupted . I see why idenity thief is going so good for the thief, there is nothing being done to the people doing it. In my case all they needed to do was arrest the people at the house, they knew I did not live there, but
they did nothing. I must do all the work to prove I did not buy or use the service.I am the victim but all the work is on me.

DISD / Residents Policy Needed !

What is wrong with people wanting to work and collect tax money from one group of Tax payers and take that money to pay another group of Taxpayers. Everyone who goes to work for DISD knows there is a resident policy if they want the job living in the District is part of the deal. Why would they accept the job and then start complaining about the policy. I pay tax to Dallas Schools , I have not had a child in Dallas school since 1980. I lived in Dallas but my child attended Richardson school. If an employee does not like Dallas to live then they should not earn Dallas money. Nothing is worst then a person who earns money from people they do not wish to live with. Dallas County has the policy and I lived by it for 20 years. The Board
should keep the policy in force. I do not know where Dr. Flores got the notion that the policy was for some diversity, all the black and brown people were living in Dallas at the time the policy was approved. It was about keeping Dallas tax money in Dallas and DISD employees being a part of the community.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Trinity River Park !

The Lakewood paper wrote a story on the Trinity and they ask the same question I have ask for the past year. I have read the Trinity Plan, Forward Dallas, The Balanced Vision and looked at the DVD given the Plan Commission, and I have yet to find a Park. I have ask City staff , Trinity staff and they all say Trinity Parkway.
In the last staff presentation I ask the new Director of the Trinity office how would people access the Trinity from downtown because ,I had notice no streets or roadway leading to what I though might be a park over between the levy, he said we have not figured that out yet. I think the Trinity Yes people think there is a Park planned for some place in the downtown area, I have not seen it in any plan. I have seen it on pictures of a park but not on design documents. The Trinity No people know there is no Park downtown, it's wet lands, natural growth areas and all sorts of
wild lands. You may sail a boat from one wet land to another but that is about it. I know you think I am crazy but ask someone to show you the Park on the regulation drawing at City Hall, not Parkway but Park.

What's Next ?

With the pending indictments , I wonder what the regular hard working Black citizens of Dallas will think and do. We have Faithfully supported our Officials and what they stood for. Some of you have gone against people you know are truthful and honest for ones that sell their Souls. I said many times this last group of City Officials were the worst I had seen in the 41 years I've been in and out of Dallas City Hall. I have been punished for saying the truth about people and issues that were not popular with the Black Leaders.
In Dallas and I can only speak of Dallas for the last 20 years, we have had every opportunity to build business, work for any corporation and live in the best communities in the world. Black people who wanted to be successful have been, Blacks have led every major government agency in Dallas County and no door has been shut. Blacks have been elected to every position in Dallas. At the present time the Black community should have no complaints about anything, we have Black Leadership in every branch of government and if they cannot get it done then we should find and elect people of any race to get it done.
In my heart I wish every person well as they go through this legal maze. I have been there not for Public Integrity but, been there and it is not a good feeling or position to be in. Public service is free, doing what is right is moral, harming your people through public action is bad. May Justice prevail. My prayer is for Black Dallas to hold your head high and not take the blame for what a few people have been charged with doing. Money and Power is the root to all Evil and that has not changed because the race of the people has.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

False Alarm Fees ! / Water rate UP !

Since the Dallas City Council reverse the Verified Response ordinance I hope that the new money received from false alarms will now go to the Police department budget.
The money was lost last year so the City Manager was not counting it in her budget so Mayor Leppert please ask her to consider it.
I hope the people in District 5 saw that the water rate is going up by 7.7 % and not a Council member ask one question. Sewer going up .68.That is a 10% raise in tax. Oh
how they fool the public.

O.J. Sad Fellow !

I am one person who thinks O.J. is guilty. The Justice system in America work's and it's the only one we have. A jury said he was not guilty so no matter what I think he is a free man. According to the American Justice system should have all the rights of a free man. I never think about O.J. unless he's in the news . Sad Fellow!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Community People Do Community Things.

Ms. Foreman ask on this blog in her comment "why I was so involved in this DART board issue". I am a Community worked I am involved in most things that happen in this Community and have been for 41 years. As I said before I heard about what was going on and I had an opinion. I am an American and have the right to speak on any issue that I feel the need to. However I did not lobby against Ms. Foreman. I visited a Council woman I though was a friend and I wrote a note "saying Ms. Foreman used the race card to much", at that time I knew that Council person was a committed vote for Ms. Foreman and was not going to change ,I hoped she would speak with Ms. Foreman about over use of the race card. One thing that has hurt Black people in this City is the over use of the Race card. Other minorities do not cry Race every time an issue comes up. We need to stop it! I have served under 5 Mayors
and re-appointed to all Boards and Commissions and served until my 8 years expired.What the Dallas Morning news write about me does not matter because if you check the record it speaks for it self. When I need to get people corrected I use any means necessary and I never use the Race card. I use policy and procedures and I have never lost one yet. There is a right way and a not so right way. After some years you learn how. There were 8 Council persons coming back and 7 new ones , Ms Foreman should have had her 8 votes signed sealed and delivered before the new people ever got there. Nomination should have been signed by all old Council Members
that is the way the game is played.When you play and do not win it's no ones fault but your own. These are my last comments on this subject. I must move on to crime in the area.

Dr. H. Please ? DISD Budget Means Budget!

Dr. H. the next department or Director or employee that cause the DISD to make the Dallas Morning News in a negative manner should be fired. How on earth can a payroll department pay stipends to employees that are not approved and no money budgeted for it. How can a school Principle decide to pay an employee extra money without checking a budget, human resources,area Superintendent or someone and it's paid? There are all sorts of departments,directors,and managers at DISD on Ross but it's like money just walks out the door. Why stipends at all? A job description is written salary should include all extra duties and compensation should be adjusted accordingly at the beginning of school year. If money is not in budget it should not be paid. Payroll should check line item budget for each department before any money is spent. They only pay once a month so it should not be a problem. Dr. H . I know you are doing every thing humanly possible to correct the District and I support you. Keep up the good work it will change one day. It took years for the system to
become what it has ,so it will take a while to change it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sheriff Valdez

If I did not know better I would thing Sheriff Valdez was a new elected Official. all
of a sudden she is every where. In the past three years we could not see or hear from her but now that the Primary is a few months away she has come out of hiding. I know my people will vote for her because she is a Democrat. I hope the people with Loved ones in jail will remember how they are being treated and the $4.10 telephone charge to call home from jail.

Thanks Commissioner Dickey

Thanks Commissioner Dickey for the vote to freeze the tax rate for Seniors and the vote to reinstate the 69,000.00 tax exemption. Thanks to the other four Commissioners. Thanks Commissioner Price for voting no on removal of the exemption the first time.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick Probation Is Enough !

I waited until now for my opinion on the Micheal Vick story. First, I have dogs who live in the house and some who live on the outside. I also am a Animal Cops fan. So I follow animal rules of treatment. From what I have read it seems Vick entered into
a business relationship with some friends from his past, he financed it, it had a name so it was not a hidden business. I am not sure if Vick lived on the property
that housed the kennel business. I believe that Vick did not know the laws as they pertained to the type of business he had entered. He should have hired an attorney and gotten legal advice prior to starting the business with his homeboys. Vick trusted his homeboys. First mistake: Dog fighting has been a sport for years I do not like it but it has been around and not much has been said or done about it. The fact now its Urban kids and people involved seem to have put it in the spot light and now everyone is concern. The very same people who think Vick should go to prison for watching or having a dog fight will sit in their homes and watch boxing until one man knock the other out which is temporary death. Vick admitted to killing some dogs, dogs are put to death daily here in Dallas it is not against any law to kill your own dog. Maybe the method of death sounds bad but I do not know how they put dogs to sleep at the animal shelter and I live in a State that still kill people and allow other people to sit and witness the death. Michael Vick is another young man who made his money and fame from a God given talent and was trust into the spotlight over night. Most of these new sports millionaires have not a clue about life in the fast lane and their families are so caught up in the fame that the person becomes God and they have a tendency not to tell then anything. They make very bad decisions
just because they do not know any better. I do not think watching a dog fight deserves a prison sentence. Vick did not from what I have read mistreated the dogs.The cruelty was the actually dog fight. Why should the taxpayers house Vick just to make a point. Probation which is given most first time offenders is just punishment. The public embarrassment is punishment enough and lost of playing in the NFL. Michael Vick should be treated like every one else in the same situation, clearly he is being treated different because he is Michael Vick. Count the people in prison in America for dog fighting the number is 0!

Dallas Morning News/ New City Manager

It was with amazement the DMN story on City of Dallas lack of ordinance on number of animals one can own within city limits. The Dallas Managed News now wants a new ordinance to limit numbers of animals one person has in his home. I think, but maybe I am wrong, there is such an ordinance on the books. I was on CPC when this issue came up back in the 90's so I know we talked about it. The managed News thinks the Michael Vick story calls for new animal control rules. How silly is that? The City of Dallas does not have enough staff for dogs running lose in neighborhoods today. There are Pitt bull dogs running free in Council Districts 4,5,7,8 and no one owns them so we need to start there first. The Southern sector has become the dumping ground for animals people do not want.They bring them from all parts of the city.
Another light bulb went off this morning, first page Metro Dear Laura:Thanks for doing your best. Since Laura Miller is going to be on the Trinity River campaign trail with Ron Kirk and Mayor Leppert the news is now selling how good she was. The whole part of the year before the Council race they said she was not so good and to make sure I did not win in District 5 they did story after story about me and her.
Every month they had me and Laura Miller in some kind of story even up to the run off election when poor James Ragland did that piece on the DHA board appointment
that was four months old. I told James he had been used to harm my election but, I do not write his pay check. A year ago no one could have told me the News set the agenda(OK go on laugh)I was in the mix and really did believe I was doing what was right for the people, the city for all the right reasons. Well now I see said the blind woman. Every subject the News reports on: the City, Schools and other Government agencies soon follow with adopting the news answer. If the News is going to run the City,schools and etc: we need to close City hall and let the new run the city from Belo building it would save the taxpayers lots of money.

So Funny !

People call me on the telephone about this blog but they will not write a public comment. I guess they do not want people to know they read it. It's OK I know lots of people read it from the hit counter. I am just happy to have an outlet to express
my opinion on what's happening in this world.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

When You Hurt the Ones That Helped You !

I've watched the crazy going on behind the scene at City Hall surrounding the DART
Board appointment. The Ministers groups in Southern Dallas supported former City
Judge and Pastor Vonciel Hill for City Council District 5. It seem as if Councilwoman Hill dealt them a blow with her lobby effort for Joyce Foreman for the board seat . Councilwoman Hill nominated Joyce Foreman for reappointment to the board ,but the vicious way she lobbied for the vote for Ms. Foreman and
treatment of the other nominee was not God like. Dr. Christian was one of her strong supporters in the City Council race. Dr. Christian did not nominate himself and he had every right to serve. I think he is a fine man and has been very active in helping this community. He worked with Mayor Miller on some projects and good things happen. We need new people to serve on boards and commissions with new ideas. I hope Ms. Lynn Flint-Shaw becomes the Chair of the DART board.

Senior Tax Freeze ! One More Time.

I know and respect Commissioner Dickey. I am sure she was truly working on helping Senior with their tax. I think all Seniors will be pleased at the final results. Trust her.

DISD /Nepotism means Nepotism !

First, I support Michael Hinojosa 100%. When I said I would go down and work for him free I meant it, because he needs someone with common sense.Dr. H. has a staff of Educators and they must have spent all their working careers Reading education books and not experiencing life. Any person in this world working in the private sector or public for that matter knows nepotism means " in chain of command". The policy says relatives can not work for relatives. Mr. Bailey said "Mr.Viramontes is a hands off manager" what kind of madness is that, his wife is still in his chain of command .Mr. Bailey should read the policy. When Mr. Bailey gives Mrs Viramontes an assignment or has to discipline her , and she goes home and tell her husband while they sit at the dinner table or as they relax in bed, he will see why there is a nepotism policy. When other employee challenge Ms. Viramontes work and complain Mr. Bailey will wish he had not violated the policy. It's not about qualification it's about the problems that are caused by having relatives work in the same area on a job. As a former Director of a major Department in Dallas County I know first hand how the work place can be destroyed by these kinds of relationship.
Dr.Hinojosa has people working for him with very poor JUDGEMENT and then they try and justify it rather then correct it, making it worse.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Joyce Forman Is D.A.R.T. Board Train to Haven ?

I can not believe that Joyce Foreman , DART Board member could cause so much havoc and do so many evil things as people say she is doing and my information is credible, to be re-appointed to a free board well they do get paid 50.00 per meeting.
Mr. Foreman so I have been told had to ask to be nominated first because the Council person who nominated her in the past is no longer on the Council. From what I understand she has threaten Council members, promise to cause civil unrest at the Council meeting if she is not re-appointed and said she would bring SCLC down to City
Hall. I worked with SCLC back in the day when we were in the again REAL civil rights war that's been a long time ago, but I do not think SCLC can find a Civil Rights violation in the Dallas City Council members appointing a member to the DART board other the Joyce Foreman. Where is the Civil Rights' violation. Ms.Foreman did not have a lifetime appointment, her term is expiring , the Mayoral candidate she supported did not win the election, in the run off she did not support Mayor Leppart
so what on earth is wrong with her. I do not know her family but someone close to her should speak with her because her behavior if what I've been told is true is not healthy. I want her to be well and do well the DART board is not the train to HAVEN!

How Black Can Hillary Be ?

In 2007 how can or why would a Black Professional group ask How Black is Ms. Clinton
and is Barack Obama Black enough ? if a White group said Obama is not White enough Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and this group would be full Court calling for their heads. The National Association of Black Journalist meeting in Las Vegas posed these question to both candidates. This is America people and the President of the United States represents all the people. Black people have achieve so much success and yet the very people who should celebrate the success are the ones re inventing slavery. Why continue to celebrate the pass and relive each and every bad thing that happen. I am old enough to remember the days of segregation, and my days in the real movement not the make believe one.
I hear people talking about the Black vote and I see Politicians spending grand thief money to attract the Black vote, and the Black vote continue to stay home. Two Presidential candidates went to the Black Journalist convention to talk about problems effecting Black people.
Senator Clinton spoke on the millions of young Black men with out jobs, in jail and dropping out of high school, yet the Black Journalists did not question her on the plan to help, nor did they offer their plan or help, they are Black enough and should know why this is happening to their Black brothers.Instead they wanted to know how Black can she be. Hell from looking she can not be. What about the cause she spoke on. if something is not done there will be no more Black people at the rate we are killing each other, being locked up, drugs killing us and etc. I am so sick of this victim role Black people continue to accept as a condition ,if I could I would create a pill to cure them so we can get back to saving our children and communities.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

DMN On / Split of 911 Center

Do Reporters come from Mars or Venus ? First of all the Dallas Morning New calls the 911 Call Center troubled, a few problem calls are not grounds to redo the entire call center concept. The News has reported on a problem or two in the past , but what does the Dallas Morning News reporters know about running a City , much less a call center. From the article not much: the Reporter said "a fallen tree in the roadway is a non police matter", That is the dumbest statement I ever heard, the very first car that comes upon that tree and hits it and all occupants killed because no Police was there to redirect traffic , the first outcry will be "Why were there no Police at the scene" until other City Services could arrive to remove tree or put up barricade. The call center handle 3.6 million calls each year and only three or four go wrong it's a very good call center with those numbers. Because a few employee do not perform well does not mean the system is broke, what it does mean is better pay and training should be implemented. Supervisors should listen to recorded calls and use for training.
One of the other calls was Mr.Lyles the caller said someone was trying to kill a child's mother, the 911 operator told Police someone was trying to harm the child's mother. What the HELL difference is harm or kill. HARM says it all. The dictionary say harm means : damage, hurt. Police should have gone code three to the location on first 911 call. The other calls simply went into rotation. The truth of the matter is we do not have enough Officers to answer all the calls. When John Ware sold 311
it was never said that 311 and 911 would be answered by the same people. 311 is non emergency and could put people on hold or have them leave message as I have done many times on 311. 911 should be priority with it's own set of Operators. If Chief Kunkle of Chief Brown says move 911 under Police then I am for that move, but I know
as a retired Manager that does not cost $600,000 and if this New City Council goes for that then we the Taxpayers are in big trouble. We currently have 140 call center operators, they have 23 in training ,so funded positions does not seem to be the problem. They fired a Call Center Supervisor because one of the not so busy employees documented each time he said hello or patted someone on the back. We are paying him $1.55 million dollars for wrongful termination and violation of his Civil Rights. We could hire Masterd Degreed operators with $1.55 million and hire 500 more Police Officers. Sgt. Paul Morris said there is no one in the 911 center that has a badge and gun to make a command decision.Do we need a certified Police Officer to sit in the call center when we do not have enough on the street to respond.
Here is my suggestion for free: N/C means no cost:

1.Have 311 Operators answer only 311 calls. Technology should make that possible
2.Cut hours for 311 complaints from 24 hours to 7AM until 11PM recorder will answer
after 11PM.N/C.
3.Leave call center at present location. N/C.
4.In Service training on language and words that have same meanings in different Cultures. N/C.
5.Publish handbook on Emergency and Non Emergency calls send to resident or post on web site: Postage

Please City Council do not put more money in a bucket that is already running over.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why 20-City Vigil ? Talk With Artist !

Reverend Al Sharpton and Action Network's Decency Initiative sounds good but its a little late to stop something that has been going on over ten years. RAP music has been a source of language about Gun's, killings and all sort of other activities that have led to a decline in our Communities. My nephew was in the sixth grade at Longfellow and I was trying to teach him how to ride DART to school, he said to me "I need a gun to ride the bus" my first word was where did you get that from? He than sang the entire song. I could not believe it the words said "when you ride public transportation pack your heat" I could not believe my ears. Needless to say the first time he was caught at school with a gun he was still in sixth grade. He went to Juvenile at the end of sixth grade, three group homes at tax payers expense.TDC three time and is now awaiting to serve a long sentence in TDC for what else murder. I know this child lived RAP music . We took him to Doctor's the Juvenile sent him to therapeutic care.Nothing could undo what the early listening
to RAP music implanted in his mind.
RAP has done it's harm and still is but what can a one day protest do to a Billion dollar industry? Why not meet with the Young Black Men making the music ?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Council Police Squard

You are not going to believe this! I was sitting watching Judge Judy today so it had to have been after 4PM when my door bell ring. I looked out and there was a City of Dallas Code Enforcement truck parked on the curb and a young man with a dog pole standing at my door. I open the door and I said not again and he started laughing
and said his Supervisor sent him over today. I ask what was the problem he said lose dog. I invited him in and we walked to the back yard and again he went and looked at my dogs in the 1/3 acre enclosed cement bottom dog yard. I ask him how long could the City waste money coming out to my house and seeing the same thing. I share this with you because the animal control people are not coming out, who if the dog was out, it's their duty to catch and take to pound . The reason to me that there
is a shortage of man power in Code is because the staff is being used for non code enforcement duties. When will Mary Suhm fix this or do I need the Justice Department.
Clearly my Civil Rights are being violated.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mayor Leppert told FBI Show UP or Shut UP !

Mayor wanted cloud removed from City Hall.Show could be getting ready to start.

Remember Wright Amendment Change and Low Fare !

When emotions were high and every one calling for the end to the Wright Amendment, I tried to tell you from what I knew from the inside that it was never about people or low fares. I tried to inform the public it was about cheap landing fees at Love Field city owned Airport. Landing fees at Love Field are the lowest in US in comparison. What the public did not want to hear was that Love Field has 32 gates. With the new so called improved Wright Amendment ,they will only have 24. A new terminal that was paid for will be demolished and no other gates will be allowed at Love Field. Guess who has the 24 gates? Southwest has 20, American has 2, continental has 2. When American moves flight it hurts DFW and Dallas citizen lose.
Will someone please tell me where all this competition to lower fares will fly from? I see that fares went up on Southwest not one fare was decreased after Wright change.
What has happen 32 flights have moved from DFW to Love and vendors are closing their stores and people are losing jobs. Revenue from those flights are gone. Told you so.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is Sheriff Valdez Crazy ?

I worked for Dallas County 20 years and been retired three years. I went through budget hearing all 20, and never in the history of Dallas County has any Department Head or Elected Official ask for 500 new positions. The Lady got 260 positions just since she had been there more then Sheriff Bowles got in any year. The County increased tax last year and remember Parkland also increased tax last year because Jail Health is paid from their budget. Inmates in jail will now be getting better health care then uninsured working people. The Dallas Morning News keeps saying the increase to the budget is for a list of requirement by State and Federal officials. That is not true! Ask to see the list of requirements. There is a summary of things that are required by law, and that has not changed, then there is a list of things that could be improve or recommendations. The Federal recommendation deal with mostly the Health side .The Commissioners and Parkland agreed on implementing some of their recommendation such as hiring an out side Consultant to review the Health side. The $100,000.00 Consultant is not a requirement it's taxpayer money wasted. Would someone call the DMN and ask them to see the State and Federal requirements that has caused the Sheriff to ask for so much money, keeping the jail clean does not cost money, it requires supplies and labor she has plenty of labor. Parkland is doing it's part to correct UTMB's mess on the health side the Sheriff is not doing her part to correct the operation side of the jail.
Please people ,Sheriff Jim Bowles never failed a jail inspection. The last year UTMB
was written up on the TB screening and other health related items. The Commissioners Court and it seem the DMN wants to lay all of Sheriff Valdez problems on Bowles but
I was there it just ain't so people!

Trinity Vote-Southern Sector

Ms. Hunt will only need to say the Plan is the 2003 Mayor Laura Miller idea. She will win the Southern Sector. No need to pay anyone, just say Laura Miller and Black folk will vote against it.

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem of District 4 has hit the ground running. He has identified problems in his district and doing something about it. Good job!

Thanks DA Watkins !

Thank you District Attorney Craig Watkins for speaking up. Thank you for not allowing $1.55 million dollar settlement , using Taxpayer money with no public explanation , City Attorney Tom Perkins put that monkey on your back. When there have been voting problems in City elections you could not get Perkins to Say a word.
You are right ! Big Business want the money from that road so bad they will do anything for it.They have a City Attorney let him or the City Secretary file a official complaint with your office. Who ever heard of the DA reviewing information
that he might need in a legal case later. STAY STRONG .

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Correct Lie When you Hear IT !

I was in a local Beauty College the other day and sitting across from a young lady
telling her Client a horrible story about DA Watkins as she was calling him(the Black DA)I sat there as long as I could , one, what she was saying was not true.My working at the County 20 years told me that. I ask her for the inmates name and birth day and she called her mother to get the information and the mother was on speaker phone repeating what the young lady had said earlier. The young lady said her cousin was arrested on Sunday, went to Court on Monday and was sentenced to 6 years in TDC on Tuesday. This whole family was saying the Black DA was doing his people wrong and what was worst people were listening . I could have sit there and said nothing but I did not want a school full of young people and older Clients to leave there with incorrect information. It would have hurt Crieg Watkins. The lady gave me the information and I called the Sheriff's public information line to establish the truth. The Cousin was arrested on very old charges
and did go before a Judge to have bond set not for final disposition on her case. The DA had not even indicted her on any new charge. I told this to the Lady and other in our area and the young lady never said she was sorry about talking about the DA. I did what was right to stop the lie.

Review of Trinity Signatures !

Is this the tone of the new Leadership ? With approx. 80 thousand signatures in and only 48,000 required why waste time on this. How can DA Watkins have staff to review
80,000 signatures when he does not have enough to keep the Courts running. There comes a time when people need to stop and think about what they are doing. I realize that the people who want the road will do most anything to stop Angela Hunts group but what they also must know is there is no stopping Angela Hunt because her cause is for real. The vote in 1998 was for flood control and a lot of feel good parks and etc. the wording on the ballot was challenged back then because it was not clear what we were voting on it was vague. When Mayor Miller took office the plan was changed and voted on by the Council in 2003, I think that is the first time I heard about the toll road. As past Chair of the City Plan Commission I was surprised to know in reviewing the plan that there was to entrance to the so called Trinity park
from downtown. We need relief in the mix-master what is the answer. Jacquielynn Floyd wrote today Trinity keeps us voting and voting it seem that the DMN wants you to think you have voted more then once.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mayor Leppert Clam Down

Mayor please calm down, that business has been there for years. They have tried to buy property to move out of Dallas but stayed. This seem to be the first accident.We
need to see what we the City can do to help them regroup. I saw how many other people depend on them in this region. We do need to make sure it is safe and located in a place that if an accident does occur injury to people will be minimal. Please do not change all the zoning in Dallas because of one accident.Take time wait until after the Fire Department finish their work. Many of the business along Industrial were there before the State built the highway so let's help and learn not rush and lose.

City Council Police Squad=Code Enforcement Officers

All of us who have been active in and around City Hall for any length of time know the City Council has it's own Police Squad to punish people who speak out about them,
speak at city hall or if they just do not like you. They also use their Police squad to harass people as they did the Car Wash owner on Martin Luther King Boulevard.
I am not sure if the other 10 Council people use the squad but I do know for a fact the Black four (4)of 14-1 use them because I have been a victim in the past in District 8 and 7 where I own property and 5.
First time they ordered that my 12 unit Apartment building be demolish it had been set afire by unknown person. I never received notice then got a letter saying I owe the City $16,000.00 for demolition. Second time they sent bill for $516.00 for cleaning lot. Third time sent bill for $216.00 for their new in house MOW_CLEAN crew. Well some one should have told them I take dated pictures of my property daily because of past experience with the City Council Private Police Squad. I prevailed in each case because I had pictures and written documentation also signed witness statements.Think of the time and money spent that could have been used on a real Case.
When the new Council was sworn in I just knew the Squad would get some rest but low and behold, my door bell ring and guess who came to dinner? Code enforcement officer to check on an RV I had in my drive way it seem as if someone called in about an illegal size vehicle parked in my drive.
Yolanda Williams another Council candidate in District 5 had a 1980 Mercedes parked in driveway at her home in Pleasant Grove. Code Enforcement Officer record said Officer paid her home a visit on July 1,2007 about her car no one home,she saw no notice indicating he had been there, record said he came back July 8, 16, but again she got no notice. In conversation with Officer today he said they sent certified notice to another address and someone signed for it,the address belongs to Ms. Williams mother rental property, they never sent certified mail to address where car was parked, wonder why? Code Officers went to Judge C.Victor Lander Court on July 24,2007 Lander signed order at 2:30 PM for car to be picked up. City hired wrecker pick car up July 25,2007 . Ms. Williams returned home from work her car was gone and notice was in door.Why was notice in door on 25Th but no other day? When in Dallas Texas has a code enforcement complaint been filed on July 1,2007 Officer make 3 visits to house leave no written notice vi sable to the resident,get order sigh on July 24Th and car picked up on July 25Th .The City of Dallas Code Enforcement office processed one car in a drive way in 25 days and it is now in the City Auto pound. The paper work also Say's car had missing parts, well what they did not know this car stills runs and they could not have checked the motor for missing parts because that models hood can only be open from the trunk, car was locked.Car had all original body parts two tires were on flat but she still has warranty on tires. I took a look today in her neighborhood because I just did not think the Council Police Squad could be that silly if what Ms. Williams told me was true, sure enough next door to her is a car parked in a drive way it is 1967 Monte Carlo, no windshield, on flat parts missing and all been there 6 years. Across in front of her house is 1980 something Cadillac sitting on all fours been there 7 years she thinks but has not been moved. In light of what I saw and what I read on the papers signed by Judge C.Victor Lander in my opinion I believe this act is the work of the Council Police Squad and Oh how sad it is that as much as we have to do in this City, Council people use City staff and taxpayers money to get even with Political opponents. Ms. Williams has spent the day at City Hall and talking with her Attorney because she will not allow Black Officials to use their power for Political retaliation. The poor Code Enforcement staff is in the middle because their supervisors make them carry out these Council request. Mary Suhm should put a stop to it. She has to know it's going on I sure informed her about mine,the News told her about Mr. Davenport at the car wash the State came down here and investigated and found that it was true. I hope I am wrong but if it continues I will ask the Justice Department to come in because Official Oppression by anyone is Oppression and it will not be tolerated anymore.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rest and Relaxation

I took the last four weeks off. Having my last surgery and just getting some much needed rest and relaxation of mind and body. Surgery was a success and four week not talking, and listening to my people lie and gossip was good for my soul.

I was born to George and Alberta Mc Gowan at Parkland hospital in 1941. I had a very good life.

I am a McGowan by DNA . People have heard Mr. William Blair tell stories about my uncle Alto one of the first Black Sheriff Deputy's under Bill Deckard. The history will help explain me.

The McGowan legacy : do good by all people, offer help when needed, stay out of other peoples business, work, do not lie and correct a lie if you hear one being told in your presence on anyone and last do not mess with people , But if people mess with you fight go with it! I now know what that means. I have let so many people make it in the last 25 years in the name of the Community would be hurt and for the better good , I let it go. I have lost money and a lot of sleep over some of the things that have been done and the people doing them.

What I learn from this last election is there is no more loyalty among some Black people. There

is no more for the Greater good of our People. Dr. King must be turning over in his grave to know he died for what has happen in the past20 years with Black people and their Leadership.

Black people are now about the almighty dollar for themselves and will not help others.

Well so much of that. Don Hill being kicked to the side by the Leaders but coming in third tells me there is still some hope with the regular people.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Council Elect Fight Today.

Well , Well , they are not even officially sworn in and just three day after election day. Two of the 14-1 Fab 4 from the South have managed to fight. Poor Mayor Leppart: It seems that Pastor, and former Municipal Judge Voncile Hill with a score of 50 and ranked 10Th out of 14 with the highest score being 146, educated and articulate and builder of coalitions as she said during campaign speeches had a fight with Dwain Caraway over the Mayor Pro Tem seat. I said it would come in August but low and behold it happen in June. Stay tuned it just begun. We are in for what seems like the worst 14-1-Fad 4 we ever had. I did not think it could get worst but
oh my it seems like it is. I am sure glade I went out and purchase my RV so I can travel the next two years.

John Price Needed at work over at Dallas County !

No sooner did I open my paper this morning did the news validate my words. Dallas County does not have test vendor to administer various exams for Sheriff Department staff .The Sheriff has been violating a policy because the List that was maintained to promote from ,has expired and no one is being tested for promotion list they are just being promoted. Commissioner Civil Rights John Price who has picket people for not promoting people fairly.Sit as Chair of the County Civil Service Board and supervisor of the HR Director at the County Dr. Taylor, allowed this to happen. Commissioner Civil Rights, Civil Service John Price has not done his job.

John Price is so busy running what is not his business that he has lost control at the County. People could say we might not like his position on things but he is a good Commissioner well now he's not even that. The extra money the County has to pay monitors for the jail is tax money due to his neglect of the jail for years. He loves Black people so much but he allows Black

people to suffer daily in that jail. We taxpayers need work for that 11,000.00 or so a month salary you take home. Please get busy or leave.

Judicial Ranking

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dallas County Jail phone ! Where is John Price ?

The Dallas County Commissioners Court some years ago found out that they could make money off inmates families so they, with John Price the ring leader cut a deal with a phone company to get the contract and pay the County millions of dollars off of poor working parents and grandparents. When back in the day people would complain he would talk his way out of it.

I pulled some more recent information from some people coming from a talk show they said this man played like he did not know about it and where this money was going .Into the County General Fund. Just fair De lied. The phone company now charges a pay phone charge in addition to the $4.10 they split with the County . Your Commissioner Price sit there and vote on stuff that effect your lives and pocket book but you keep on paying him to mislead you because 20 years ago he picketed. I picked 30 years ago when it was for all the people not just a few people but you hate Laura Miller and Republicans more then you like me and the work I have done for this City. Sad day.

How Can One Man Play the People Who Feed Him?

I saw a very interesting piece of campaign literature on Dallas Arena today. It seems as while John Price and Thomas Jones were playing their robo message to Black People in District 5 saying I was a Republican and telling them not to vote for me. And by the way you did what he ask.The same man that supported Max Wells, a republican and republican Carol Kneeland against a Democrat for Governor,was over in District 3 with Dave Newman a staunch republican asking white and brown people to vote for him. I like Dave Newman and Max Wells both are good men but how can voters continue to allow this man who we pay his salary of over 100,000 dollar per year continue to lie to his people. Clearly he used every weapon against me he also knew Blacks in District 5 still hate Laura Miller so he played that game on them. The sad part is he could have gotten a better candidate then Vonciel Jones Hill who does not have a clue. I finally got the Judicial Nominating Commission ranking list after the election. To the left, to the left.
Please believe me I live in this District and ran for office because I did not want to move but know I don't know. John Price lives in a well kept District he has never lived out here. Oak Lawn to North Oak Cliff that is as far as he has gone. We used to see him over here until Vincent Hall moved.

I have gotten calls from all over people telling me horror stories about Ms. Hill , I told them to late you need to tell it with your vote, I do not want to hear it. I hope soon and very soon Black people in Commissioner District 3 will realize as I did years after that we have a Commissioner who has over stayed his time and the voters do not matter to him. We and I take full credit for mine have created a MONSTER.

How Dis- Honest The Players are with their People !

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Open Letter Mayor Elect Tom Leppert.

Open Letter to Mayor Elect Tom Leppert

Tom thanks for the courage to step from your Retired ,Happily Volunteer life to run for Mayor in an attempt to make this a better city. I understand you because that is what I did for the same reason. Somehow along the way I had a track record of doing the right thing for People in my many volunteer positions and I figured that people knew my work and all I had to do was let them know I was running. I had no idea that people who run for all the wrong reasons would go to such lengths to win and busy working folk do not keep up with who's doing what.Time is a fortune- teller.

Tom you are not taking over a Company in the real world, you are taking on a Government Office where people have been for years and each time something happens they create another job, that soon becomes a department and the tax payers budget grows. Doing the campaign Councilman Oakley said the Economic development started with 5 people and now it had 50 but he never said what the net results was with increased staff.When we had the concerns about the street lights being out on city streets they solved it with a new position to monitor lights, I wonder if that position works 8am-5pm , when we had the EPA problem they created a whole new department. You see when its tax money government employees spend until the bank is busted. I hope you will ask questions and encourage the Manager to think out of the BOX.

Tom, the 14 people you'll work with for the most part are OK. The Four from the Southern Sector are another story. You have one who sued the City and won.He is full of dislike for staff and will drag them over the coal . You have another one who was removed from the bench twice and is very angry with the Court Services department and is going to give Administrative Judge Robinson hell, she thinks someone was after her and she is Black so that excuses her behavior. She will create the racial tension on the Council. You also have one who will see every think in terms of Black and white and if she does not get her way it will be racism or North vs. South. Then you have one who wants to know every thing and lead the pack, sad part is they will not follow they all want to be on program. You will be OK for August but come September you will see a great revolution and please do not pack you bag and run home. It's called 14-1 and you are that 1. Just wanted to warn you.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thanks !

Thank you for your vote , love and support . We ran a good "issue based" campaign. Thanks to the many people who voted for the "issues". In the beginning Ms. Hill said she would not do negative campaign, but she did. The sad part is she used the hate message : The Republican party and my friendship with Laura Miller she hung that around my neck , and Black people still hate Republicans and Laura Miller. We will never overcome in this District as long as we preach the hate message . We want the North Dallas Look but we do not vote the North Dallas way on the issue. The North Dallas Democrats voted for Tom Leppert . I wear proudly my Party affiliation and my friendships. I will not forsake a friend or stab anyone in the back for a Vote. I will not lie and do anything to win a Council seat the people have voted and results are in. The next couple of months will tell the real story because snakes crawl over each other.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

District 5 Council Race

I know how the Media does it's mind work. In every article about me they tell my life story but they do not tell my opponents . In any other City it would be news if a person running for City Council had been removed from her bench twice. Once in 1987 and again in 2004. She blame

Laura Miller for 2004, but she has not blame Annette Strauss for 87. Arrested in Atlanta for credit card thief, she said on KHVN she did not remember the charge but in the DMN interview and yes I was in the room she told them the truth. The Judge has a long history of not being able to get along with people and if she becomes the Council member of District 5 you will see for yourselves. I have always told the truth regardless if it hurt me or not. What has been hard for me on this campaign trail is how far people will go to get elected. To lie and want to Lead your people is sick and will be the way you run your office on lies. As I have said I want to win but it will not define me, my opponent has never done anything in this community and she

really got high on being a Judge even if it was one appointed by the City Council .That is one of the reasons she had trouble. She took Judge to mean GOD and mix that with being a Minister made her believe she was larger then life.

She said in the paper that 25 years ago when she came to Dallas God told her she would run for Office in Dallas. I guess God knew 14-1 would surely come some 9 years later.

Win, lose or Draw I will continue to work and help my community, my name is in the history books, in the floor of DFW terminal D and in the hearts of all the people I have helped. God has shown me favor by allowing me to live and feel good. VOTE JUNE 16,2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Got Letter Not Sure If Question Is Answered !

State Rep. Yvonne Davis wrote an open letter to her District. I got my letter and read it. I clearly understand what she was trying to do in HB 3057 pass an Eminent Domain bill.

I also understand that Senator West attached his bill SB105 onto HB 3057. SB 105 was the bill

giving approval for UNT to start a Law School in downtown Dallas in 2009. I also understand that SB 105 had some trouble from people outside of North Texas and was shot down in the House. I also understand that often times bills are attached to other bills that have nothing to do with one another , but for the greater good of the community. SB 105 was for the good of community. My question to State Rep. Davis is would your bill have died if SB 105 stayed on it?

In all the news coverage not one word of what harm SB 105 did to HB3057. In Rep. Davis letter

all she said on this subject was Senator West took out some wording from her bill and she did not like it. Did she kill a Bill on a Law School that would benefit the greater good of the people because of angry towards Senator West or because it would harm her HB 3057? Could someone please help me understand what it was. If the changes made to her bill did not hurt

the real purpose of the bill then why kill the school. If the change hurt her bill why kill the school that had nothing to do with HB 3057.

There is something wrong with some members of the Dallas delegation and we the people need to know now. The elections are coming up again soon and if the people down there can not or will not get their act together we need to fire them and send some other people. Life is to short for

us to keep being shafted by Elected Officials with broken promises and dreams. Elected people seem to forget who sent them to the job. THE PEOPLE: What Rep. Davis did was not my with my approval. Just one Voters opinion!