Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Correct Lie When you Hear IT !

I was in a local Beauty College the other day and sitting across from a young lady
telling her Client a horrible story about DA Watkins as she was calling him(the Black DA)I sat there as long as I could , one, what she was saying was not true.My working at the County 20 years told me that. I ask her for the inmates name and birth day and she called her mother to get the information and the mother was on speaker phone repeating what the young lady had said earlier. The young lady said her cousin was arrested on Sunday, went to Court on Monday and was sentenced to 6 years in TDC on Tuesday. This whole family was saying the Black DA was doing his people wrong and what was worst people were listening . I could have sit there and said nothing but I did not want a school full of young people and older Clients to leave there with incorrect information. It would have hurt Crieg Watkins. The lady gave me the information and I called the Sheriff's public information line to establish the truth. The Cousin was arrested on very old charges
and did go before a Judge to have bond set not for final disposition on her case. The DA had not even indicted her on any new charge. I told this to the Lady and other in our area and the young lady never said she was sorry about talking about the DA. I did what was right to stop the lie.

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