Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rest and Relaxation

I took the last four weeks off. Having my last surgery and just getting some much needed rest and relaxation of mind and body. Surgery was a success and four week not talking, and listening to my people lie and gossip was good for my soul.

I was born to George and Alberta Mc Gowan at Parkland hospital in 1941. I had a very good life.

I am a McGowan by DNA . People have heard Mr. William Blair tell stories about my uncle Alto one of the first Black Sheriff Deputy's under Bill Deckard. The history will help explain me.

The McGowan legacy : do good by all people, offer help when needed, stay out of other peoples business, work, do not lie and correct a lie if you hear one being told in your presence on anyone and last do not mess with people , But if people mess with you fight go with it! I now know what that means. I have let so many people make it in the last 25 years in the name of the Community would be hurt and for the better good , I let it go. I have lost money and a lot of sleep over some of the things that have been done and the people doing them.

What I learn from this last election is there is no more loyalty among some Black people. There

is no more for the Greater good of our People. Dr. King must be turning over in his grave to know he died for what has happen in the past20 years with Black people and their Leadership.

Black people are now about the almighty dollar for themselves and will not help others.

Well so much of that. Don Hill being kicked to the side by the Leaders but coming in third tells me there is still some hope with the regular people.

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