Thursday, July 26, 2007

City Council Police Squad=Code Enforcement Officers

All of us who have been active in and around City Hall for any length of time know the City Council has it's own Police Squad to punish people who speak out about them,
speak at city hall or if they just do not like you. They also use their Police squad to harass people as they did the Car Wash owner on Martin Luther King Boulevard.
I am not sure if the other 10 Council people use the squad but I do know for a fact the Black four (4)of 14-1 use them because I have been a victim in the past in District 8 and 7 where I own property and 5.
First time they ordered that my 12 unit Apartment building be demolish it had been set afire by unknown person. I never received notice then got a letter saying I owe the City $16,000.00 for demolition. Second time they sent bill for $516.00 for cleaning lot. Third time sent bill for $216.00 for their new in house MOW_CLEAN crew. Well some one should have told them I take dated pictures of my property daily because of past experience with the City Council Private Police Squad. I prevailed in each case because I had pictures and written documentation also signed witness statements.Think of the time and money spent that could have been used on a real Case.
When the new Council was sworn in I just knew the Squad would get some rest but low and behold, my door bell ring and guess who came to dinner? Code enforcement officer to check on an RV I had in my drive way it seem as if someone called in about an illegal size vehicle parked in my drive.
Yolanda Williams another Council candidate in District 5 had a 1980 Mercedes parked in driveway at her home in Pleasant Grove. Code Enforcement Officer record said Officer paid her home a visit on July 1,2007 about her car no one home,she saw no notice indicating he had been there, record said he came back July 8, 16, but again she got no notice. In conversation with Officer today he said they sent certified notice to another address and someone signed for it,the address belongs to Ms. Williams mother rental property, they never sent certified mail to address where car was parked, wonder why? Code Officers went to Judge C.Victor Lander Court on July 24,2007 Lander signed order at 2:30 PM for car to be picked up. City hired wrecker pick car up July 25,2007 . Ms. Williams returned home from work her car was gone and notice was in door.Why was notice in door on 25Th but no other day? When in Dallas Texas has a code enforcement complaint been filed on July 1,2007 Officer make 3 visits to house leave no written notice vi sable to the resident,get order sigh on July 24Th and car picked up on July 25Th .The City of Dallas Code Enforcement office processed one car in a drive way in 25 days and it is now in the City Auto pound. The paper work also Say's car had missing parts, well what they did not know this car stills runs and they could not have checked the motor for missing parts because that models hood can only be open from the trunk, car was locked.Car had all original body parts two tires were on flat but she still has warranty on tires. I took a look today in her neighborhood because I just did not think the Council Police Squad could be that silly if what Ms. Williams told me was true, sure enough next door to her is a car parked in a drive way it is 1967 Monte Carlo, no windshield, on flat parts missing and all been there 6 years. Across in front of her house is 1980 something Cadillac sitting on all fours been there 7 years she thinks but has not been moved. In light of what I saw and what I read on the papers signed by Judge C.Victor Lander in my opinion I believe this act is the work of the Council Police Squad and Oh how sad it is that as much as we have to do in this City, Council people use City staff and taxpayers money to get even with Political opponents. Ms. Williams has spent the day at City Hall and talking with her Attorney because she will not allow Black Officials to use their power for Political retaliation. The poor Code Enforcement staff is in the middle because their supervisors make them carry out these Council request. Mary Suhm should put a stop to it. She has to know it's going on I sure informed her about mine,the News told her about Mr. Davenport at the car wash the State came down here and investigated and found that it was true. I hope I am wrong but if it continues I will ask the Justice Department to come in because Official Oppression by anyone is Oppression and it will not be tolerated anymore.

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