Saturday, October 31, 2009

For The Record ! The McGowan Estate was Stolen!

This is for the record so people will stop asking me on the street, how Jerry Alexander of Good Street Baptist church and lives in Denton ,Texas is wearing my Uncle Alto's jewelery and driving his car, and sold off all my Aunt Georgia's belongings.
First Mr. Alexander befriended my uncle and aunt from church.Rev. Ronnie had been the first to befriend them, but he was convicted of a crime and in step Mr. Alexander. I could see it all over Mr. Alexander from the very start. I was busy working and after Uncle Alto passed,Mr Alexander made sure to cut the family off as best he could. Mr. Alexander liquidated the estate prior to Aunt Georgia passing so he would not need to honor the will and had another will and used a power of attorney
to clean it out.This man held a sale of my Aunt's things and did not notify any of the family,he sold ever thing in the house and did not give us a picture of our loved ones, or a token to remember them by.
Now you ask why did I allow this to happen,I ask my brother what he wanted to do, he and I agreed we have enough and God has been so good to us we decided to let it go. We have real faith we just cannot live off old dead people's money and steal from blood family members as Mr. Alexander has done. We also know that we can charge Mr.Alexander and send him to jail for what he's done.
My brother and I are strong in our faith and we know God will deal with Mr. Alexander in due time.The last of the McGowan family are all doing very well without extra from
the deceased members.I hope Mr. Alexander can sleep in his house the McGowan's built.

Football Salaries To Dam High !

There is not a football player, playing the sport worth 78,million dollars.Regular people will never get to see a football game with Owners paying player that kind of money. I know many of you will think I am wrong, but who on earth is worth that mush money running up and down a field for 2 hours? I like Mr.Ware and if anyone deserves
it,it would be him. I think he is even embarrassed at the amount. Every thing and every one with money is going big, bigger and biggest. When will it stop? I guess when professional sports need a bailout and we the people say no.

Non-english Speaking/ Driving Is Dangerous For All

Politicians can race bait all they want but Non English speaking has nothing to do with race.There are thousands of Non English speakers in Dallas County that are not Spanish. Every time someone says Non English, Hispanic groups get twisted as if they are the only Non English speakers in the world.One of the rules of Citizenship is you mush be able to communicate in English, how then can people from other Countries pass the test and not speak English well enough to communicate with a police officer.
Tax payers should not be ask to translate road signs or any other public sign, there are to many languages and cost to much money.English language classes are available to all free. I have travel many places and none other than an Airport had signs in English, nor did they pay anyone extra to communicate with me. I had to pay a translator to go along with me. It,s time for Texas and USA to stop making it easy for Non English speakers to continue not learning English.They have chosen this Country and it's way of life, it is time to become a real Texan learn English, make your life easy and driving safer. The life you save might be your own. In God I trust this message will be taken in the Spirit it's given.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Showing Clevage Is Not New, Showing Breast Is!

Ladies there is a big difference in cleavage and Breast.
Showing cleavage is not new, in was in style in 1959-1960 and high heel shoes.The shoes were called spike heels, the dresses and blouses ,T strap, halter, strapless and etc., so its nothing new. What woman are doing now is showing their full breast and it is vulgar as hell. Why won't someone tell the young women it is nasty to wear a day time dress or blouse with your full breast visable to the public. On the job with your full breast exposed to your customers. Employers please speak with your employees about having their breast fully exposed on the job. Also what's with the gum chewing at work? The cell phone at work? Managers please Man Up and teach your people job etiquette.
Ladies please the hip cut pants are not for you ,that have stomachs that falls over the top of pants. If your stomach prevents you from seeing your feet please do not wear the hip cut jeans and pants. When you wear tight pants and jeans please put on some type of foundation so your butt will not flop all over and the big dimples in your behind will not wink at everyone walking behind you.
I am so tired of seeing ugly nasty breast, and big butts with dimples and rusty ugly feet on the street and inside business I could go crazy. Somebody please tell these woman what being decent is all about.Please buy clothes the correct size you are killing yoursel with the tight clothes cutting off your air and blood circulation.

AARP 50+ Conferance Las Vegas 2009

I attended the 2009 AARP conference in Vegas and I will be going back each year.The program was so well planned and so much fun. To see 100,000 people 50 + in one location enjoying life is such an lifting feeling.The nightly entertainment was wonderful. Black,White and others all together having fun.On buses from hotel to convention center strangers talking and making friend from all over the world made me see what America is all about. The hate I had been hearing and feeling lately were no where to be found.
Conference was full of information for the over 50 crowd, many good speakers, movies and lots of relaxing areas.

It was a good event. Join AARP and check out the annual 50+ conference the registration is only 25.00 ,2010 in Orlando ,Florida.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Way To Go Judge Foster!

Judge Foster has shown some real Leadership. Employee are fired from the County for using the computer for none County business, so how is an Elected Official different they still use County equipment purchased from the general fund. The County has gotten off for years doing what others have gone to jail for.

I support Judge Foster,Clean em up clean em out!

Did They Know?

Did the business community know Jack Lowe was so far off ? I knew his Father fine man.I did not always agree with him but he was a man and not silly. The way Jack speaks about Dr Hiney one would think they are joined at the hip. I believe Dr.Hiney thinks he is right about the way he runs the DISD, but he's not. If he would hire people trust worthy with a brain many of his problems would go away.I offered to help him for free but many people found that funny, but I know my profession and would have stopped him from falling into some deep dodo. Dr. Hiney won't last long the folk who really back him are tired of being embarrassed. They will help all they can but it comes a time that the Group will throw up their hands that time is near. I try not to think a lot about DISD because as soon as one issue is over another one is on the horizon.

NFL Right On Time , Rush Out !

Sometimes ,I wonder if everyone is crazy or is it just people in North Texas? I read two letters in the DMN editorial section about Rush Limbaugh being out of the group
buying the Rams, both said something about Rush's comment about the Black quarterback a couple of years ago.One said Rush was better then Vick a convict,I guess he forgot Rush is a convicted drug abuser. Rush not being in that group has nothing what so ever about that statement, how shallow are people in this part of the World.Does anyone think for one minute a statement about a black football player will stop money
from changing hands.

Rush would have been a liability to the NFL period! The smut that Rush puts out on the airways daily would have put the NFL in a negative spotlight daily.Rush would have used the NFL to enlarge his base and kill the league. It would have become RLL
football league. Thank goodness for Goodall and Rev Sharpton and Jackson.

George Bush still The Man I Supported in 1971

President George Bush is the man ,who as a young woman I took off work to volunteer in his Senatorial campaign. The George Bush that invited President Obama into the heart of Red Neck country , was not worried about what anyone said, is the Man who as a Republican Congressman from Houston voted for the Open Housing Bill. I have always known this man and his wife, both are very good people. The Republican Party throw President Bush under the bus because he was to liberal for them.They wanted him to be Mean and hateful as the Party has become now, but he was not.

Thanks ,President Bush at 85 years you are still the man I know and Love.Thanks President Obama for coming,Thanks God for allowing him to come and leave safely.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Delta Sisters Join Hands for Social Action, Save the Students.

Dallas chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority join hands to implement the Delta National Social Action Thrust. Dallas Alumnae Chapter and Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter's Social Action Committees are hosting the first ever joint School Board Candidate forum.Leah Alexander Chair of Social Action, DMA and Yours truly,Chair Dallas Alumnae along with committee members are very excited about the opportunity to combine our efforts and sponsor a good meaningful forum. James Ragland DMN columnist will moderate forum.
DATE:October 20,2009
Time:7 PM
Place:Park South YMCA in South Dallas
2500 Romine St Dallas, Texas 75215 St.
Public is invited.Stay tune for additional information.
Remember Census 2010.

Happy To Know ! Councilman Caraway On Job !

I was very worried that the South Oak Cliff skating rink was going to be closed. I know for a fact that it would be used if anyone knew it was open. The building sat there with nothing to bring attention to it,lights,sign,public service announcement or any thing else.If it were a trouble spot it would be all over the news. I was talking with Councilman Dwain Caraway about how awful it was to close the Rink.The kids need activities and there are none near that area, with so much multifamily about a block away the Rink should serve a large number of young people.
Good news is October 1, 2009 the skating rink is open and the Thursday night adult session was on tonight at 9:30 PM until 1:AM. Caraway was there with bells on, back in the day we filled the Skating rink ,off Ervay St, now that we are older we can go back to a sport we loved.It is such good exercise and fun. Come out and join me and other Seniors and Adults in a night of fun and help the City keep the Rink open.We need activities in our community, we have the Rink let's support it.Every Thursday night's 9:30 PM Adult Session. Skating Rink is located on Loop 12 ( Ledbetter) across from Wells Fargo bank, next to Pawn Shop ,building sets back from street but you can see it from street.Take your kids on week end let family enjoy safe clean fun.Thanks Councilman Dwain Caraway for having the energy to fight for the center to stay open, the easy way out is to close it.Fighting for it gives the community another chance to make it work.Please get some publicity so people will know it's open.