Thursday, October 29, 2009

AARP 50+ Conferance Las Vegas 2009

I attended the 2009 AARP conference in Vegas and I will be going back each year.The program was so well planned and so much fun. To see 100,000 people 50 + in one location enjoying life is such an lifting feeling.The nightly entertainment was wonderful. Black,White and others all together having fun.On buses from hotel to convention center strangers talking and making friend from all over the world made me see what America is all about. The hate I had been hearing and feeling lately were no where to be found.
Conference was full of information for the over 50 crowd, many good speakers, movies and lots of relaxing areas.

It was a good event. Join AARP and check out the annual 50+ conference the registration is only 25.00 ,2010 in Orlando ,Florida.

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