Thursday, October 29, 2009

Showing Clevage Is Not New, Showing Breast Is!

Ladies there is a big difference in cleavage and Breast.
Showing cleavage is not new, in was in style in 1959-1960 and high heel shoes.The shoes were called spike heels, the dresses and blouses ,T strap, halter, strapless and etc., so its nothing new. What woman are doing now is showing their full breast and it is vulgar as hell. Why won't someone tell the young women it is nasty to wear a day time dress or blouse with your full breast visable to the public. On the job with your full breast exposed to your customers. Employers please speak with your employees about having their breast fully exposed on the job. Also what's with the gum chewing at work? The cell phone at work? Managers please Man Up and teach your people job etiquette.
Ladies please the hip cut pants are not for you ,that have stomachs that falls over the top of pants. If your stomach prevents you from seeing your feet please do not wear the hip cut jeans and pants. When you wear tight pants and jeans please put on some type of foundation so your butt will not flop all over and the big dimples in your behind will not wink at everyone walking behind you.
I am so tired of seeing ugly nasty breast, and big butts with dimples and rusty ugly feet on the street and inside business I could go crazy. Somebody please tell these woman what being decent is all about.Please buy clothes the correct size you are killing yoursel with the tight clothes cutting off your air and blood circulation.

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