Saturday, October 31, 2009

For The Record ! The McGowan Estate was Stolen!

This is for the record so people will stop asking me on the street, how Jerry Alexander of Good Street Baptist church and lives in Denton ,Texas is wearing my Uncle Alto's jewelery and driving his car, and sold off all my Aunt Georgia's belongings.
First Mr. Alexander befriended my uncle and aunt from church.Rev. Ronnie had been the first to befriend them, but he was convicted of a crime and in step Mr. Alexander. I could see it all over Mr. Alexander from the very start. I was busy working and after Uncle Alto passed,Mr Alexander made sure to cut the family off as best he could. Mr. Alexander liquidated the estate prior to Aunt Georgia passing so he would not need to honor the will and had another will and used a power of attorney
to clean it out.This man held a sale of my Aunt's things and did not notify any of the family,he sold ever thing in the house and did not give us a picture of our loved ones, or a token to remember them by.
Now you ask why did I allow this to happen,I ask my brother what he wanted to do, he and I agreed we have enough and God has been so good to us we decided to let it go. We have real faith we just cannot live off old dead people's money and steal from blood family members as Mr. Alexander has done. We also know that we can charge Mr.Alexander and send him to jail for what he's done.
My brother and I are strong in our faith and we know God will deal with Mr. Alexander in due time.The last of the McGowan family are all doing very well without extra from
the deceased members.I hope Mr. Alexander can sleep in his house the McGowan's built.

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