Sunday, November 01, 2009

Republicans Don't Practice what They Preach!

What's up with the Christian,Conservative,Moral men of the Republican party? They are preaching one sermon and living another. This new group of Republican is not the group I was a member of some time ago. When a friend ask me the other did I switch because of Obama, I said no, I switch because the party moved away from me.
I am still Conservative but the party has moved far from Conservative to hateful and down right crazy.I can not believe a word they say. Rep.Roland Corning R. Richland NC
arrested in cemetery with topless dancer,Viagra and sex toys in car,this man opposed
topless bars,this is same area Joe Wilson ( you lie)is from. Dick Army paid $750,000 to lobby for stimulus bill at same time the head of the Conservative Freedom group opposing it. Gov. Perry wrote letter to Washington opposing transfer of immigrants through Texas, that starts Monday.Who was in Office Sat. to receive letter or respond prior to transportation start time.Whole thing media stunt. One of my dear friends said she did not like AARP because they give money to Democrats,I said but they help us with information about other things,didn't move her she bleeds Republican blood but I still love her.All Republican male Senators voted against the rape bill last.Ms. Parker in DMN tried to justify their vote but she can't, all the female Republican voted for the bill. How can a man vote against a bill about rape that protect the right of rape victims? Be Republican! They also campaign against Gay rights, yet they are caught in gay related activities, and still proclaim they are not gay, we all know that means just not out yet! Republicans get real stop the lie.

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