Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dallas County Commissioner Court Put On Notice!

It seems from local News reports today the Dallas County Commissioners Court is going to allow the Dallas County Health Department to give H1N1 vaccine to local for profit Pharmacies, Wal Mart primarily now he’s thrown in a few more to make it legitimate, since I raised the question with the Court, about Mullen Immunization Clinics from Arizona doing only regular flu shots and the fact that they are only doing school H1N1 and a one day clinic with the County.

Here is the problem Pharmacies and other for profit businesses is not eligible to receive vaccine currently. Only Health Departments and Doctors Offices are eligible. If the Health Department claims they cannot distribute their vaccine and ask another business to help them, that business becomes an agent of the County.

What Zack Thompson is doing under the disguise of increased distribution is allowing Wal-Mart to become its agent so they can sell, free vaccine and make a profit. The first notice of this came last month from Clarice Tinsley when she announced” Dallas County received a shipment of H1N1 and Wal Mart might be the only place you can get it” I hit the fan because as the Former Director of Dallas County Health I knew that was illegal. By six o’clock the lead story had changed.

It is no accident that Dallas County Health Director said he was in contact with Mullen in Arizona who is Wal-Mart provider of regular flu vaccine shots, but Mullen did not qualify for H1N1 because of its for profit status.
In step Kathy Nealy paid consultant for Wal-Mart and associate of Commissioner John Wiley Price, County Health Director’s Boss who must have said make it happen. What is so strange and sad is that the Public trust in the Department is being destroyed because of Kathy and John Price wanting to make money in my Opinion. Dallas County has enough Clinics to give all its vaccine out. The State said nothing about having insurance or not having it, they only specified high risk people; Zack Thompson has established another barrier for people needing vaccine.

The Health Department received 19,000 doses, why is he only giving 16,000 doses? Why is he not offering vaccine every day in the County Clinics open to the public? Why create a crisis on distribution when there is none.
The only answer is helping to make money for Wal Mart and Nealy and Price. Dallas County is indeed out of control. When Elected Officials sit idle by and allow a Department head to create a false emergency distribution problem that does not exist and they know how many clinics the County has it’s a lost cause.

Dallas County has a plan five years old approved by the State and Federal government to distribute mass vaccine in case of an emergency and it does not include Wal-Mart or private pharmacies, why not use the plan? International Travel Service has placed
Dallas County on International Travel Alert,some Countries are making their residents who have been in Dallas be examine before they can return to their homes, I wonder do you know what that means; we could lose lots of revenue doing the Holiday season when people change their Travel plans and avoid Dallas, our HUB airport can suffer because of it. Think about how a selfish Official and his bag Lady’s greed can cause harm to this region if this H1N1 virus is not brought under control.
Dallas has the highest death rate in the Country from H1N1, yet there are 19,000 doses of free federal government vaccine sitting in a closet on the floor at 2377 Stemmons Freeway in a building that is called Dallas County Health and Human Service Department, Dr. Tulu is turning in his grave, he gave his life for that place. God how I miss him and Dr. Karin Lancaster both of whom would have stayed at the building all night and week or month until everyone had their shots. Dr.Tulu would have also been able to isolate where the virus was located and how each victim contracted it.
The Court has been put on notice if no action is taken, It Is What It Is.

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