Saturday, November 07, 2009

Up Date on WalMart/Mollen Flu Shot/Dallas Scam!

Mollen Immunization Clinic operates in Arizona and was started by Dr.Art Mollen, they give foreign travel shots and regular Flu shots. The Wal Mart and Mollen relationship is some seasonal flu shots are given on special days at Wal Mart stores in Arizona as well as Albertsons, Frys, Basha,Food City grocery stores, BEALL'S, all of which are also in Dallas County.
Today Mollen offered regular flu shots at 50 such locations. The local Health Department did not give Mollen any H1N1 for these 50 clinics today.

I hope some of these lazy ass reporters would do their jobs right. To write in the Dallas Morning news that Mollen has H1N1 flu clinics in mostly Wal Mart stores in Arizona was a lie, to say they have an agreement with the local Health Department for such clinics in Wal Mart is a lie.All I want is for the truth to be known and the Taxpayers not taken advantage of because a money hungry Politician and his Side Kick wants more.
Where is Allen Clemson when he is needed, I know in a better place with peace of mind. Allen would have advised the other members of the Court that this deal was not right, the new Guy is under the thumb of John Wiley Price, poor soul.

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