Monday, November 02, 2009

Someons Ask Why I did Not Blog about The Hills ?

I was out of the City when the verdict was read, in fact a friend called me with the news. When I return home five days later every thing was said. I had been quoted in the news as being a supporter of the criminal justice system and would take the Jury decision.
The Jury was available to information that I was not. I always said I wanted a jury that would be fair in it's findings and represent the make of of Dallas County.The Jury did.
I supported Don Hill for Council and I gave the Hill's money for their defence. I will do what ever I can for them.
I still support the Criminal Justice system in America.
My only Son has been involved in the criminal justice system a few times and I continue to love and support him.Thank God he is sober and doing fine NOW.
I never once called a Judge or prosecutor and ask for any special favor for my Son because, he made a bad choice. My Son was taught right, lived right,graduated from college and is brilliant, but he made choices, I can not blame the system because he choose to be a part of it, he knew what he was doing would untimely get him into trouble with the law , It Is What It Is.
I pray for Don and his family and wish the best for them.

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