Friday, November 06, 2009

DA Watkins, Don"t Put Your Job On Line!

Honorable DA Watkins , please young man you have done a good job so far as Dallas County DA. I am not sure who you are trying to help or in fact If you are trying to help some other Elected Officials, but if you are ask yourself one question. If it were you, would they give up their job, are put it on the line for Yours? The one thing I learned from living life, every one loved me until I got in trouble with the law and had to do three years probation for a crime I did not even know was a crime.
I plead guilty because what they said I did ,I did ,I just did not know it was illegal to do so. Because of that I had to start my life all over and doing the in between I worked lots of odd jobs,hard jobs.My friends stopped calling, it was if they would catch a virus from me. I unloaded trucks and some days I cried the truck was so large and it looked as if the front would never appear. I never gave up or out, finally I was given another chance at a professional job by Ron Anderson 30 years ago.Thanks Dr. Anderson. Later a Judge set aside the indictment in 1998.God is good. I said that to say this Do the job the voters entrusted to you.When you had a rough spot about your tax,title co. and etc. I did not see a press conference about how good you are from any group of Democrats or etc.
The investigation is good in they might find they are not guilty of anything.Why would a Law Enforcement Officer fight an investigation if he's done nothing? This would prove him right.
DA Watkins the voters trust you to do the right thing,Please don't let them down.

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