Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Again ,I Allowed Politician To Shock Me !

I knew back last year when the members of DFW Airport Board said no, to Mayor Tom Leppert and Dallas City Council,we had hell to pay. I also knew if I did not say ,no ,to Lepperts desire to take $43 million dollars from a DFW Land sale it would harm DFW in the worse way.I knew my future service on board was at risk due to direct threats.What the Dallas members did was  stand for what was right and legal.

You see it goes like this, 36 years ago Dallas and Fort Worth put money in a pool to buy 18,000 acres of land to develop a regional airport ,because the Federal Department of Transportation told Dallas & Fort Worth they would no longer fund both City Airports,they must agree to close their airports ,and join hands in One New Airport.Both Cities agreed.Cities brought land and sold bonds and started Airport.DOT also put large sums of money into the regional airport,that was purpose of Wright Amendment to protect Cities investment.The past 36 years DFW Airport has operated with out any local tax money ,and has managed to pay Cities back some of their origional investment. Both Cities knew they could not draw any money from DFW other than that investment,any other money from land or gas sale must go into construction fund.

When DFW sold natural gas lease Dallas and Forth Worth were paid $19 million dollars,that money paid Dallas and Fort Worth in full all money they put up for land years ago . That payment meant the secondary rule kicked in, no other money from land or gas sales could any longer be paid to Cities.
Tom Leppert was told or dreamed that if the DFW Board agreed to Cities receiving money from land sale it would be OK ,for Dallas and Fort Worth to get money for their general funds.
What Tom Leppert was not told or did not care was that if DFW board dared to say that it was against the rule and DOT would not have approved the transfer,DFW board was also told that , if Board was willing to give much needed money away ,we could forfeit our rights to future government funding for DFW Airport.

The Board was put in a legal conflict with the Owner Cities and our legal Counsel was representing Leppert and Dallas City Council and had thrown the DFW Board under the bus.

The new selection process put forth by Linda Koop ,after she convinced ,New ,Mayor Rawlings that there was a problem with current selection process, when she knew the only thing wrong was we would not do wrong ,and violate Federal rule so Dallas could put money in their General fund and not raise Tax so Leppert could run for Senate. Dallas has ability to tax and they should use that for City budget not steal from other government agencies.

After Leppert summoned DFW Officials down to his office in City Hall and tried to force them to sign letter committing Board to giving Dallas money ,and they refused saying,they could not sign without getting Board approval,he said if Board want to continue to serve they will say yes.This man said this in the presence of witness in City hall.Board had meeting Mayor Moncrief withdrew Fort Worth request for part of money ,and Board did right thing according to law and rule.

After that day ,when the Board was without legal representation because both City Attorneys were supporting their Mayors grabe for money the Board discussed hiring our own legal counsel,Dallas City Counsel came unglued,I ask a few why,the answer was" we want to know what is going on out there" how could 15 grown people be that petty,the number one economic engin in this North Region is DFW and Dallas City Council wants to know what is going on,that's the reason Mayor serves on Board, how much more do you need to know,I give them quartely reports on DFW.

In conclusion the action taken by Dallas City Council has violated their own ethics policy DFW bond ordianace and operation agreement.They have taken the power from City Council ,and given to Mayor who appoints Transportation committee and Chair.Ron Kirk gave power to Council when he was Mayor,Rawlings took it back.

I also knew when I was made Chair of $ 29 billion dollar Terminal Redevolpment Committee ,White folk in Dallas, would go crazy,because they can not get special favor from me.

Well now you have truth,process was changed because we would not violate Federal rule,and we want DFW to have independent general Counsel ,so we the Board will have legal coverage next time City of Dallas decide to steal money from DFW.

I served 8 years on board before two years as Chair,I have nothing more to prove .Under my leadership I achieved something all the White businessmen could not,Tax sharing agreement with surrounding cities and State law change to be able to collect money,also new people mover system and new International terminial,I'm not sure what accountiability Koop and Rawlings are lookinf for ,my record speaks for itself and now that Mayor and City Council had shown to God and everyone that to serve on DFW board you have to kiss the Kings ring,when my term end, I have no desire to be reappointed again to any board under Dallas City Council I will not go to prison.
My one regret is, I did not report the threat to the FBI at time it happen, maybe its not to late.

(correct any grammer or spelling)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

It's Time For Change.Dallas County Commissioners Court Must Change !

Dallas County Commissioners Court Must Change.The Court has become a National disgrace for Dallas,County Texas. This Court has turned Dallas County into a group on non functional departments.The Court has cut vital staff,service and made very bad decisions based on personal feelings. John Price 26 year on the Commissioners Court has become the most feared County Bully of all times. We member of Black Community created this Monster now we must correct this nightmare. Let me make this clear,I always supported John Price,he did a lot of Good things for Dallas County,the man we sent to Commissioner Court 26 years ago does not exist anymore,just view the Commissioners Court video on County web site if you don't believe me.We are doing a disservice to John Price if we don't remove him from that seat.The position has done something real bad to John,what I saw last week is not the man I love and ,supported and worked for side by side for years,ran his campaign for office worked as his Assistant 6 years and County 20 years. I say that so there is no question about my motive.I want to stop John Price from harming any more people and with Jenkins and Garcia he now has the rubber stamp 3 votes to do much more damage. People of District 3 have the power to Change the Court ,for the Good of all people of Dallas County. Please use your Vote in Democrat Primary in March surely Democrat Party will have someone to challenge this man.

Betty Culbreath ,Democrat Pct.3536

Friday, October 07, 2011

Where Do We Put The White People With Single Member Districts?

I watched the Council on TV last evening what was first for me was, seeing people argue over the White people in North Oak Cliff.Black and Hispanic disagreeing over the White people.White people deserve the best Representation possible skin color or race does not dictate good representation. Councilman Griggs should have in my opinion stayed clam and out of the Minority fight.With the City majority Minority the question should be how do we still keep 7 White seats? We need to elect people who will work not steal,create revenue stop raising fees and work for the whole pie not just their slice.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Did Anyone Tell Vivian Hill ,I Never Wished To Be Precinct Chair?

Day of Democrat Executive committee meeting,I broke my ankle.In fact I was just messing around in North Dallas waiting to go on to meeting.I missed meeting and did not see Vivian Hill sign up to challenge me for Precinct chair of 3536. I use the word challenge ,me ,because before I signed up to be Chair,the seat had been vacant for YEARS .I signed up because it was vacant and not Party activity had gone on in area since Percy stopped being Chair. Ms. Hill claim she did not know she was not PCT.Chair how is that possible? Ms. Hill was always paid election clerk until she became paid election Judge after Percy stopped being Pct. Chair. Now the reason I share this is because before I signed up for PCT. chair with Party Office ,I went to Vivian Hill's home,phone not listed ,put note on door to ask her about position never got reply so I did nothing in secret.Silence gave consent. I have no desire to campaign against Vivian Hill for a free seat, that she did not know, she did not occupy.Since nothing was done in 3536 prior to me being elected, nothing will be done after I'm out of office.The sad part about this whole thing is ,it's all about hating not about Party,election or any thing that will benefit our community.2012 is going to be very important for President Obama and these small minded people in our Democratic party would rather play hater games at Precinct level than to concentrate on the Prize re-election of President Obama. I will not sign up to be on ballot for Precinct Chair .I will allow Ms. Hill to run unopposed be elected ,and see how much work will be done.My current term does not end until December 31,2012 I will enjoy the remainder.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Only In Dallas Could These Things Happen and Nothing Happens!

1.Hold budget hearings tell people there has not been inventory of DFD equipment in 25 years and propose to Council to move equipment around and moth ball some. A,New Councilman Griggs find 400,000 study that was done in 2007 for that very purpose and recommended additional equipment. Not another Council member called the City Managers hand on the lie about 25 years nor why pay 400,000 for information and not follow recommendation. 2.So call money making trash dump idea that is supposed to make 15 million dollars for city some day maybe. A.Legal challenge from private garbage collectors on freedom to do business without government interference. City dictating where by Ordinance they can dump trash picked up within City limits. 3.Redistricting Committee appointed by Council spent long time on process mandated by law. A.Why did Council have these people going through all this trouble when Stevie Wonder could see the map that is going to be approved by Council is one some person had in his pocket all the TIME. 4.Use SUP process to stop drunk people from pissing on yards and keeping music down. A.Any fool would know if the problem your City has is lost Revenue,your priority should be to increase revenue by any means necessary.Instead Dallas is closing businesses that State TABC laws say can stay open until 2AM.City Attorney has always said he does not regulate liquor so how can Dallas close a building that has State license that authorize it to sell liquor until 2AM? 5.7-11 close at 12:00 when its CO says 24 hours and sells off premise beer and wine only.

How and Why Did Dallas M.News Attack Parkland &Ron Anderson,Beg CMS To Come To Dallas?

I am still trying to put my finger on why DMN attacked Dr.Ron Anderson and took on the cause of Parkland Hospital.How could a County Judge who knows very little about County government and nothing about Parkland hospital in 8 months do so much damage to one of the best Hospital systems in this Country.I understand Elba Garcia,when ever something happens to a Hispanic in Dallas County Elba will take up that cause.In light of fact,that man who waited several hours without being seen by Doctor had stable vital sign and 3 year old girl had been home two weeks with cough and fever transferred to C hospital(CMS report said they did not know if that C was for children or cancer)stupid investigator,chart clearly said child's presenting problem was fever ,coughing elevated pressure,were Spanish.Never mind that Ron Anderson developed the best care in America for OB and child birth of whom 70% born at parkland or Spanish with little or no prenatal care.we also had the flap between Price and Luna,Price trying to put Judge Fosters board appointee off board so Elba went to Commissioners Court with agenda clay Jenkins was given agenda by Price,remove full board.Court has two joint appointees and one each that meant,Three Stooges had action at 5 appointee's. Please read full CMS report on Parkland's web site and you will see violations are tectinial and all say possible harm to patient,not one finding says any thing about medical care.Take for instance Mother brought 3 year old into ER at 10:30 child was seen by triage RN ,temp,blood pressure,breathing all done decision made baby suffered bad chest congestion,Parkland does not treat children under 16 so the wrote in chart Tranf,C Hospital.Finding from CMS says child not stabilized and transferred,well C hospital is attached to Parkland by a hall.Child was at Children's Hospital by 11:00.In a matter of 30 minutes this child was seen vital signs done and proper referral to Children's,Parkland was written up because the transfer for for chart was not completed and in chart.Second case woman with stomach hurting was walking down hall,holding stomach CMS investigator ask her what was wrong,she told them she had gotten lost and could not find her was to UCC she also said pain was radiating down her leg and she felt upset stomach,they wrote Parkland up for not having an RN accompany her to UCC and not stabilizing her,how do you stabilize a hurting stomach until seen by Dr.Parkland Hospital has 150,000 ER visits per year they do not have staff to escort grown walking Patients down a hall to another clinic.Woman ending up leaving because she had to wait. Please read report and see for your self the wording and how Dallas Morning News used inflammatory words to make report sound very bad.DMN also complained that Dr. Anderson was taking report light when he said report was technical,it is ,if DMN had any experience in Health care and knew hospital lingo, and were not trying to discredit Parkland they would have known they were technical.The new Board was playing to Judge Jenkins, Garcia and Dallas Morning News ,I wonder if they knew DMN insisted that CMS come to Dallas.Oh ya and that trash being uncovered,report said trash being uncovered even though it was enclosed in plastic,was violation.Mind you all Parkland trash is double bagged and tied for transport to incinerator so there was no danger to exposing any patient to any disease.DMN would have you believe trash was rolling down hall in open container. This has been on my mind since the beginning I was born at Parkland,son was born there,I worked and served on Parkland board.I worked under Jack Price non physician,Dr. Mullen and then Ron Anderson.I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Anderson much earlier in his training prior to being employed by Parkland and in his beginning job with Parkland.Dr. Ron Anderson changed indigent medicine and health care for poor people and Community at large. Judge Jenkins,Elba Garcia and Dallas Morning News have taken CEO from Dr. Anderson's name but they cannot take his Doctor title the one he cares most about.Ron Anderson put the Soul of Caring for sick people in Parkland,its in the fiber of the people.Dr.McDonald said everyone she saw over 40 were asking her about Dr.Anderson its because we all saw this one man change a hospital into a System and improved every aspect of that system.People all over the world are wondering what fools would react like this over a CMS report if Parkland really had problems Private insurance agencies would be all over the place.CMS is a private contract agency that does third party pay and compliance for Federal Government for Medicare & Medicaid they can recommend an action to feds but they do not have last say.Dallas Morning News wants you to think Parkland will lose their funding not likely there are not enough providers for 1.4 million people Parkland serve.Baylor is getting new Medical School however they will not have Parkland capacity for years,guess DMN wants to give the hands up ,maybe if the publish enough about SW Medical and Parkland everyone will run across Harry Hines,THEY WON'T.Parkland is in our Blood DR. Anderson taught us to care about the Patient regardless to ability to pay ,and we do.You can not destroy Parkland or Ron Anderson,he's the Heart when he's gone his Heart will remain in all of us,and all of them still working and to come.No new CEO can take Ron Anderson from Parkland because he is Parkland and non of you will ever understand unless you have been there.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

County Judge Clay Jenkins and Commissioner John Wiley Price Perpetrated Fraud On Taxpayers and Citizens of Dallas County!

Clay Jenkins was used to help John Wiley Price punish Bruce Sherbet for making Daphene Fain and Kathy Nealy angry doing Primary election.Nealy and Fain put X on Bruce's back with help of Poole. What Goes around Comes around. Jenkins,Price and Poole knew State law only allows Election Commission to appoint Election Administrator and Commissioners set salary. There is no State law that allows Election Commission to appoint Interim Election Adm. and Jenkins,Price and Poole knew it.Amos and Warren were used by Price to get Pippin-Poole job.Jenkins being a lawyer should have known they did not have authority to appoint Interim,that's a lie he added to try and satisfy public,his action in Election Commission meeting confirmed he knew. Jenkins has one vote he does not lead the Commission,Price must have convinced him he has some special power or pain medication might have boosted nerve. Another Fraud on people of Dallas County by our Elected Officials for their favorite person to have a job.God bless any election held under Pippin-Poole Fain and Price.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please Somebody Please Tell Zack Thompson,The Media Knows I gave Wai-Wize A Contract In 2002.

I must have been very sick my last five years at Dallas County because I did not see game being played by my trusted second in command. Pasty Walker,white woman, who worked with me,and was loyal to the bone tried to warn me ,each time ,I would say,Oh Pasty you don't trust anyone,her answer "I know what I'm talking about".Pasty was the kind of hard working person that put her job first,and she expected others to do the same.Pasty died shortly after leaving Dallas County I miss her to this day. Ava Love hired Zack Thompson to work in Ryan White Grant at DCHHS,I knew he was stable worked 14 years with WDCC, I also worked different community activities with his. I had opportunity to promote Zack Deputy Director of DCHH knowing, I would be reaching retirement age in a few years,Zack seemed like the perfect guy to Lead the Department.I have tried not to say anything negative about Zack or the department since my retirement, and have not communicated with Zack or other staff since the day I left DCHHS bldg.I was housed in 411 Elm building until my last day of work on third floor,Zack Thompson never came and spoke to me after serving as my assistant and making only 5,000.00 less than I.I paid him well I didn't want him to be messed over in the event he was not hired for Director's job, when I retired.I sat on that third floor at 411 Elm Commissioners Court Bldg. two months not one person said a word to me from Department they were afraid of Zack,Zack was afraid to speak because of John Price.Yet John Price had never called me on Zack's behalf. I'm giving you some history so your understanding of why I am writing this will be clear.Zack was given my job same day Commissioners Court members John Price,Margaret Kelliher,Mike Cantrell decided they wanted me gone, and I could not even stay in County building on Stemmons ,Price wanted me out ,I guess Zack did not feel comfortable.I was only Department head forced to leave their office and relocate downtown at 411 Elm.Zack Thompson came to that building every Tuesday for Court never called or took elevator to say hello or ask any questions about work in Department,he was not that smart,he was Assistant not Director ,he stumbled his way through best he could.So this picture is clear Zack ,and I had reserved parking spot at DCHHS side by side on Friday ,I left that building ,on Monday Zack Thompson parked in my parking spot ,Director,and his parking spot next to mine sat empty.Court Order appointing him was not passed until next day.If you want to know about character just wait until people have opportunity to put shit on your clothes without cause,they will do it every time.This man passed up his parking space to let the world know he was Director.this man had thrown the person who taught him gave his raises higher that anyone else ,would not give me respect I so deserve.He knew why and how I was being treated ,so he could get my job.reason I walked that picket line for Bruce it had happen to me and others will continue until John Price,Clay Jenkins,Mike Cantrell are removed from Commissioners court. Now what made me write this blog: reporter ask Zack Thompson about the Wai Wize contract,Zack told him he needed to talk with me because I was the person who brought Wai Wize into the County.Several other reporters also told me this my question to them was,why did he say that? No one knew why he kept trying to throw me under the bus.Reporter told Zack we know first contract was under Ms. Culbreath's signature and job was complete.I guess he did not understand the only reason his purchases from Wai Wize were being investigated was he had to ask Commissioners for waiver to State Law,I didn't.If this man had nerve to go before the Court 6 times and ask to Not follow State law, he should have known sooner or later it would come up.One Tuesday when Commissioners ask him to update them on Wai Wize again this Director who had the balls to ask to circumvent State Law stood in front of Court and said according to front page of Dallas Examiner " I also want to point out that the former director who was involved in this brought this (Wai Wize) to the Court.At no time did any Judge or Commissioner bring any contracts to DCHHS" this middle age Black man is making a fool of himself for John Price and its not going to work.If he believed in what he was doing why does he continue to try and put blame on me and I've been gone 7 years.If he thinks he needed equipment why is he hiding it.The Press stays on him because of his paranoia and he's been this way all along I just did not realize but Pasty Walker did.All Zack ever had to do was show his equipment and be done,he is so Loyal to John Price he is willing to kick everyone under the bus, and for what.Wai Wize did the work Zach sighed off on it so that's ,that's nothing was done wrong.When you think wrong have no respect for others,you go wrong. Zack, I gave many Black vendors work because it was the right thing to do,I confess I sure did bring Wai Wize into the County and proud of it.I also went to their facility to inspect see if they had staff and other resources to do job.I also spoke to communication engineer and he explain scope of project to me.I never spoke with Willis Johnson because I knew Willis was sales person with company not technical expert.I stand by my selection which remained within State law and invoice was paid as work product was finished.Not my fault if you all throw report in trash. I wonder what all the people in love with John Price and Clay Jenkins going to do when they are gone.Cantrell and Garcia don't have a clue.This is first time in my life that Dallas County commissioners Court members are all out to lunch.John Price controls Jenkins,Garcia,Cantrell and himself Commissioner Dickey is pulling alone.Dallas County is not keeping Clay Jenkins no matter how hard he and Price try and tear up Party,Republicans will cross over in primary to make knock Jenkins out.I will stand with Darlene Ewing against a underhand move by Jenkins because she did the right thing.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Republicans Please,President Obama took Office with 12 Trillion Debt.Tell The F------ Truth.

My Dear Voters the Congress keeps saying on National TV we have a 14 Trillion dollar debt.What they are not saying is 1.0 Trillion is from before Reagan for war and economic downturns.1.9 Trillion from Reagan peacetime spending and permanent tax cut 81-89.1.5 George H W Bush first Gulf war low revenue from recession. 1.4 Trillion Clinton despite two years surplus carry over from other years.6.1 Trillion George W. Bush tax cut,Iraq war,Afghan war,medicare drug plan economic downturn. 2.0 Trillion Obama Stimulus spending and tax cut, 2007-2009 recession,lost revenue,unemployment compensation. None of what is happening now, happen under President Obama's watch.Tea Party folk hate Obama so much that they would kill America to win. These People need emergency mental health care.Sara Palin has not a clue what the consequences are with the US failing to pay its debt.World damage. A person of Palin background cannot even count enough or high enough to master what is going on and new Congress member listen to her.Media says Tea Party in charge well that means no One is in charge and President Obama does not have the authority to move without them.I am not sure who is calling the shots but big business could not be happy about what is going on in DC right about now.Hope my SS check is on time and yours also.

Dallas First Black Fire Chief , Burns: Resign ,Retire or Just Plain Messed UP?

When I heard that Chief Burns was leaving,I knew time and situations had finally caught up to him. When a 51 year old man reaches the top of his profession after 30 years doing same job he becomes restless. Chief Burns is also a very good looking 50 + man and seems to be in great shape.Pictures from dance floor at club look very good and he seems to be good dancer,I mention this because they are all ingredients for some men to think its fun time,and life change moment. I never got to know New Chief however I was aware of some early problems with the large Firemen's union not being happy with his selection that's just how they are unless its one of them. I wish Chief Burns much success and admire him for moving on not stirring up stink when outcome would be the same.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Two South Central Sub Station,They were Waiting On Me.

Sergent Morgan, Officer, who told me to come back today was in Court ,so said young female Officer who ran out of back office,to greet me.I though she had been instructed to meet me the way she bounced out the door and said "How can I help you? I said I have an appointment with Sergent Morgan he not here.This woman with very tight pants,in dress uniform and hat, began to tell me what ,Officers told her from day before.I said so you have formed your opinion based on what they said,she replied "they told you it was Civil,I said there are two side to every story ,and what you just said is not what I told anyone,I said ,I do not want to speak with you since your opinion is already made from what your fellow Cult members told you,I would like to speak with an Officer who has not made up his or her mind about me based on what "They said".Another Officer came out he wanted to know what My problem was,I told him I came in with positive attitude to see Sergent Morgan who told me to return,I also told him about the Young lady who rushed out to put me in my place,based on lies the three stooges had told her.There could not be much excitement going on in South Central service area ,if they have time to inform everyone about what happen the day before. I finally ask to see New Chief Hale,this Officer looked around,out the door towards parking area and said Chief Hale is not here,now I saw car parked in Chief parking space when I drove up,I make a habit of being observant of my surroundings ,space was marked Chief ,gray police car parked there.As God would have it while this man was giving me run around Chief Hale walked around corner,I could tell he had heard our conversation,he ask the Officer,whats the problem,same time Chief Hale extended his hand to introduce himself to me,he informed the Officer that he had spoke with me and to see that I am taken care of from that point I was given respect that all citizens should receive in a Public building.I spoke with Detective Black very professional Officer who listen to my complaint. Chief Hale has only been there two weeks. I know Chief Brown is aware of the problems at South Central because there has been a Leadership change.I am informing you ,the public, of this so when Chief Hale starts to clean the Social Club/Cult up first thing they are going to cry is Racism,discrimination,unfair treatment and Chief Brown and Hail are doing them wrong. Take it from me and many others that this has happen to,some of the Black Officers do not respect residents and do not know how to speak or hold a decent conversation. I have been trying for the past eight years to count 8 votes to settle the Police pay lawsuit that has been in Court 20 + years and to have these young Black Officer talk and treat me so bad really makes me wonder is it worth my time.One Detective said to me there are hundreds of Police here you cannot judge all because of action of few,he is so right the six I dealt with should not be on front desk and needs some type of training to get along with their people.Some Officers have lost their way with their own people,seems house in suburb car and half has run them silly when they return to their hometown they see Southern Dallas so why get so high on the Hog when push comes to shove you are going to be happy for a Security Guard.Calm down,that gun on your hip is for protection of public,property and yourself not intimidated of Citizens. Matured as I am your gun does not intimidate me I have one also for the sole purpose of procting myself against criminals not Officers of the law.

Monday, July 25, 2011

South Central Sub Station ,Camp Wisdom Road : Needs Sensitivity Training Real Bad!

I had cause to visit South Central Police Sub Station this evening about 4:45.I went there to report a crime.What I got was a young woman working the desk who rolls her eyes at the Public if they ask her two questions.You all know me I stopped her and ask why are you rolling your eyes at me? She than goes and get a bald head Black Officer who came out the door to speak with me.I ask if he came to do something about the woman rolling her eyes at me,he said no I came to take care of you,I then started to explain why I was there,This my of law ask me did I call police,I said no I came here because you all are short of help and I did not want dispatch to call a squad from the street when I could very easily come here,that man looked at me,turned his back used his entry card and said loud " She is Crazy" this is a man on public payroll,looking at a Senior citizen in 105 degree weather reporting her A/C has been stolen and all he can do is holler "She's Crazy" my cell phone was in car I did say to them wait until I get my phone you will see how Crazy I am. I sat in my car for 45 minutes until I got someone from City Hall to send someone to speak with me. I spent years walking,talking and begging for Black folk to be hired in Police and Sheriff departments all over this State and for a young dumb man and silly ass woman don't know how to treat people what was my work for. I am going to ask Chief Brown to take the Negro Officers who do not like or respect their own people, please send them to Preston Wood,Lake Highland,White Rock any where but out here with us.If I had been in possession of anything I would have used it.Both people who spoke to me acted as if they were mad because I interrupted their chatting session.I then ask if Chief Scott was in a tall dark one said no she's not,this fool did not say she no longer work there.I could tell they were being ugly to me because if indeed anyone of them though I was crazy,why did they not follow protocol and call Mobil Mental Health Team,EMS or transport me to Parkland. I feel for Chief Brown ,the action of those three people shot my opinion of Dallas Police to 0.I am now afraid to come in contact with a Black Police Officer,I never had this feeling in all my 70 years of living not even during the Civil Rights era.

FBI Doing its Job .Nothing Racist about Doing Ones Job.

There is real Racism still alive in the USA just look at the hell President Obama goes through when he says or does something the very same way as another President. I am resigned to there is racial prejudice between people so it is what it is.Elected Officials can not cry Racism when their time comes. Black's are the only group that still play that card,even Rev.Sharpton has stopped using that and he is sounding much better and being ask to speak at a cross section of people.Poor Jesse Jackson still pimping funerals and protest he should learn a new game from Rev. Sharpton. Please stop killing people with this race shit. When real fight starts you will have used everyone up.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Let Me Make My Statement Clear! No Need to Ask Anyone.This Is My Official Site.

First of all: I have been very clear for some time on what I did not like about what John Price was doing as an Elected Official.As a tax payer that right is mine.I have also been forthcoming about any elected or appointed Official or Public person, when I felt their action were not proper with the position they held dealing with tax money,programs federal control,or public money provide their income. I have never ask for any type of punishment of John Price,as a Dallas County employee any problem I had went to proper authority for resolve. I served with honor and said nothing public about any of the five Commissioners I work for no matter what. I said in Dallas Morning News today,I have feelings and love for John.I did not like who he had become,and still do not, it has nothing to do with FBI. I knew he was under undue influence's from people who feed off his position for their survivor.These people feed into negative mode every day and filled him with negative energy about everyone and every thing. The John Price, I knew and love would never have treated Ms. Dickey the way he did from the first day she was sworn into Office until now, because she is a woman.John was taught how to treat women and he always did follow that teaching,John Price was a gentleman when I left his Office in 1991.What happen after that and the women he came in contact with did a number on him. The kind gentle fun loving, good dancing (little wild)man some of us knew turned into grumpy evil for evil at any cost in my opinion.John had his ways but deep inside was a wonderful human,I wonder what and who caused him to go deeper inside while grumpy hateful spirit emerged.I really think there are two or maybe three of them inside him different events trigger which one appears. Say what you may about me but long after this is over,and press is gone,Bentley is sold, I know who will be picking up the pieces Little John and I. Right now I support President Obama and Erick Holder to conduct a clean fair investigation of all facts and reach a conclusion until then this is my statement and I stand by it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let Me Make This Clear!

When you read this Blog please be advised this is not a professional written blog. Nor do I claim to be proficient in anything other than Social Work,Planning,Airport Operation,Politics and my self. I had professional writers when I worked,I have professional writer now, however not for a free fun blog. So if your comment is about the subject matter please write, if its about spelling or commas pass on. My mind is to bright to worry about the small stuff. Please do not read this if you can not stand to see comma in wrong place or no comma at all. At age 70 I don't care what anyone thinks but God or Jesus himself and my Doctors.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ruling Party Controls , AT What Price?

I worked for Dallas County when the Commissioner Court was made up of three Republican,County Judge,two Commissioners.Now that Dallas County has again become mostly Democrat things are changing.Henry Wade was Demo.DA for years most of the Judges were also Demo. voting patterns changed and Republican elected two Republican DA and most of the Judges also were Republicans its just the way of party Politics.Now the County has changed again Democrats in charge. The incident with Commissioner Dickey was the end result of being man handled by John Price from day 1 of her first term.John has disrespected the woman and bullied her called her names and every thing else, so that out burst was a culmination of some years.I am told that Cantrell made an agreement with John Price that he was not running again,if Price kept a Democrat out of the race last election,Cantrell needed another term to have his retirement in place so the District 2 lines would be the new Demo seat.When Dickey went to bed Monday night it was going to be Cantrell by agreement who would lose a District.Must have been a change of mind for Cantrell or some sort of pay off to Price that Cantrell was all of a sudden the guy with District 1 people for six years and new person in the New Democrat district.The behind the back trick is what upset Dickey,not really the lines she was not going to run again.Sometime Principle means more than then the case.

Sad But Wonderful Dream of My Friend Johnny John Ware

Last night I dreamed of former City Manager John Ware,a very dear friend and a man I miss daily.Its as if not being able to talk with him left a hole in my heart that has not been fulfill.John and I could discuss anything trust was the reason. I though about that cold day we walked in the MLK Jr. parade and I ask him if he felt OK,something about him seemed different,he said some symptom and I said you need to go to Doctor.I knew as a woman , Health Director ,men do not like Doctors or the mention of Doctors.The rest of story is history. The dream however was a remembering John Ware memorial service.Shirley Ware allowed us to have a short service in memory of John and his service to the City of Dallas and his volunteer efforts after leaving the City.When John died I think what hurt me more I had not spoken with him and did not know how short the time was,just like him,he was so private,I knew the illness had reared its ugly head and when we last saw each other at the Grill I could see its advance,however we both remain silent about it.The memorial service was lovely and attended by those who cared about John ,the man,his family and sons.I woke up,that empty spot was still there.I can just imagine how his wife,sons,sisters and other family feel,if, as a friend I feel this way.Rest in Peace My Friend,You are Missed.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I just knew after being sued for $85,000.00 for a dog fight,I could just wait on a Court date instead every time she learns or read another Chapter in her law book I am hit with another set of papers to answer.Time before this papers were served by those laying Constables,I guess she does not trust them any more now she sends to my Attorney, what she should have done in the past. Well in this set of papers she has quotes from my blog,all she had to do was print them and add exibit numbers and ask me on the waitness stand when she cross examine me.What is put on internet never goes away.Why would I deny any thing she ask me? I tell the truth about most things,it might not be the way you hear it or interpert it but its true to me. I turn 70 years old May 5,2011 God promise me 10 scores and 7 so I am now living on borrowed time.I plan to make the best of what time I have on this good Earth.I though since I had been in my house 26 years on I could live in Peace but, now I see the remainder of my days will be Haunted by the Lady Next Door.I looked for three months for a place to buy and move after much searching I realized this is the best neighborhood in Dallas and I refuse to allow the Devil to move me so I stay wrapped in the Blood of Jesus and remain prayfull that God will protect me and my family.

Monday, June 06, 2011

I Now Know Why Howard Hughes Did Not Want To SEE People!


Only In Dallas !

Only in Dallas Texas with all these nothing people who care about Themselves only.Who live from the same tax dollars welfare and Medicaid clients do,are millionaires off the poor peoples back.You elected ones do for yourself only ,and steal the life from communities with false hope and empty promises. Would the Mayor of the City of Dallas not be allowed to attend a function in City owned building, built with Taxpayer money not been paid back .I do not care what the Mayors name is.The Mayor of Miami was in attendance in Dallas and the Dallas Mayor could not greet him our Mayor did not have tickets. What the Hell is going on in this City? The position of Mayor carries some respect and should be respected by people in this City.If you do not like or care for Dwayne Caraway,you should care for the position. I would have gone with my security guard and if anyone tried to stop me from entering that building would have gone to hospital or ME
's office. My information might be wrong if it is I apologize,if its correct my statement remain the same.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Tampering With Government Documents a Crime? Not In Dallas County.

If law says, you must have person, being served papers,sign the order.How can deputy Constables not follow law,get caught,using County automobile for non county business , falsify documents, and the Elected Constables are the ones who decide their punishment.What happen to the DA and Police?How do you decide punishment when a State and County law has been violated.Everyone in the County jail ,wish they could pick the persons deciding their punishment. What is happening in Dallas ,can every one at the County level do wrong,or what they want to? How can a indicted Boss punish a non indicted Deputy,for breaking the law.Party affiliation could not be reason other Elected Officials are willing to risk their careers to cover up or save a Democrat who is breaking the law.How can Citizens trust anyone these days.I had the utmost respect for DA Watkins,and supported him back in the day,when his family was his campaign team,for free.Mr.DA please do your job,please don't allow Dallas to become another Bonnie and Clyde involving Elected officials.If they do not care enough to do their very best you can not save them. last night,on news,Fort Worth City Councilwoman Hicks,driving a $100,000 sports car with her mothers State District license plate,that is against the law,worse why would you invest in a expensive car, and not spend $78.00 to buy plates? That's just plain crazy,unless something about the car keeps it from being registered,or she and her mother use the same car. Each of them know who they are,educated,smart,out spoken women working for their community and always have helped all.There's no reason the plate should make a big difference. God Please Help Us All!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Please Don't Say ,What You Will Do For Southern Sector,Let Us Get Serious First

I hope in the next 29 days ,Candidates will not say what they will do for the Southern Sector.The Southern Sector must help itself.I have said for years that image is the one major obstacles along with infrastructure that keeps people from investing in Southern Dallas.I went and ask the Dallas City Council to dedicate money for a Southern Sector image campaign much like the ones the fund on other projects,but they did not do it.In general people think every one in the Southern Sector is ,on dope,welfare,section 8,wic and walking around with a 9mm pistol ready to shot. I was selling some poodle puppies and most of the people were from North Dallas,Keller,Frisco.When they got to my house all of them said" I did not know this was the way Oak Cliff looked,its beautiful out here" I said yes I know,that's why I moved from North Dallas out here for space,trees and quality of life. Black people we have had Black elected Officials for the past 30 years and all along our community was going down,no City services,businesses moving out the time has come that we must fend for ourselves.We must take our community back,we must say to young thug we are not taking it any more.One or two bad groups can cause enough trouble to give our area a bad name,we must change it. There is no more room in Desoto,Cedar Hill or Duncanville,Red Oak and other Cities South.We can stop waiting on the Elected Officials to help us,their minds are on themselves and being power hungry.We will do it without them,We will raise the money for the Image Campaign in Southern Dallas,we will help people to understand Oak Cliff,North,South,East and West each section has a flavor and charter of its own,people of various backgrounds that make up the beauty of Oak Cliff,it has White people lots of them,Black and Hispanics.Gays,all groups and we all get along fine.What you see on TV are isolated cases in various areas of Oak Cliff.I was surprised when the other night on 48 Hours the Dallas homicide people were on,the commentator said the shooting happen in a very bad area of Oak Cliff,on National TV he said Oak Cliff,he should have said bad section of Dallas. Oak Cliff is put down in every circle.There is nothing positive said about Oak Cliff,and when it is they make a note to say North Oak Cliff,I have nothing wrong with selling North Oak Cliff,but could people stop bad mouthing the remainder of Oak Cliff.Black people in Oak Cliff do not eat White people or any other people that I know of.

Dallas City Hall,When Truth Is Told,Is Broke, and In Debt ,Up To Its Nose!

When all the good people of this City ,want the Beautiful buildings,Hotels and Bridges,City staff comes up with a good Bond program,City Attorney fix language so they can use money as they wish.Citizen Council helps raise money for bond campaign. Citizens go out vote for the Bong package, no one ever ask,or never told,what the pay back schedule is.We are still paying for Reunion Arena and its not even there anymore.If we were to demolish our home and still owe a mortgage ,we would go to jail. Why do we keep building, without funds to operate? Why does DISD continue to build schools,with no operating capital or, for that matter,Students or Teachers.How can public Official use taxpayers money to keep local construction companies in business and making money. I love Dallas, its my home ,and I intend to be buried here.What is going on here now, seems like a dream.I am waiting ,to wake up and it not be real. We have a Black power crazed County Commissioner,who has no respect for anyone a County Judge who allows him to run the County,We Had, a Mayor who wanted to illegally take money from DFW and put in City General Fund,We have City Council people who want the New DFW General Counsel ,Report to Dallas City Attorney Tom Perkins,who can't keep the City Counsel out of Court,but they want him to approve all legal business at DFW,Perkins does not serve as DART General Counsel's boss,why DFW.Dallas County Constable Derrick Evans is an indicted Constable,on County job daily wearing a gun and being paid.Now in charge of putting men on Leave from information he discovered.What a Hoot! Rooster supervising Chickens.Dallas City Council trying to do right,being told half story ,dollar amounts in units never total cost, where Counsel will get clear picture of what is being done.DART building lines to get people out of BMW,Benz to get on bus or train to downtown,when all the jobs to employ real labor or semi skilled people are going the other way. Hinojosa made a fool out of DISD board,they knew that man was waiting on the first opportunity to get out of here,his cheese had been moved when Lowe said he was not running again.Hinojosa wanted more money so his retirement check would be large,since its based on last salary earned.I really did like Dr.Hinojosa,one thing I thought being a Hispanic from Dallas with Parents still living here meant there was Honor and respect for them and he would do the right thing.I see now when people get educated and make big money they change just like the Black ones have.Lord Bless our Souls.The Black men,Hispanic men have taken on the roll of the devil,nothing matters but them. Dallas Morning New think they run something and don't know how the City operates. Well this is all for tonight.

Cornell West /Always A Fool To Me!

The one thing ,that has always let me know that going to an Ivy League was not all its suppose to be, by the actions of some of their Graduates.George Bush, West and Leppert are just a few. Some of these people give their schools bad names.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

John Price, All Over The Place ! What Will It Take ?

Commissioner Price Making A Fool of Black People Once Again. When will people stop, John Price from taking his people (Black Voters Southern Sector) as being so ignorant, that we do not know the difference in David Kunkle and Laura Miller? First, we allowed John Price and others to convince us that Laura Miller did not like Black people. The fact of the matter is John Price, others were doing things that the DMN would not write, and no other Reporter would touch the truth but Laura Miller and the Dallas Observer. Laura Miller wrote what she believed was the truth and about John Price and others, it must have been true, none of them sued Laura Miller or the Observer. We have allowed this man to earn money, remain in his job 25 years with race baiting, and miss using his County position to hurt and ruin people who do not agree with him. I have been waiting on the Lord to correct him, but it seems God is taking his time. Every day it gets worse. This is the first time there have been three men in a Mayor’s race and I like them all, for different reasons. I could feel good with either one being Mayor, in fact Mayor Caraway is doing a helve good job, and thrown the Dallas Morning News editorial board for a loop. I am not sure why they believed Dallas would freeze over if evil Leppert resigned. People if you believe Laura Miller’s name is on the ballot for Mayor Vote against her, if her name is not on the ballot, vote for the candidate of your choice. Please do not allow the public to see us fall for that slavery time message John Price is selling. Please do not believe he likes Mike Rawling enough to work free. One of these day God will make Price pay for all the wrong he has done to his people, including me, there will not be enough money in the world to pay to ease his pain that God himself will inflect upon him.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dallas,Texas Saddest City and County In The United States of America !

Three elderly people were cold in Dallas, Texas,their Relative came to Dallas to see about them, after being told they had no heat.This Man called everyone.City of Dallas,Dallas County and other non profit agencies, got no help. I know Dallas County HHS could have provided some temp.housing until gas line or what ever the problem was got fixed.City of Dallas could have used emergency procedures to move money to help.Salvation Army,Urban League,United Way,Citizen, someone should have helped. Now the Two women are dead from being cold,staying cold until their Lungs just could not make it.Wife died last week,Sister died Sat.Husband all alone to bury his loved ones. What a shame,what a shame,this Black community allowed three people to be cold and stay cold,Agencies allowed them to die after working and paying for a home. By the way,only reason I did not go and do something,every time I get involved people have something to say, about me always in the way.Well I stayed out of you way,You did nothing,I mean nothing,If you did tell me about it.City approved $ 15,000.00 for repair after wife died. from now on I will not stand by and see anyone else die thinking the County and City have stepped in to save their lives.As much money as Obama sent here,Dallas County just got $ 7 million dollars for Weatherzation they should have been able to do some plumbing work to fix that gas line unless rules have changed. Someone should have helped,where was the church?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Will Black People in Southern Sector, Stop the Ignorance?

When Will Black People in Southern Sector, Stop the Ignorance? If anyone is still wondering, why the Southern Sector of Dallas looks worse, after thirty years of Black elected Leadership, wonder no more. The recent action by Dallas County Commissioners Court, newly Elected County Judge Clay Jenkins and co heart Commissioner John Wiley Price, with silence from newly elected County Commissioner Elba Garcia, is reinforcement that it will continue to decline and Civil rights of County residents are in danger. Fair elections in Dallas County are also in jeopardy. Action taken to fire Election Administrator Bruce Sherbet based of personal feeling of certain political operatives, and not allowing them to interfere in election process all wrong. Statement made by John Price, that Republicans have run election for year, lie. Protest for Bruce Sherbet mixed group of Precinct. Chairs, election Judges and citizen, some Judges were members of Tea Party movement, so what? Mr. Turner spoke used a term John Price did not understand meaning, and made it a bad word. It was not bad then and still is not. Mr. Turner might have meant it to be bad, fact is it was not. The word actually gave John Price more credit than he has. (Mullah=Muslim learned in theology and sacred law) neither of which John Price is, the word is still not racist or derogatory. John Price, interrupted Mr. Turner, with, if you are going to talk about me call my name, at which time Judge Jenkins, said nothing. Mr. Turner finishes his remarks. John Price said, “Why are all the speakers White”, as he was getting up from his seat, he repeated it, someone from the audience as they were leaving, said we have a right to speak. Price said your all, “White Go to Hell”, he repeated that seven time, than, invited the people to meet him out side, they complied with Ok, as he was moving from one area to another he called Rev.Lovell fat-boy. Now, tell me why not one person from the Court, Black Community has said his behavior was wrong. What he said to those people was wrong. Do Black people, hate, whom we are so much, that we will allow our own to treat others wrong. Commissioner Price is an Elected Official and his behavior should be that, Becoming of an Official, no matter what or when someone else decides to act different. Commissioner Price has always been able to dish it out, now we see, Price cannot stand the medicine he gives others. Price continues to act as he does, because of those fools around him, they play on his weakness, and they cheer him in that ignorance. They need his help, they are his dependants, and they want to keep him silly so they are needed. Many of them had nothing, when they stumbled up into his office, I mean nothing not even a car, job nothing. To make matters worse, a Churchmen’s group gave him a Community service award, Sunday four days after he stood and told people in the presence of God,” to go to Hell.” They also gave others awards all of whom are paid to do their job. Black People Community service awards go to people who, work in their Community FREE. Community service is Free. Today, people registered to speak supporting Fair elections, and people were there to speak on Commissioner Price’s behalf. County Judge Clay Jenkins once again acted as if he slept through law school. He cut speakers in mid sentence when he wanted to, this man holds a law license from the State of Texas, yet does not know First Amendment Rights. Speakers, one was Ron Price, former school Board member said Officials should not be attack, but it happens. John Price, was, not attacked, he was the aggressor. Price invited people to meet him on outside to finish. Don’t people know this is what makes us look so stupid in the eyes of the World? We are saying what ever we do, we are the victim, and no one takes responsibility for any wrong action. Vincent Hall, County employee since 2003, speaking for Price, what else he would do on County time. Paid, Community Service Leader at Church meeting encouraging people to attend rally for Price today, for what? Bruce Sherbet is the person harmed, White people, told to go to Hell, so what rally for Price? If Black People agreed with what Price did, it would not take public out cry to have people go downtown; Black people have shown up for Price in past when he was wronged. Commissioner Price has always exercised his first amendment rights. He marched in front of Mayor Ron Kirk’s home, calling him names; Kirks kids were in the house saw it all. I first met Ron Kirk, when he stopped at John Prices house, to drop off campaign check and volunteer in his campaign. Price wore billboard signs calling former City manager John Ware, calling Ware names. Price marched at Police Stations blocking streets, marched at Parkland patients could not get to hospital, marched at DMN, Channel 5, and broke windshield wipers on woman van. Price broke Timothy Shorts leg down at County building. A Man, Who Has Done Ever Thing. To Everybody, Now Wants Respect, but Will Not Give Any. That is why the Southern Sector will get worse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survey of Community People Tonight. I was Shocked !

I mention John Price's action on yesterday,in Commissioners Court. People actually felt he was a victim.I could not believe it.Two started down that race train,saying he was the only one down there, doing anything for Blacks and he just got tired ,of White people messing with him.I ask one lady,what White people have been messing with Price? All she could say was something that happen 20 years ago. I ask another Lady what does he do for Black people,she could not name one thing. I ask if they had read about the Inland Port and the lost of potential jobs in the southern sector,they knew nothing.One man did say that John was wrong in speaking to the Citizens in that manner and that he should have left room. Another woman said John was a embarrassment to the Black Community. The Black Community has sent this Man to do a job 26 years and don't have a clue what he does,other than Sound Clips.I wonder did he do all that yesterday so his name would get the press,he is on Ballot in 2012.
I reminder them that John Price had lived off the Taxpayers for 30 years with the time he spent in JP Court and public works.We paid him and rewarded him for bad behavior .When I worked for John Price,I cared about the person,not the Commissioner.I saw how he became a magnet for people who used him for their selfish needs.I witness people coming into the office with stories that made no sense,and he felt for them sincerely believing what they said .Darren Reagan was one,I told Price,Darren was a modern day Robin Hood,but he only helped himself. I don't know what has happen to John ,since I left his side,but if Daphene Fain , Kathy Nealy,Vincent Hall and Zach really care about the person and not just their meal ticket,they will get him so immediate help.

What Will It Take, Dallas Black People ? Will It Take Death? Who's?

Dallas Southern Blacks,how long will you allow Commissioner John Wiley Price ,to miss-represent us? We all know,what the Commissioner did yesterday was Wrong.It was not proper decorum for a public meeting,in a public building.The people speaking had as much right to be there as any other Tax payer.John Price has been on that Court 26 years,he chose to run for elective office,if he's tired of being there he needs to leave.Price is paid over a $100,000 to work full time in the business of Dallas County. John Price did not hear what Attorney Turner said,then did not know meaning of word,made up racist meaning. John knows RACE card draw support from Black people when, he is wrong.Price had no legitimate reason for doing what he did. Commissioner Price marched in front of former Mayor Ron Kirks house,calling him names,walked with double side sign board,calling former City manager John Ware an Oreo cookie,called out on KKDA radio ,Fort Worth Blacks are handkerchief heads.Marched in front of Mayor Millers home calling her Bitch.Made name plate,Judge Foster Grump sat it on Court table in front of Judge Foster. Voters of District 3 we have allowed all of this to go on, while being paid with our Tax dollars. During Black History Month the year of a Black President,Dallas has a County
elected Official shouting at citizens saying "your White,Go To Hell" This man is out of control and should be out of Office.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dallas Is A Unique Place ! We Unite To Hate and Support Wrong,To Hell With Right or Wrong,Law of the Land.

I sat in a room of people ,who volunteer their service, in a Political party. A group of them are hell bent,on believing ,what they say or think is correct.One older man,two younger women have not been in the world long enough ,to know what to wear in public,making statements so far from truth that it hurts the ear.What shock me,the Older man, whom I have respected a long time,seems to think its OK, to take action, if members of the party agree,weather the action is right or wrong.I was taught to do what is right regardless to who proposes doing wrong. I see how everyday folk have lost faith in the System and casting a vote.We are reminded daily that most Politicians are voting their own wishes,and are out of touch with the people,really don't give a dam about our position on matters. The recent action taken against the Dallas County Election Administrator was wrong,not the fact that Election Commission did not have the authority to do so,the process was flawed.I now believe Judge Clay Jenkins was duped by Deputy dog,John Wiley Price,however Jenkins should have done his homework on the issue: Micheal Vick Animal rights groups, in and around Dallas hate Micheal Vick ,because of his involvement with the training of fighter Pitt bull dogs.I saw no direct evidence that Vick touched any dog,I saw photos of Dogs,law enforcement Officials say were hurt by Vick's crew.I read the prepared statement Vick read and answers given to Federal officials,I also know they prepare your script for Court.Needless to say what happen to the dog's was wrong and should not have happen.The purpose of prison confinement is to punish and time to rehabilitate your mind and soul.Under Vick's sentence guideline all that was taken into account , he is doing ,just as the Court instructed him ,as well as Martha Stewart.I know his crime was worse, living animals were involved.It is what It is,he's out of jail doing what Judge required: Dwain Caraway represents the Citizens of District 4 ,they support his giving key to Vick, as a Thank You for speaking to our Young People.When and if Caraway becomes Mayor for 90 day his actions will be on behalf of all of Dallas.I'm sure he will Lead accordingly. Animal Lovers I wonder how people can eat fried chicken,knowing this little animal was running around a yard someplace,eating and drinking water.How do we walk into butcher shop and pick steak and pork chops with full knowledge that these animals were alive,and we see the blood in the cold box.I look at men on TV getting ready for the deer hunt,when they shoot these innocent animal they look them in the face,the birds are trying to fly to freedom and shot down,rabbits chased with dogs and shot down,then skinned and cooked.How about the beautiful fish that swim in our lakes minding their own business we track them with devices find their nesting bed and go in for the kill. Do any of you dog lovers care about these animals?Do you care about the many Pitt bulls put out on the streets in Dallas by bad owners that are euthanized daily at the Dallas Animal shelter,or is your love for Mel,Vick's adopted dog,just the Vick dog,he mean so much more to you.You hate Vick because he plays football for a living,blame that talent on God,
he was the giver not man.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bully John Price, New Time Keeper On How Long County People Work!Except Himself !

In my opinion John Price has lost his mind.The man I knew from Junior College ,student willing to work hard , helping people is no longer present in the body of Price walking around today. The devil himself has surrounded space around John Price ,Christ,God or anything decent can't penetrate it. He is using the power of his office to harm people,hurt them in the worst ways,financially,quality of life and survival. Reportly he told Bruce he had been there to long,now its Dr. Ron Anderson. Dr Mc Donald says he has diabetes and his wife is ill,people work with diabetes daily.John Price has decided it's time for him to go.Getting Jenkins and Garcia to vote with him to throw the two joint Board appointees off the Board.When did John Price become God? John Price is Bully of Dallas County and everyone is afraid to stop him. Black Men and other Elected Officials will not stop him, by speaking out about what he's doing to his Own people,they are afraid of this Bully.This man killed 40,000 jobs in District 3 for his people, that would have helped the economy and taxpayers. The Inland Port On I 45 in almost dead , done to keep it from competing with Alliance Airport and cash in my opinion. Bully, Price has called time on Bruce and Dr. Anderson he's been
on his job 26 years why doesn't he step down? It's time the taxpayers and voters of District 3 retire District 3 Bully John "Gone Wild" Price. Twenty Six Years on Commissioners Court Is To Long to continue on Taxpayers payroll.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Me Make Something Clear about Dallas County Election Department.

I worked for Dallas County for 19 years.I worked for John Price 6 years as Executive Assistant, I worked closely with Elections and Bruce prior to him becoming Elections Administrator.I remember when the former Administrator resign and the drama surrounding that departure.I remember who fought for Bruce to get the job based on qualifications. What I write about Toni Pippen-Poole or that department it's what I know.No one in that department has told me any thing about Toni.I know what Daphene and Kathy did up in election because they talk to much.Every time that had a fight with Bruce or any of his staff they told John but they also told other Democrat operatives who told me. There is no reason for Toni to fire anyone based on what I know.It did not come from County staff.She also must remember I shared an office with John and answered his phone and heard him talk we had no secrets.I don't talk with her staff.I lost my cell phone I don't even hava their numbers. I was in the election Department Monday to get copy of my Precinct.So I can work it for City election. Toni and others must remember I worked in that building.I knew every thing that went on. Toni will find out how it is at the Top when the buck stops with her if she does not do what Ms. Fain ,Kathy,Price and Jenkins want she to will be out.John Price will turn on anyone he did on me. I have never betrayed the trust of his office from the time I worked for him until yesterday. What this man has done to Bruce is over the top,I can not sit silent when I know what He has

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toni Pippin-Poole: Not The One for Dallas County Election Administrator !

I was sitting at my desk the day Toni Pippin walked into the office of Commissioner John Price looking for a job.Toni was a young attractive slender woman from East Texas by way of Louisiana.I also remember being ask by Price to call Bruce to arrange a meeting. I followed the instruction as well as told Pippins to go to Human Resource and complete an application .HR qualifies apps. for jobs.I remembered her visiting our office regularly meeting with Price,eventually she was hired by Bruce and trained for the job. I also remember her calling me saying she google P.O. Box number and found it belong to me when I ran for City Council. John Price was supporting Hill it seems someone called Price about some mail in ballots being mailed to my P.O. box and Daphene Fain wanted them stopped so she called Toni,Toni called me with that lie about P.O. Box .I ask her with all the mail in ballots coming in how did you know my box number.She said the ballots would need to be thrown out because they could not be mailed to one box.I said OK.I also remember someone on ballot board knew my sister voted for a Mayoral candidate ,Price and Nealy were not supporting a lunch supply invoice for their candidate, my sister had was cancel the very day ballot was received.Bruce had nothing to do with any of that he did not know. Toni Pippin-Pool is the pipe line to Price and Daphene Fain.If she is appointed Election Administrator John Price will run the Department.Fain will be in charge of Election and Pool will do everything they say. Clay Jenkins does not have a clue as to what John Price is capable of doing without any given reason.When Jenkins wake up it will be to late. The County will be a mess.I feel so strong because I worked there I saw it done to other people and they just left to save their names. Toni Pippin-Poole maybe can do the work but Price and Fain will not let her,she will do their will as she has done in the pass,Fain decides who can be an election Judge if she does not like you you can not serve.Precinct Chairs cannot hold election in District 3 if Fain does not like you ask's a shame your elected Official is the person you must fear. I speak up for the people who are not in a position like I am.I did not fear John Price when I work there that's why he treated me so bad towards the end and I was sick and did not have much fight left and he knew it. There will be a picket line at 3PM supporting Bruce in front of 411 Elm St. see you there.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

County Judge Jenkins Wrong On Election Administrator Bruce Sherbert :

As I blogged early on, County Judge Clay Jenkins is a hatchet man for John Wiley Price. Jenkins has not been on the Court long enough to know anyone’s work record, so he cannot be acting on what he knows vs. what is being told to him. Commissioner Garcia is an honest woman, however she will listen to people she trust And the two woman feeding her this bad information are people who live to scheme and blame other for all their mistakes and lack of information. When they pick a fall guy ,he's than reported to John Price and vengeance is on. The sad part is John Price does not know they are laying just like Dr. Garcia he trust them also. One of my hardest jobs working for John Price was making him aware of games played by people he trusted, they used him up and the power behind his name. It is my opinion that John Price has no clue that Kathy Nealy and Daphne Fain have told him lies on Bruce Sherbet elections administrator. .Ms. Fain will make mistakes and fail to follow up on things in her job as Administrative Assistant to John Price, and lie on Department Heads and other staff, they are afraid for their jobs and will not tell John Price the truth about Ms.Fain. Kathy Nealy has always lied to John and thinks it’s funny he believes her. Now she has Commissioner Garcia believing Bruce did something special for the Republicans that hurt her campaign even with her winning. We have John Price telling Dr. Garcia how horrible Bruce is how he tried to harm her. Kathy Nealy saying amen, Daphne Fain creating TV like stories describing how election department favor Republicans .New County Judge who is an attorney looking up laws and calling meetings to fire staff. Judge Jenkins not at County long enough to know Fain and Nealy will work together to get revenge on folk. These two women could not get their way doing the General election one a paid Consultant the other a paid County employee so now they want Election Administrator gone. Judge Jenkins might think he is smarter than Judge Foster is. Foster served only 4 years. There were many smart people Judges prior to Jenkins moving from the Country, they All had a mind of their own. John Price could not dictate to them. It is a sad day when John Price can affect the lives of so many people with those three votes on the Commissioners Court, what is sadder he does it on the whim of people with little credibility and he has two new people following him. Dallas County is going to be worst this time around.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Old School People Disagreed On Issues, Meeting Over Issue Over. Not Now !

I have fought some nasty battles with very good people, still have battle scares but no hostility or vengeance for people on other side of issue.Having served on Plan Commission,Parkland Hospital Board,Dallas Housing Authority and others I have made lasting friends and enemies.When moving homeless people from I45 bridge professionals being paid to help homeless were standing on the outside holding their breath until I failed .The final day only one person was left under bridge when police officer said Miss you need to leave deadline is up,I looked around and said I know just wanted to rest a moment before I go to my car,oh Ms. Culbreath that's you!No one really knows the difference. The new crop of Politician and some older ones can't let go.The vengeance is theirs.They cut behind your back and try and destroy your life, take your job,health insurance regardless of your sick kid,they stop speaking at meetings and all sorts of crazy stuff.Grown men acting out in meetings I'm not sure what is going on. What I find odd is they claim to be Christian and sit in some Church weekly professing love of God.How do you love God but not follow his word.There are six things the Lord hates seven that are detestable to him: 1.haughty eyes 2.a lying tongue,3.hands that shed innocent blood 4.heart that devises wicked schemes5.feet that are quick to rush into evil 6.a false witness who pours out lies7.a man who stirs up dissension among brothers and others. I hope they read Proverbs and repent Hell non partisan.

Pastor Kerry Wesley Reminds Me Of Pastor C.A.W Clark.

I remember as if it were yesterday,sitting in the balcony ,where most of the younger kids sat,when Pastor Clark open the doors of the Church,I got up walked down the stairs and join Good Street Baptist Church I sure felt good, I went home and told my father and step mom.I had gone to Church with a neighbor member of the church.I became involved and enjoyed going to church activities.Pastor Clark knew every member in that church and it was a large church for the time. He walked around and spoke with everyone when the church was open,he did not close his office door nor have security guard standing there. Pastor Clark never drove a car people took him where he wanted to go.I remember one Sunday a large family came to church and people looked around ,it was a Mother and about five kids,they were clean but clothes were well worn you could tell they were poor.The next Sunday Pastor Clark knew all about the family and had helped them as well and told members off.He told us how dare we look down on people because God had blessed us,how dare we not ask if they needed a ride home or if they needed food, from that day on Good Street Baptist Church welcomed every soul who walked into that door,that family became members and their condition improved two fold. Pastor Clark started dinner on the grounds so all families would fellowship and break bread together.We had strong youth programs first college I visited was with Good Street Church we made reports before the full congregation when we returned from visits.Pastor Clark cared about his people,their souls ,families and the total package and I see that in Pastor Wesley. Good to see someone in the mode of Pastor Clark,grounded enough to stay on the level with his members and educated enough to stand with Presidents.

I Enjoy Traveling To Super Bowl Yearly , 2011 I Will Be In DC for Delta Day !

Its not just as much fun at home.This year for the first time in 20 years I will not be in Host City for Super Bowl. Its going to be fun, I hope everyone goes out and enjoy.There are lots of free events leading up and around the paid events,plenty of things to see around the NFL Experience and lots of free gifts given by sponsors so just ride DART down to convention center and enjoy if you have transportation please visit ESPN center in Fort Worth see all the people you see on TV,be sure and visit Media hotel downtown Dallas. This city will be full of people walking around,celebrities and all just moving around like regular people also cost to enter Venues will be costly they are in all other Cities so don't be shocked. Go out enjoy I will attend next year.

Mayor Pro Tem Caraway , Made Correct Call ,On Mayors Race.

I'm proud Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway made it official today,he will not run for Mayor this time around.Caraway has been a great Councilperson.Made a few mistakes but they were in the best interest of his community.I also know every poker player will not hold it against him if he plays a few hands and clearly he was not trying to interfere with police over at poker house,he was simply saying as he does all the time,Treat them fair as you do other poker houses.As for the misunderstanding with his wife he did the right thing,I wish other men would call for help when we make them mad instead of hitting us. When all is said and done we will have better Council district lines with Caraway involved.