Friday, May 20, 2011

Please Don't Say ,What You Will Do For Southern Sector,Let Us Get Serious First

I hope in the next 29 days ,Candidates will not say what they will do for the Southern Sector.The Southern Sector must help itself.I have said for years that image is the one major obstacles along with infrastructure that keeps people from investing in Southern Dallas.I went and ask the Dallas City Council to dedicate money for a Southern Sector image campaign much like the ones the fund on other projects,but they did not do it.In general people think every one in the Southern Sector is ,on dope,welfare,section 8,wic and walking around with a 9mm pistol ready to shot. I was selling some poodle puppies and most of the people were from North Dallas,Keller,Frisco.When they got to my house all of them said" I did not know this was the way Oak Cliff looked,its beautiful out here" I said yes I know,that's why I moved from North Dallas out here for space,trees and quality of life. Black people we have had Black elected Officials for the past 30 years and all along our community was going down,no City services,businesses moving out the time has come that we must fend for ourselves.We must take our community back,we must say to young thug we are not taking it any more.One or two bad groups can cause enough trouble to give our area a bad name,we must change it. There is no more room in Desoto,Cedar Hill or Duncanville,Red Oak and other Cities South.We can stop waiting on the Elected Officials to help us,their minds are on themselves and being power hungry.We will do it without them,We will raise the money for the Image Campaign in Southern Dallas,we will help people to understand Oak Cliff,North,South,East and West each section has a flavor and charter of its own,people of various backgrounds that make up the beauty of Oak Cliff,it has White people lots of them,Black and Hispanics.Gays,all groups and we all get along fine.What you see on TV are isolated cases in various areas of Oak Cliff.I was surprised when the other night on 48 Hours the Dallas homicide people were on,the commentator said the shooting happen in a very bad area of Oak Cliff,on National TV he said Oak Cliff,he should have said bad section of Dallas. Oak Cliff is put down in every circle.There is nothing positive said about Oak Cliff,and when it is they make a note to say North Oak Cliff,I have nothing wrong with selling North Oak Cliff,but could people stop bad mouthing the remainder of Oak Cliff.Black people in Oak Cliff do not eat White people or any other people that I know of.

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