Friday, May 20, 2011

Dallas City Hall,When Truth Is Told,Is Broke, and In Debt ,Up To Its Nose!

When all the good people of this City ,want the Beautiful buildings,Hotels and Bridges,City staff comes up with a good Bond program,City Attorney fix language so they can use money as they wish.Citizen Council helps raise money for bond campaign. Citizens go out vote for the Bong package, no one ever ask,or never told,what the pay back schedule is.We are still paying for Reunion Arena and its not even there anymore.If we were to demolish our home and still owe a mortgage ,we would go to jail. Why do we keep building, without funds to operate? Why does DISD continue to build schools,with no operating capital or, for that matter,Students or Teachers.How can public Official use taxpayers money to keep local construction companies in business and making money. I love Dallas, its my home ,and I intend to be buried here.What is going on here now, seems like a dream.I am waiting ,to wake up and it not be real. We have a Black power crazed County Commissioner,who has no respect for anyone a County Judge who allows him to run the County,We Had, a Mayor who wanted to illegally take money from DFW and put in City General Fund,We have City Council people who want the New DFW General Counsel ,Report to Dallas City Attorney Tom Perkins,who can't keep the City Counsel out of Court,but they want him to approve all legal business at DFW,Perkins does not serve as DART General Counsel's boss,why DFW.Dallas County Constable Derrick Evans is an indicted Constable,on County job daily wearing a gun and being paid.Now in charge of putting men on Leave from information he discovered.What a Hoot! Rooster supervising Chickens.Dallas City Council trying to do right,being told half story ,dollar amounts in units never total cost, where Counsel will get clear picture of what is being done.DART building lines to get people out of BMW,Benz to get on bus or train to downtown,when all the jobs to employ real labor or semi skilled people are going the other way. Hinojosa made a fool out of DISD board,they knew that man was waiting on the first opportunity to get out of here,his cheese had been moved when Lowe said he was not running again.Hinojosa wanted more money so his retirement check would be large,since its based on last salary earned.I really did like Dr.Hinojosa,one thing I thought being a Hispanic from Dallas with Parents still living here meant there was Honor and respect for them and he would do the right thing.I see now when people get educated and make big money they change just like the Black ones have.Lord Bless our Souls.The Black men,Hispanic men have taken on the roll of the devil,nothing matters but them. Dallas Morning New think they run something and don't know how the City operates. Well this is all for tonight.

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