Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dallas County Commissioners Court

I supported Margaret Keliher for County Judge, and as a County employee at the time she took office, I got a first hand look at her Leadership. There was none. The men on the Court took over the meetings and she sat there and allowed it. The Judge had a hard time making the transition from District Court Judge to Administrative County Judge. She seems to bright and smart but just does not work well with others. The Judge seldom talk with colleagues away from the horseshoe at least when I was there
I do not think things have changed. The County Judge lost the Dallas Cowboy's and poor Laura Miller got the blame. The worst part about the County Judge is that she
cannot keep information confidential. When a Department head confides in here for directions or help with another Commissioner or department head she goes and tell the information and you are then retaliated against. Lee Jackson was the last Leader
the County had. Judge Keliher will not let other County employees do their job she gets involved in daily operation that are not in her duties.
The worst part is she listens to John Wiley Price and believes what he says is sad that she cannot see him for what he is. John Price will always keep his Road and
Bridge for control over the Cities,in his District, like this last ordeal with Wilma and the Allen Group. The Allen Group did not hire his favorite Negroes so he's mad with them. Wonder where is FBI when it comes to County Government? I guess they only want City Officials.
People need to take a look at County Government and see what they are doing with your tax money. John Price talks a good game, he was a good Commissioner before he started using his County position to hurt people because of his personal feelings.

Hornbuckle Jury

I was impressed with the Jury in the Hornbuckle case. They took their job serious and worked very hard to come to a decision. They even worked as hard on the sentence. Speed addiction is worst then crack and believe me as a mother of a recovering addict ,I never would have dreamed that a drug would come along that does a person worst then crack. Speed has a different effect on the mind and people who use it think every thing they do is right, crack users on the other hand are very remorseful at their actions. I hope that the church will remain strong and sclect a Pastor to Lead them. I also hope Texas Department of Criminal Justice will get treatment for inmate Hornbuckle.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I, feel for the family of Pastor Hornbuckle and the members of his church. If only
someone who new that something about this Pastor would have just spoke up maybe some
lives would have turned out different. If only his wife would have trusted someone and told them about his change maybe he could have been confronted and forced into treatment. Someone noticed Terry Hornbuckle's change, can you love a person to death
by silence. Mr. Hornbuckle's down fall is his fault but some where along the way he had help from the people who remained silent. In the end they let their friend Terry down. Drug addiction has no certain color or profession.
A Bishop who lived next door to me was addicted to crack, I new from living next to a Church owned property how other Bishop's had acted there was never all night and
traffic. The Church took action and the Bishop went to treatment and moved to another area and last report was drug free. People can stop and will stop but when Loved ones allow things to happen and keep in inside you are hurting the one you love. I know because I almost loved my son to death. Thank God I found tough Love
by asking God what to do.

Chief Kunkle

Today I saw something on the news that made me know the right person was hired for Police Chief. The Chief Kunkle attended the job fair for ExOffender to let them know he supported them and their quest for work. There were over 2000 people black,white,Spanish and others in the lines. People who have made mistakes need a second chance.Could we please help find job's Steve Blow!

Judge Greg Mathis got one, Charles Dutton got one, Bob Hayes got one and I got one.
We need to put our arms around people and help them with another chance.It will make a difference.

Mexico Should Pay

Parkland Hospital released figures today saying they spent 22 million on illegal people for nonemergency from Mexico. The American couple that was on vacation in Mexico when the husband became ill and was hospitalized was not released until he paid $19,000. In cash. He and his wife said they felt as if they would be arrested if they tried to leave the Country. They called family members and borrow money to pay bill before leaving Mexico.
Why do we feel so obligated to serve everybody for free. Why do we treat non emergencies at Parkland and other hospitals without being paid by non citizens. It is not right! When I visited Mexico City on vacation not one sign was in English not even at the Airport. The President of Mexico is always talking to President Bush about the treatment of his people in the US when will
President Bush start talking about the treatment of his people in Mexico? Mexico should pay for it's people who get service in the US or the US should stop the service. My tax money should serve the people that are legal citizens or Mexico should pay.

Terrell T.O. Owens need Counseling

God gave T.O. talent but it seems that T.O. thinks he gave himself the talent. There are hundreds of young men playing football on sand lot's all over America that have as much or more talent then T.O. the only difference is Media coverage. Publicity is the key as to if you make big time or not. It's not talent its exposure. This man has been fired from two jobs but is a favorite of the people. He goes against every thing management says, he will not wears Cowboy clothes when practicing, he has more loyalty to NICE then the Cowboys. T.O. Will cause conflict within the team and it's going to be a mess.

One day I hope we can get back to when professional athletes understood they were very blessed to have an opportunity to play in the big league. So few get t's chance to make money doing what they like to do. They owe the public a reasonable amount of respect.

Ron Price is Crazy

Dallas school Board member Ron Price has started his campaign for City Council by going to City Hall today asking for the City to pass an ordinance banning pants from hanging below the waist.
First of all he has a seven member school board that will not ban the hanging pants in its on schools. Mr.Price should first clean his house before he cleans the whole City. No City in America is going to pass such an unconstitutional ordinance. The Civil union will take it all the way to the Supreme Court.
Mr. Price there are Senior citizen living in houses that are falling down on them, crack houses on every corner, streets need work,AIDS spreading in the area, syphilis cases up again and not enough Police to curtail current crime. Who will enforce the no hanging pant ordinance?
I hope the voters see this for what it was a "Political Stunt".

I am so sick of this current group of minority elected official who never speak for what is needed or what is right for our community.
Don Williams a white businessman is talking about building South Dallas back one block at a time. Where is Leo Chaney? Where is 14-1 and the other minority officials who have driven by Frazier Courts and the area around them where houses are in disrepair and the City of Dallas
has housing rehad money? Why did Don Williams get with Ann Lott to remove old Frazier Courts and pledge to help rebuild the Community? Where was Chaney? Every minority District
after eight years looks the same and some look worst.

I look forward to the May election and some new blood on the Council and we have some on the DISD maybe we will return to the real business of Good Government.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm Back

I first want to thank God and all the people in the County who sent prayers, cards, flowers,food and visits during my stay in Baylor Hospital. Sharon Boyd who came on the 4th of July with the most beautiful American Flag arrangement and Dwayne Caraway who was faithful and helped my family manage the people and press.
Barbara Caraway and Little Charles for staying with Dwayne Lister and my son Dirk Culbreath during the night of the 6 hour surgery are so many people to thank but space will not permit. To Dr. Edward Franko the best surgeon I know and he's a man of faith Thank you for the skill it took to save my life. Thank"s Mayor Miller for your visit
I sure did miss the Political scene while I was very ill, I'm home now recovering and feeling better, I have started to read the paper and listen to radio. I sure have wanted to respond but nurse and Dwayne Lister my special care giver would not allow me to get on computer nor would Dwayne move it into my bedroom.

First I am sorry that Laura Miller will not run for Mayor in 2007 but Family comes first and she is young and has a good chance to contribute again. I wish the Media would write about the November election not the May 2007 election. Voter turnout will be low as it is if the Media continue to only write and talk about 2007 it will be lower would someone please advise them! All the people talked about for Mayor are good but I have not heard one of them say why they want to be Mayor or what their Vision is for the City. Hope they get around to that! DMN ask former Mayor Kirk about one possible candidate and the also ask John Wiley Price
what I found odd is why they ask Price. John Price has picketed the last four Mayor's so what does his comments matter in a City election. The County is in such a mess and the poor County Judge does not know if she is coming or going. The jail is a mess, computer system a mess, emergency money being spent on wrong thing, we have no organized response system in place for the whole County. John Price need to try and get the County operating again. His attempt to sabotage bridge construction in the City of Wilma and the Allen group
is just another example of his handy work. The Allen group fought back so they would not become another Southwest Housing .

More to come this week