Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ron Price is Crazy

Dallas school Board member Ron Price has started his campaign for City Council by going to City Hall today asking for the City to pass an ordinance banning pants from hanging below the waist.
First of all he has a seven member school board that will not ban the hanging pants in its on schools. Mr.Price should first clean his house before he cleans the whole City. No City in America is going to pass such an unconstitutional ordinance. The Civil union will take it all the way to the Supreme Court.
Mr. Price there are Senior citizen living in houses that are falling down on them, crack houses on every corner, streets need work,AIDS spreading in the area, syphilis cases up again and not enough Police to curtail current crime. Who will enforce the no hanging pant ordinance?
I hope the voters see this for what it was a "Political Stunt".

I am so sick of this current group of minority elected official who never speak for what is needed or what is right for our community.
Don Williams a white businessman is talking about building South Dallas back one block at a time. Where is Leo Chaney? Where is 14-1 and the other minority officials who have driven by Frazier Courts and the area around them where houses are in disrepair and the City of Dallas
has housing rehad money? Why did Don Williams get with Ann Lott to remove old Frazier Courts and pledge to help rebuild the Community? Where was Chaney? Every minority District
after eight years looks the same and some look worst.

I look forward to the May election and some new blood on the Council and we have some on the DISD maybe we will return to the real business of Good Government.

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