Sunday, October 12, 2008

DISD Board Trustee Ron Price.

Ron Price broke the State rule when he did not vote on the RIF plan. He lied when he gave that lame excuse about being able to reconsider on another day, you must vote to have a reconsideration right. Bless his heart he needs to stay quiet and just say nothing it a lot better the a lie.
The DISD Trustees all but Carla Ranger think the Public is as dumb as they are.They tell the crazies stories about what they do, as Judge Judy says " If It Don't make sense it's a lie.

DISD 8 Please we are not as Dumb as you. Keep you fairy tale to yourself.

McCain Ain't ABLE

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Poor John McCain I feel sorry for him about now. His campaign staff is doing him no justice. The staff should be fired, they have no real strategy it's shot from the hip
with anything and now the crazies are going wild with this hate stuff and McCain can not stop it. McCain is a little crazy but he is not as dirty as they are making him.
Sara Palin on the other hand thinks you should do any thing with you position of Power she reminds me of Commissioner John Wiley Price of today, he was not like that in the beginning.Palin however has been that way from day one.
I will vote for Obama because we will get a President for the first time since Jimmy Carter who really believes in the People, also I do not want Mr. Palin sitting in the Senate seat and voting to break a tie. Mr. Palin reminds me of a "keep her pregnant and barefoot" type who beats his wife if she has a mind of her own. The 17 year old always seems to have the baby, why don't they have a sitter on the road with them and stop making that young lady hold the baby.I have never seen Mr. Palin holding the baby.
This latest round of talking about Wright,Ayers and the other fellow is just silly it only serves to add hate and fear to America's less educated folk and they seem to be the type to shot and kill with ease. The people are serious who yelled kill him about Obama I hope the Secret Service is on double duty around him.
God Bless American The Land That I Love Stand Beside Us and Guide Us.

Oh Well! Oh Well! What Is Next? DISD

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DISD is so silly I could not bring myself to write on my own Blog. First this new Finance Director wants to break the law by supplanting Government funds to pay for positions that are paid from the General Fund budget. If he had known any thing about federal grant money he would know that is a violation of the law. Hinojosa hired him what a fool. The amount of money DISD receives from grants ,Dr.H should have known to hire a person with some grant experience. The man meant well , he just did not know the rules but someone at DISD should have told him instead they allowed him to make a fool of himself going to Austin asking permission to break the law.
Edwin Flores is another one, why does this man think the tax payers are stupid? He proposed a ethic policy that does the same thing the Board does now only difference it's in writing. What a fool. Dr.H is firing all the Teachers but to date none of his
500 or so management staff has been fired. DISD does not know how many employees it has. Ms. Olson was supposed to be great but it seems that the wavier for her to remain in Tarrant County and work in Dallas did not serve DISD well , as HR Director she should have known there were to many employees for the budget, then again she knew nothing about State funding/staffing policy she only new military and DISD is not the army far from it. Dr. H is a disaster and his staff is also. They don't know their heads from a hole in the ground. The kind of mistakes they make are just incompetent. DISD knew from day one the numbers did not fit the staffing requirement to receive the money they needed, that's the reason they went door to door looking for students. Poor Mayor Leppert he had so wanted the DISD to improve. Dr. H was not even honest with him. Please Mayor Leppert do not trust that group again. The DISD has been run like this for a while it was hid better in the past. They have bad bookkeeping because it's harder to catch wast and thief in that system. I remember oh so well when the Finance Director from DFW went over to DISD she did not last long she ask to many question and wanted to change things they soon got rid of her.DISD is like mold it keeps growing and growing and poison every thing in its path. The only fix for Mold is tear the whole inside down and start over. That is the only thing that will cure DISD of their Mold problem. Carla Ranger is the only member of the Board working for student and taxpayers.

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