Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Ain't ABLE

If there are errors correct them:

Poor John McCain I feel sorry for him about now. His campaign staff is doing him no justice. The staff should be fired, they have no real strategy it's shot from the hip
with anything and now the crazies are going wild with this hate stuff and McCain can not stop it. McCain is a little crazy but he is not as dirty as they are making him.
Sara Palin on the other hand thinks you should do any thing with you position of Power she reminds me of Commissioner John Wiley Price of today, he was not like that in the beginning.Palin however has been that way from day one.
I will vote for Obama because we will get a President for the first time since Jimmy Carter who really believes in the People, also I do not want Mr. Palin sitting in the Senate seat and voting to break a tie. Mr. Palin reminds me of a "keep her pregnant and barefoot" type who beats his wife if she has a mind of her own. The 17 year old always seems to have the baby, why don't they have a sitter on the road with them and stop making that young lady hold the baby.I have never seen Mr. Palin holding the baby.
This latest round of talking about Wright,Ayers and the other fellow is just silly it only serves to add hate and fear to America's less educated folk and they seem to be the type to shot and kill with ease. The people are serious who yelled kill him about Obama I hope the Secret Service is on double duty around him.
God Bless American The Land That I Love Stand Beside Us and Guide Us.

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