Monday, November 30, 2009

14-1 City Council Districts A Giant Failure.

Many Residents in the Black community disliked me during the battle over 14-1 vs.10-4-1 and other plans floating around when the Court ruled that minorities deserved more seats on the Dallas City Council. I said then and I repeat today, I was right and I have proof of it.

In 1968 or 69 my then husband Maxie White and I founded White's Transportation, to provide bus service to TI and Collins radio all three shifts for people to work. Dallas Transit as it was called back in the day did not go out to Forest Lane or TI .

Julia Scott Reed first Black writer for Dallas Morning News wrote an article on the good bus service we were providing and how it had helped woman get and keep their jobs. The same day the article was printed, I received a call from my husband saying some man from the City had called the Transportation office and said we must stop the bus service by 3PM that day or risk a fine or jail because the City of Dallas had a ordinance that stated No Private Bus company could operate in the Dallas City limit until all bond debt owed by Dallas Transit was paid in full. You know me, the fact that there was no bus service to the jobs, and we picked the passengers up and return them to their home on all three shifts made us unique ,so I decided to fight the City of Dallas. I called George Allen first and only Black Councilman at the time.Together we generated about $10 million dollars in news coverage both Dallas Herald and Morning News gave us front page coverage five day straight. On Council day the chamber was full and people North and South,East and West were there to support, the right to have transportation to work.It was not about minority bus company, it was keeping people on the job and off public assistance. WE WON THE FIGHT AND BECAME THE FIRST PRIVATE BUS COMPANY TO BE LICENSED under the new ordinance.Some time now when I see the private bus companies on the street I laugh,they don't have a clue who helped them win that right.

There was no 14-1, it was just ONE George Allen and he knew how to get along with his Council colleague's and they cared about the people.

I just received a copy of letter Council woman Vonciel Hill sent to Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and cc Pastor Freddie Haynes.Little history,Dwaine Caraway is Chair of the Public Safety Committee for the City of Dallas,there had been two murders at a car wash on Ledbetter in District 5 Pastor Haynes and his men in Black under the Leadership of Corp Allen went down some 200 strong with their "Stop The Violence Campaign"and prayed, marched and tried to bridge the gap between the young people. This group of volunteers wanted a place to meet and Councilman Caraway tried to facilitate this meeting in a city owned building, from what this letter says Council woman Hill told Caraway not to hold any meeting in HER district and Pastor Haynes could meet at his Church or in District 4.District 4 and 5 are separated by a street.
Mine you, this is a public building paid for by the tax payers, how can any City Councilperson make such a request with a public owned building. To make matters worst Ms. Hill then went own to write the City Manager a memo telling her and cc it to all department heads," not to rent any building in District 5 to any group,person,organization without prior notice to her". What is this? District 5 has the highest crime rate in the City of Dallas and this woman is stopping volunteers who are trying to help from having a meeting.

Now, I realize Councilwoman Hill is very angry with Councilman Caraway and maybe she has good reason to be, but what in the world does that have to do with the resident of District 5.I live in District 5, we need all the help we can get.Council woman Hill has got to come back to her seances and put the people first. Councilwoman Hill is a Minister and she cannot allow the devil to overtake her, in the Council position ,the people get hurt,all District 5 hurt.The Chair of Public Safety is the Chair for all of Dallas, if he leaves District 5 out what are we to do? What gives any Council person the right to dictate who rents a public facility? Is this what 14-1 has come to.Councilwoman Hill had some strong community Leaders supporting her, I am calling on Rev.Zan Holmes to please speak with her,Demetris Sampson please speak with her you also live in District 5. I will pray and ask God to take this type of
anger from her heart. I can not say who is right or wrong, what I can say is we only have 4 black people on the Council if two of them are fighting each other it leaves two to take care of business.As other Council member see this they know if the Southern sector Rep. are not on the same page nothing gets done.

We have seen our former Councilman found guilty and now our current one all involved in getting back at Caraway and all the while our District is going to hell fast.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dallas County Residents Finally recieving H1N1 vaccine.

Thank God people are finally receiving H1N1 vaccine in Dallas County. Dallas County has the highest death rate from this strain of flu than any other County in the USA.
Dallas is now on the International alert list with two other Cities.
Let me make it clear I was never opposed to Pharmacies giving vaccine, I was opposed to the way it was started and why.Giving Wal-Mart exclusive rights to the vaccine was wrong and I stand by that.The fact that the Health Department did not utilize it's own clinics on a daily bases is still a puzzle, but it is not my business.
My one and only concern was and still is the Public Health of Dallas County Citizen.
I retired from Dallas County Health and Human Service in 2004 ,but I did not retire my feeling for the welfare and health of the people.

When I think something is wrong. dealing with Public Trust ,I am going to Call It Out,it is never personal.My issues are about what you do on the Taxpayers dime.When it's your own money you will never hear from me. Since my tax are all paid up,you will hear from me loud and clear. Many people have cut me off because of my out spoken blog, but I have never ask them for a thing, in fact if I call the roll ,I have helped each and every one of them get where they are,and they have the nerve to be mad at me for speaking out, they have forgotten I'm the same one who I spoke out on their behalf.
It Is What It Is.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dallas County Commissioner Court Put On Notice!

It seems from local News reports today the Dallas County Commissioners Court is going to allow the Dallas County Health Department to give H1N1 vaccine to local for profit Pharmacies, Wal Mart primarily now he’s thrown in a few more to make it legitimate, since I raised the question with the Court, about Mullen Immunization Clinics from Arizona doing only regular flu shots and the fact that they are only doing school H1N1 and a one day clinic with the County.

Here is the problem Pharmacies and other for profit businesses is not eligible to receive vaccine currently. Only Health Departments and Doctors Offices are eligible. If the Health Department claims they cannot distribute their vaccine and ask another business to help them, that business becomes an agent of the County.

What Zack Thompson is doing under the disguise of increased distribution is allowing Wal-Mart to become its agent so they can sell, free vaccine and make a profit. The first notice of this came last month from Clarice Tinsley when she announced” Dallas County received a shipment of H1N1 and Wal Mart might be the only place you can get it” I hit the fan because as the Former Director of Dallas County Health I knew that was illegal. By six o’clock the lead story had changed.

It is no accident that Dallas County Health Director said he was in contact with Mullen in Arizona who is Wal-Mart provider of regular flu vaccine shots, but Mullen did not qualify for H1N1 because of its for profit status.
In step Kathy Nealy paid consultant for Wal-Mart and associate of Commissioner John Wiley Price, County Health Director’s Boss who must have said make it happen. What is so strange and sad is that the Public trust in the Department is being destroyed because of Kathy and John Price wanting to make money in my Opinion. Dallas County has enough Clinics to give all its vaccine out. The State said nothing about having insurance or not having it, they only specified high risk people; Zack Thompson has established another barrier for people needing vaccine.

The Health Department received 19,000 doses, why is he only giving 16,000 doses? Why is he not offering vaccine every day in the County Clinics open to the public? Why create a crisis on distribution when there is none.
The only answer is helping to make money for Wal Mart and Nealy and Price. Dallas County is indeed out of control. When Elected Officials sit idle by and allow a Department head to create a false emergency distribution problem that does not exist and they know how many clinics the County has it’s a lost cause.

Dallas County has a plan five years old approved by the State and Federal government to distribute mass vaccine in case of an emergency and it does not include Wal-Mart or private pharmacies, why not use the plan? International Travel Service has placed
Dallas County on International Travel Alert,some Countries are making their residents who have been in Dallas be examine before they can return to their homes, I wonder do you know what that means; we could lose lots of revenue doing the Holiday season when people change their Travel plans and avoid Dallas, our HUB airport can suffer because of it. Think about how a selfish Official and his bag Lady’s greed can cause harm to this region if this H1N1 virus is not brought under control.
Dallas has the highest death rate in the Country from H1N1, yet there are 19,000 doses of free federal government vaccine sitting in a closet on the floor at 2377 Stemmons Freeway in a building that is called Dallas County Health and Human Service Department, Dr. Tulu is turning in his grave, he gave his life for that place. God how I miss him and Dr. Karin Lancaster both of whom would have stayed at the building all night and week or month until everyone had their shots. Dr.Tulu would have also been able to isolate where the virus was located and how each victim contracted it.
The Court has been put on notice if no action is taken, It Is What It Is.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Clinic Is Best!

In fairness Mollen did join with the local Health Department for a One Day H1N1 vaccine flu clinic with 36 hour notice and they and the other County outlets immunized 14,000 people of the 17,000 that have been done so far.That was great,but Wal Mart was not the central issue or location.
Dallas County could have ask its partners to join in a one day Saturday clinic and obtained the very same result.To have a clinic on a week day at a building that cannot accommodate the normal back to school immunization is crazy. The building has three elevators that cannot take and return 500 people per hour so how can you give them shot?

I simply cannot sit and see the making of a money sham and not speak about it.Stay tune for updates.

Up Date on WalMart/Mollen Flu Shot/Dallas Scam!

Mollen Immunization Clinic operates in Arizona and was started by Dr.Art Mollen, they give foreign travel shots and regular Flu shots. The Wal Mart and Mollen relationship is some seasonal flu shots are given on special days at Wal Mart stores in Arizona as well as Albertsons, Frys, Basha,Food City grocery stores, BEALL'S, all of which are also in Dallas County.
Today Mollen offered regular flu shots at 50 such locations. The local Health Department did not give Mollen any H1N1 for these 50 clinics today.

I hope some of these lazy ass reporters would do their jobs right. To write in the Dallas Morning news that Mollen has H1N1 flu clinics in mostly Wal Mart stores in Arizona was a lie, to say they have an agreement with the local Health Department for such clinics in Wal Mart is a lie.All I want is for the truth to be known and the Taxpayers not taken advantage of because a money hungry Politician and his Side Kick wants more.
Where is Allen Clemson when he is needed, I know in a better place with peace of mind. Allen would have advised the other members of the Court that this deal was not right, the new Guy is under the thumb of John Wiley Price, poor soul.

Friday, November 06, 2009

DA Watkins, Don"t Put Your Job On Line!

Honorable DA Watkins , please young man you have done a good job so far as Dallas County DA. I am not sure who you are trying to help or in fact If you are trying to help some other Elected Officials, but if you are ask yourself one question. If it were you, would they give up their job, are put it on the line for Yours? The one thing I learned from living life, every one loved me until I got in trouble with the law and had to do three years probation for a crime I did not even know was a crime.
I plead guilty because what they said I did ,I did ,I just did not know it was illegal to do so. Because of that I had to start my life all over and doing the in between I worked lots of odd jobs,hard jobs.My friends stopped calling, it was if they would catch a virus from me. I unloaded trucks and some days I cried the truck was so large and it looked as if the front would never appear. I never gave up or out, finally I was given another chance at a professional job by Ron Anderson 30 years ago.Thanks Dr. Anderson. Later a Judge set aside the indictment in 1998.God is good. I said that to say this Do the job the voters entrusted to you.When you had a rough spot about your tax,title co. and etc. I did not see a press conference about how good you are from any group of Democrats or etc.
The investigation is good in they might find they are not guilty of anything.Why would a Law Enforcement Officer fight an investigation if he's done nothing? This would prove him right.
DA Watkins the voters trust you to do the right thing,Please don't let them down.

Dallas county Commissioners! How Can You Let Him?Commissioners Court! How Could You ?

Commissioners Court! How Could You ?

How could the members of the Commissioners Court who hire the Director of Health and Human Service allow the County HSS Director to give free H1N1 vaccine to Wal Mart to distribute with a fake need to expand the distribution?
First of all Dallas County Health and Human Service has a plan and has had for 5 years , a plan to distribute mass vaccine in the case of a Terrorist attack and it does not include Wal Mart.

Commissioner John Price must have forgot that the Jury found the Hill’s guilty or his ability to operate in my opinion as an unidentified operative for them gives him the necessary security that it does not matter.

In my opinion this is the reason Zack Thompson, Director Dallas County Health and Human Service had to consider this stupid proposal to allow Wal Mart to distribute H1N1 vaccine when he has Clinics all over Dallas County that can give vaccine, they do it every day. DISD has school nurses that can give shots to students and they do not need to miss school, which is in the distribution Manuel. Most poor pregnant women go to Parkland clinics so there are ways to get shots to the people that need them without them paying $20.00 cash,to Wal Mart for what the Taxpayers have already paid and given to the Health Department for free.

Let me draw a picture.

Kathy Nealy of Kathy Nealy and Associates is a very close friend and businesses Associate of Commission John Price, many in the Community call her his bag lady. Kathy Nealy is a paid Consultant one of her many Clients is Wal- Mart Corporation. Wal Mart vendor, Mollen Immunization Clinics are not eligible to receive vaccine because no one they are for profit and they are not MD provider or Health Departments. Kathy Nealy earning her retainer wants to help Client takes advantage of this new opportunity. Advises Commissioner Price that if Dallas County partners with Mollen, Mollen becomes eligible for free vaccine, and Mollen uses Wal- Mart who they already have relationship with ,will not only make money from fee, but thousands of non Wal Mart customers will come into their stores and might establish a relationship.

Commissioner Price directs Zack Thompson to contact Mollen and make it happen, Zack being an employee of the Commissioners Court does this. End result Kathy delivers for her client, she shares her wealth with Price ,Dallas County uses Tax payed vaccine to make profit for a For Profit business, Mollen turns around and bills Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance for vaccine and Taxpayers pay three time plus patient paid $20.00 out of pocket. So it ends up that Mollen and Wal- Mart will collect almost $75.00 dollars for free vaccine at the expense of Us, the Taxpayer. The patient benefit from vaccine but the people who really benefit are: Follow the money.
Nealy,just want money, Price,want to beat tax payer get gift, Mollen and Wal- Mart are business people paying for service to make money.

They had to go all the way to Arizona to find a County doing this deal with Mollen but what they did not check was the Internet. Maricopa County first of all held its clinics on Saturday 11-02-09/ 10-24-09 and Mollen did not hold them at Wal Mart. Mollen signed on as a partner the last of October to do school based H1N1 vaccine no fee ,at the schools and high risk vaccine using CIGNA clinics and Scottsdale Health care Clinics and local WIC offices for pregnant women and very young children.
The same identical thing Dallas County could do since they have Mou’s with the same government groups and not for profit groups. The Wal- Mart suggestion is a Dallas game, they want to use the fact that Mollen is a Wal -Mart vendor to get money. No where in the Maricopa County web page is there a word about Mollen being a vendor of Wal- Mart in Arizona, under the Maricopa County Health Department web page, John Roehm name is no where to be found, it is a out and out lie about most of their H1N1 clinics are mostly in Wal-Mart's. Wal-Mart is not on the list of location on their web site,who made that lie up or if it’s true please leads me to the section that says so. The school based clinic just started Nov.2, 2009. So far Maricopa has give out 17,000 doses of vaccine, they have received 35,000 doses. Hell, Dallas County only got 10,000 doses.
Only in Dallas, Texas where a deadly virus is killing people would an elected Official still think about how to make money at the suffering of others.
How can Dallas County be so out of control, how can people sit back and see this mess and not call it. How much money does one person need? When will it end?

This is my opinion based on my information some are fact based on my knowledge of law and State vaccine rules.I am the former Director of Dallas County Health and Human Service and the mass distribution plan was design under my tenur, I have kept up with this crisis. I did also go the Health Department web site of Maricopa County because, I know Dr. Bob England Maricopa health director.

Monday, November 02, 2009

State Rep.Terry Hodge, Job well Done!

I went to St.Peters Academy with Gladys Hodge her birth name we were in kindergarten
together and I would go to her house to wait to be picked up for a ride home.Her family lived close to the school,the area around the so called Arts District. All that area was where Black people lived, white people lived in Oak Cliff. I went off to public school and Terry I think moved to California.
Later in both our lives we met again in our circle of friend in the Happy Hour business, Terry working,me partying. Terry has always been a hard worker, held two jobs when most of us didn't want one,always independent. No wonder we both entered Politics Terry working hard me volunteering here and there. I am giving you history so there will be no misunderstanding about my position. I like Terry Hodge, the work she has done as a State Rep. cannot be touched.The work on behalf of prison inmates and their families, the laws she authored on their behalf are the best.

However if our community is ever to be taken serious again we must hold our people to the same standard as we do Others. I am sick over the fact that a long time associate is now in trouble, if I could change it, I would.
People are circling like buzzards.Some sincere, some putting on a show. This Political community has known for years about Terry's residency. She has helped so many of them and a few have stabbed her in the back, now they come with support when she has the fight of her life. There is a big difference in accepting in-kind rent and being on a parking lot taking cash.It's a big difference in writing a letter for
housing that you know your community needs.

I am not making light of Terry's charge, I'm only saying I understand how difficult it is on a 4500.00 per year salary to make ends meet.However It Is What It Is.
I am supporting Erick Johnson for the District not because Terry Hodge has not done a good job, but because she is under indictment and Black people must start taking the action of it's Officials serious.After the case is resolved run again or get special permission to hold that seat in carry over until that time.I do not vote in that District so my opinion is just that, it will not count at the ballot box.
My Friend Terry Hodge you are one of the Best, May you continue to serve in some capacity.

Someons Ask Why I did Not Blog about The Hills ?

I was out of the City when the verdict was read, in fact a friend called me with the news. When I return home five days later every thing was said. I had been quoted in the news as being a supporter of the criminal justice system and would take the Jury decision.
The Jury was available to information that I was not. I always said I wanted a jury that would be fair in it's findings and represent the make of of Dallas County.The Jury did.
I supported Don Hill for Council and I gave the Hill's money for their defence. I will do what ever I can for them.
I still support the Criminal Justice system in America.
My only Son has been involved in the criminal justice system a few times and I continue to love and support him.Thank God he is sober and doing fine NOW.
I never once called a Judge or prosecutor and ask for any special favor for my Son because, he made a bad choice. My Son was taught right, lived right,graduated from college and is brilliant, but he made choices, I can not blame the system because he choose to be a part of it, he knew what he was doing would untimely get him into trouble with the law , It Is What It Is.
I pray for Don and his family and wish the best for them.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Republicans Don't Practice what They Preach!

What's up with the Christian,Conservative,Moral men of the Republican party? They are preaching one sermon and living another. This new group of Republican is not the group I was a member of some time ago. When a friend ask me the other did I switch because of Obama, I said no, I switch because the party moved away from me.
I am still Conservative but the party has moved far from Conservative to hateful and down right crazy.I can not believe a word they say. Rep.Roland Corning R. Richland NC
arrested in cemetery with topless dancer,Viagra and sex toys in car,this man opposed
topless bars,this is same area Joe Wilson ( you lie)is from. Dick Army paid $750,000 to lobby for stimulus bill at same time the head of the Conservative Freedom group opposing it. Gov. Perry wrote letter to Washington opposing transfer of immigrants through Texas, that starts Monday.Who was in Office Sat. to receive letter or respond prior to transportation start time.Whole thing media stunt. One of my dear friends said she did not like AARP because they give money to Democrats,I said but they help us with information about other things,didn't move her she bleeds Republican blood but I still love her.All Republican male Senators voted against the rape bill last.Ms. Parker in DMN tried to justify their vote but she can't, all the female Republican voted for the bill. How can a man vote against a bill about rape that protect the right of rape victims? Be Republican! They also campaign against Gay rights, yet they are caught in gay related activities, and still proclaim they are not gay, we all know that means just not out yet! Republicans get real stop the lie.