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Dallas county Commissioners! How Can You Let Him?Commissioners Court! How Could You ?

Commissioners Court! How Could You ?

How could the members of the Commissioners Court who hire the Director of Health and Human Service allow the County HSS Director to give free H1N1 vaccine to Wal Mart to distribute with a fake need to expand the distribution?
First of all Dallas County Health and Human Service has a plan and has had for 5 years , a plan to distribute mass vaccine in the case of a Terrorist attack and it does not include Wal Mart.

Commissioner John Price must have forgot that the Jury found the Hill’s guilty or his ability to operate in my opinion as an unidentified operative for them gives him the necessary security that it does not matter.

In my opinion this is the reason Zack Thompson, Director Dallas County Health and Human Service had to consider this stupid proposal to allow Wal Mart to distribute H1N1 vaccine when he has Clinics all over Dallas County that can give vaccine, they do it every day. DISD has school nurses that can give shots to students and they do not need to miss school, which is in the distribution Manuel. Most poor pregnant women go to Parkland clinics so there are ways to get shots to the people that need them without them paying $20.00 cash,to Wal Mart for what the Taxpayers have already paid and given to the Health Department for free.

Let me draw a picture.

Kathy Nealy of Kathy Nealy and Associates is a very close friend and businesses Associate of Commission John Price, many in the Community call her his bag lady. Kathy Nealy is a paid Consultant one of her many Clients is Wal- Mart Corporation. Wal Mart vendor, Mollen Immunization Clinics are not eligible to receive vaccine because no one they are for profit and they are not MD provider or Health Departments. Kathy Nealy earning her retainer wants to help Client takes advantage of this new opportunity. Advises Commissioner Price that if Dallas County partners with Mollen, Mollen becomes eligible for free vaccine, and Mollen uses Wal- Mart who they already have relationship with ,will not only make money from fee, but thousands of non Wal Mart customers will come into their stores and might establish a relationship.

Commissioner Price directs Zack Thompson to contact Mollen and make it happen, Zack being an employee of the Commissioners Court does this. End result Kathy delivers for her client, she shares her wealth with Price ,Dallas County uses Tax payed vaccine to make profit for a For Profit business, Mollen turns around and bills Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance for vaccine and Taxpayers pay three time plus patient paid $20.00 out of pocket. So it ends up that Mollen and Wal- Mart will collect almost $75.00 dollars for free vaccine at the expense of Us, the Taxpayer. The patient benefit from vaccine but the people who really benefit are: Follow the money.
Nealy,just want money, Price,want to beat tax payer get gift, Mollen and Wal- Mart are business people paying for service to make money.

They had to go all the way to Arizona to find a County doing this deal with Mollen but what they did not check was the Internet. Maricopa County first of all held its clinics on Saturday 11-02-09/ 10-24-09 and Mollen did not hold them at Wal Mart. Mollen signed on as a partner the last of October to do school based H1N1 vaccine no fee ,at the schools and high risk vaccine using CIGNA clinics and Scottsdale Health care Clinics and local WIC offices for pregnant women and very young children.
The same identical thing Dallas County could do since they have Mou’s with the same government groups and not for profit groups. The Wal- Mart suggestion is a Dallas game, they want to use the fact that Mollen is a Wal -Mart vendor to get money. No where in the Maricopa County web page is there a word about Mollen being a vendor of Wal- Mart in Arizona, under the Maricopa County Health Department web page, John Roehm name is no where to be found, it is a out and out lie about most of their H1N1 clinics are mostly in Wal-Mart's. Wal-Mart is not on the list of location on their web site,who made that lie up or if it’s true please leads me to the section that says so. The school based clinic just started Nov.2, 2009. So far Maricopa has give out 17,000 doses of vaccine, they have received 35,000 doses. Hell, Dallas County only got 10,000 doses.
Only in Dallas, Texas where a deadly virus is killing people would an elected Official still think about how to make money at the suffering of others.
How can Dallas County be so out of control, how can people sit back and see this mess and not call it. How much money does one person need? When will it end?

This is my opinion based on my information some are fact based on my knowledge of law and State vaccine rules.I am the former Director of Dallas County Health and Human Service and the mass distribution plan was design under my tenur, I have kept up with this crisis. I did also go the Health Department web site of Maricopa County because, I know Dr. Bob England Maricopa health director.

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