Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Council Elect Fight Today.

Well , Well , they are not even officially sworn in and just three day after election day. Two of the 14-1 Fab 4 from the South have managed to fight. Poor Mayor Leppart: It seems that Pastor, and former Municipal Judge Voncile Hill with a score of 50 and ranked 10Th out of 14 with the highest score being 146, educated and articulate and builder of coalitions as she said during campaign speeches had a fight with Dwain Caraway over the Mayor Pro Tem seat. I said it would come in August but low and behold it happen in June. Stay tuned it just begun. We are in for what seems like the worst 14-1-Fad 4 we ever had. I did not think it could get worst but
oh my it seems like it is. I am sure glade I went out and purchase my RV so I can travel the next two years.

John Price Needed at work over at Dallas County !

No sooner did I open my paper this morning did the news validate my words. Dallas County does not have test vendor to administer various exams for Sheriff Department staff .The Sheriff has been violating a policy because the List that was maintained to promote from ,has expired and no one is being tested for promotion list they are just being promoted. Commissioner Civil Rights John Price who has picket people for not promoting people fairly.Sit as Chair of the County Civil Service Board and supervisor of the HR Director at the County Dr. Taylor, allowed this to happen. Commissioner Civil Rights, Civil Service John Price has not done his job.

John Price is so busy running what is not his business that he has lost control at the County. People could say we might not like his position on things but he is a good Commissioner well now he's not even that. The extra money the County has to pay monitors for the jail is tax money due to his neglect of the jail for years. He loves Black people so much but he allows Black

people to suffer daily in that jail. We taxpayers need work for that 11,000.00 or so a month salary you take home. Please get busy or leave.

Judicial Ranking

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dallas County Jail phone ! Where is John Price ?

The Dallas County Commissioners Court some years ago found out that they could make money off inmates families so they, with John Price the ring leader cut a deal with a phone company to get the contract and pay the County millions of dollars off of poor working parents and grandparents. When back in the day people would complain he would talk his way out of it.

I pulled some more recent information from some people coming from a talk show they said this man played like he did not know about it and where this money was going .Into the County General Fund. Just fair De lied. The phone company now charges a pay phone charge in addition to the $4.10 they split with the County . Your Commissioner Price sit there and vote on stuff that effect your lives and pocket book but you keep on paying him to mislead you because 20 years ago he picketed. I picked 30 years ago when it was for all the people not just a few people but you hate Laura Miller and Republicans more then you like me and the work I have done for this City. Sad day.

How Can One Man Play the People Who Feed Him?

I saw a very interesting piece of campaign literature on Dallas Arena today. It seems as while John Price and Thomas Jones were playing their robo message to Black People in District 5 saying I was a Republican and telling them not to vote for me. And by the way you did what he ask.The same man that supported Max Wells, a republican and republican Carol Kneeland against a Democrat for Governor,was over in District 3 with Dave Newman a staunch republican asking white and brown people to vote for him. I like Dave Newman and Max Wells both are good men but how can voters continue to allow this man who we pay his salary of over 100,000 dollar per year continue to lie to his people. Clearly he used every weapon against me he also knew Blacks in District 5 still hate Laura Miller so he played that game on them. The sad part is he could have gotten a better candidate then Vonciel Jones Hill who does not have a clue. I finally got the Judicial Nominating Commission ranking list after the election. To the left, to the left.
Please believe me I live in this District and ran for office because I did not want to move but know I don't know. John Price lives in a well kept District he has never lived out here. Oak Lawn to North Oak Cliff that is as far as he has gone. We used to see him over here until Vincent Hall moved.

I have gotten calls from all over people telling me horror stories about Ms. Hill , I told them to late you need to tell it with your vote, I do not want to hear it. I hope soon and very soon Black people in Commissioner District 3 will realize as I did years after that we have a Commissioner who has over stayed his time and the voters do not matter to him. We and I take full credit for mine have created a MONSTER.

How Dis- Honest The Players are with their People !

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Open Letter Mayor Elect Tom Leppert.

Open Letter to Mayor Elect Tom Leppert

Tom thanks for the courage to step from your Retired ,Happily Volunteer life to run for Mayor in an attempt to make this a better city. I understand you because that is what I did for the same reason. Somehow along the way I had a track record of doing the right thing for People in my many volunteer positions and I figured that people knew my work and all I had to do was let them know I was running. I had no idea that people who run for all the wrong reasons would go to such lengths to win and busy working folk do not keep up with who's doing what.Time is a fortune- teller.

Tom you are not taking over a Company in the real world, you are taking on a Government Office where people have been for years and each time something happens they create another job, that soon becomes a department and the tax payers budget grows. Doing the campaign Councilman Oakley said the Economic development started with 5 people and now it had 50 but he never said what the net results was with increased staff.When we had the concerns about the street lights being out on city streets they solved it with a new position to monitor lights, I wonder if that position works 8am-5pm , when we had the EPA problem they created a whole new department. You see when its tax money government employees spend until the bank is busted. I hope you will ask questions and encourage the Manager to think out of the BOX.

Tom, the 14 people you'll work with for the most part are OK. The Four from the Southern Sector are another story. You have one who sued the City and won.He is full of dislike for staff and will drag them over the coal . You have another one who was removed from the bench twice and is very angry with the Court Services department and is going to give Administrative Judge Robinson hell, she thinks someone was after her and she is Black so that excuses her behavior. She will create the racial tension on the Council. You also have one who will see every think in terms of Black and white and if she does not get her way it will be racism or North vs. South. Then you have one who wants to know every thing and lead the pack, sad part is they will not follow they all want to be on program. You will be OK for August but come September you will see a great revolution and please do not pack you bag and run home. It's called 14-1 and you are that 1. Just wanted to warn you.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thanks !

Thank you for your vote , love and support . We ran a good "issue based" campaign. Thanks to the many people who voted for the "issues". In the beginning Ms. Hill said she would not do negative campaign, but she did. The sad part is she used the hate message : The Republican party and my friendship with Laura Miller she hung that around my neck , and Black people still hate Republicans and Laura Miller. We will never overcome in this District as long as we preach the hate message . We want the North Dallas Look but we do not vote the North Dallas way on the issue. The North Dallas Democrats voted for Tom Leppert . I wear proudly my Party affiliation and my friendships. I will not forsake a friend or stab anyone in the back for a Vote. I will not lie and do anything to win a Council seat the people have voted and results are in. The next couple of months will tell the real story because snakes crawl over each other.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

District 5 Council Race

I know how the Media does it's mind work. In every article about me they tell my life story but they do not tell my opponents . In any other City it would be news if a person running for City Council had been removed from her bench twice. Once in 1987 and again in 2004. She blame

Laura Miller for 2004, but she has not blame Annette Strauss for 87. Arrested in Atlanta for credit card thief, she said on KHVN she did not remember the charge but in the DMN interview and yes I was in the room she told them the truth. The Judge has a long history of not being able to get along with people and if she becomes the Council member of District 5 you will see for yourselves. I have always told the truth regardless if it hurt me or not. What has been hard for me on this campaign trail is how far people will go to get elected. To lie and want to Lead your people is sick and will be the way you run your office on lies. As I have said I want to win but it will not define me, my opponent has never done anything in this community and she

really got high on being a Judge even if it was one appointed by the City Council .That is one of the reasons she had trouble. She took Judge to mean GOD and mix that with being a Minister made her believe she was larger then life.

She said in the paper that 25 years ago when she came to Dallas God told her she would run for Office in Dallas. I guess God knew 14-1 would surely come some 9 years later.

Win, lose or Draw I will continue to work and help my community, my name is in the history books, in the floor of DFW terminal D and in the hearts of all the people I have helped. God has shown me favor by allowing me to live and feel good. VOTE JUNE 16,2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Got Letter Not Sure If Question Is Answered !

State Rep. Yvonne Davis wrote an open letter to her District. I got my letter and read it. I clearly understand what she was trying to do in HB 3057 pass an Eminent Domain bill.

I also understand that Senator West attached his bill SB105 onto HB 3057. SB 105 was the bill

giving approval for UNT to start a Law School in downtown Dallas in 2009. I also understand that SB 105 had some trouble from people outside of North Texas and was shot down in the House. I also understand that often times bills are attached to other bills that have nothing to do with one another , but for the greater good of the community. SB 105 was for the good of community. My question to State Rep. Davis is would your bill have died if SB 105 stayed on it?

In all the news coverage not one word of what harm SB 105 did to HB3057. In Rep. Davis letter

all she said on this subject was Senator West took out some wording from her bill and she did not like it. Did she kill a Bill on a Law School that would benefit the greater good of the people because of angry towards Senator West or because it would harm her HB 3057? Could someone please help me understand what it was. If the changes made to her bill did not hurt

the real purpose of the bill then why kill the school. If the change hurt her bill why kill the school that had nothing to do with HB 3057.

There is something wrong with some members of the Dallas delegation and we the people need to know now. The elections are coming up again soon and if the people down there can not or will not get their act together we need to fire them and send some other people. Life is to short for

us to keep being shafted by Elected Officials with broken promises and dreams. Elected people seem to forget who sent them to the job. THE PEOPLE: What Rep. Davis did was not my with my approval. Just one Voters opinion!

Good Men Die Young

Today I read that Thomas Houston and Alfonso Jones were dead. I had gotten notice of Thomas Houston but had not on Al Jones. Both of these men were tops in what they did. They were the people that quietly go about their business working and paying tax and doing all that they can to help their people. Al was a business man ,Thomas helped business men they were very good men. Al's wife helped in the business, Thomas wife was very supportive of him. Good family men,

Good Black men dead at a very early age what can we do to save others from the diseases that kill us quick but are preventable. We must pay attention to the signs and eat right and exercise

regulary. I am sitting here now and should be out walking. I think in HONOR of them ,who I cared and respected so much I will get up and walk around my block for both of them.

May God Rest Their Souls. Both will be Missed:

June 16 The Begining or the End !

I have been so blessed to meet so many faithful people during this campaign. So many people who really pay attention to what is going on in this community. They are the backbone of this City and they quietly go about their business, working, paying tax, sharing opinions mostly with each other or their barber or hair dresser. They are the people that make us and sub stain us. The small little church on the corner , you wonder who goes there and one day you stand in line at the grocery store and a conversation starts and you meet a family from that church with the very same wish and desire as the lady at Macy's from Prestonwood.

Then you hear from the so called Leaders and you wonder if Leaders know are remember the people.The people I have met just plain every day people making a living wanting their neighborhood pretty and safe. Jobs closer to home they ask for? Better paying jobs they ask for? Can the recreation center stay open longer? Why did it take four years to build a Skate Park that only cost 200,000 that voters approved in 2003? Why is it taking so long to finish the South Dallas Culture Center? If I invest in the Southern Sector will people support me ?All of the question being ask have an answer the people just never hear the answer. So many things to do so little time.