Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Council Elect Fight Today.

Well , Well , they are not even officially sworn in and just three day after election day. Two of the 14-1 Fab 4 from the South have managed to fight. Poor Mayor Leppart: It seems that Pastor, and former Municipal Judge Voncile Hill with a score of 50 and ranked 10Th out of 14 with the highest score being 146, educated and articulate and builder of coalitions as she said during campaign speeches had a fight with Dwain Caraway over the Mayor Pro Tem seat. I said it would come in August but low and behold it happen in June. Stay tuned it just begun. We are in for what seems like the worst 14-1-Fad 4 we ever had. I did not think it could get worst but
oh my it seems like it is. I am sure glade I went out and purchase my RV so I can travel the next two years.

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