Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Got Letter Not Sure If Question Is Answered !

State Rep. Yvonne Davis wrote an open letter to her District. I got my letter and read it. I clearly understand what she was trying to do in HB 3057 pass an Eminent Domain bill.

I also understand that Senator West attached his bill SB105 onto HB 3057. SB 105 was the bill

giving approval for UNT to start a Law School in downtown Dallas in 2009. I also understand that SB 105 had some trouble from people outside of North Texas and was shot down in the House. I also understand that often times bills are attached to other bills that have nothing to do with one another , but for the greater good of the community. SB 105 was for the good of community. My question to State Rep. Davis is would your bill have died if SB 105 stayed on it?

In all the news coverage not one word of what harm SB 105 did to HB3057. In Rep. Davis letter

all she said on this subject was Senator West took out some wording from her bill and she did not like it. Did she kill a Bill on a Law School that would benefit the greater good of the people because of angry towards Senator West or because it would harm her HB 3057? Could someone please help me understand what it was. If the changes made to her bill did not hurt

the real purpose of the bill then why kill the school. If the change hurt her bill why kill the school that had nothing to do with HB 3057.

There is something wrong with some members of the Dallas delegation and we the people need to know now. The elections are coming up again soon and if the people down there can not or will not get their act together we need to fire them and send some other people. Life is to short for

us to keep being shafted by Elected Officials with broken promises and dreams. Elected people seem to forget who sent them to the job. THE PEOPLE: What Rep. Davis did was not my with my approval. Just one Voters opinion!

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