Monday, June 18, 2007

Dallas County Jail phone ! Where is John Price ?

The Dallas County Commissioners Court some years ago found out that they could make money off inmates families so they, with John Price the ring leader cut a deal with a phone company to get the contract and pay the County millions of dollars off of poor working parents and grandparents. When back in the day people would complain he would talk his way out of it.

I pulled some more recent information from some people coming from a talk show they said this man played like he did not know about it and where this money was going .Into the County General Fund. Just fair De lied. The phone company now charges a pay phone charge in addition to the $4.10 they split with the County . Your Commissioner Price sit there and vote on stuff that effect your lives and pocket book but you keep on paying him to mislead you because 20 years ago he picketed. I picked 30 years ago when it was for all the people not just a few people but you hate Laura Miller and Republicans more then you like me and the work I have done for this City. Sad day.

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