Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is 214-670-5525 a Dallas City Hall Tax Paid Phone !

Is 214-670-5525 a City of Dallas phone number ? In the day of caller ID why would any fool use a City phone to make a political campaign call ? Jesse Diaz is a active man did the caller think he was going to like a tax payers phone being used? I know as we get closer to the election all sorts of trick will be used but I hope none are illegal because every one in the race will report them.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Campaign Up-date

Please read my Web site: Bettyculbreath.com to review my platform and plan.
Send contribution if you wish.
Betty Culbreath Campaign
P.O. Box 764588
Dallas, Texas 75376

Lamar Hunt a Great Man!

While in Miami for Super Bowl I had the opportunity to read different news papers. In the Miami SunPost I found an article on Lamar Hunt my Dallas Texas Homeboy. I have always admired Mr. Hunt because he was an Out of the Box thinker. I did not know the contribution he made toward helping Black football players in the League. It seems that there was an unwritten rule about how many Blacks to have on the field at anyone time . In contrast Mr. Hunt rostered and fielded teams based on talent not quotas. The AFL also recruited from all black colleges and gave Blacks more game time and positions to play.

I am happy to have known Lamar Hunt the man who created the Super Bowl , the AFL and judged people on talent not the color of their skins.!

Friday, February 16, 2007

City Council Campaign

My City Council Campaign is up and going. Good volunteers and organization. Thanks to my son Dirk his campaign skills are coming in handy. I am really having fun.Have not had this much fun since I ran John Wiley Price's campaigns. I got a text message that I was being taken off the air at KKDA until after the election.
It seems one of my opponent's called in and complained. Service Broadcasting made a decision to take me off. I thank Service Broadcasting for 15 good years of being on the air giving service to my Community. Ten years I hosted Community Connection every
Thursday night for the past five years as part of the Willis Johnson morning show I have enjoyed every moment. I wonder if my opponent thinks by taking me off the air will help her? The people who have heard me for the last 15 years will not forget me
and my service to my Community in two months. May 12, 2007 they will still remember Betty Culbreath and My Record of Making a Difference. I am sure there will be more tricks and all kind of nasty things said but voters are not fools.

Thank you for the support you have already given. I am just surprised every day upon my return from the Post Office at how giving people are and their commitment to good government. I still need money and volunteers.

Call 214-374-9100 Campaign Office
To mail contribution: Betty Culbreath Campaign, P.O. Box 764588, Dallas,Tex 75376.

Thanks Dr. H

Thanks Dr. H. For upholding the policy .

Ms. Trista Allen DA's Office .Please !

Ms. Allen in the future please write what you want to say, read it over and over before you say it to the Media. I know maybe you were in a situation and it was spin time but sometime it is better to not say a word. I am not sure if you said this but the DMN has it in quotation marks."the woman lost her job over giving a fake name to a police officer over her son witnessing a scuffle"" this was not just any woman she was a police Officer and what she did was a crime and more so since she has filled these same types of charges on people she arrest. Not a good example for her son. So do not make it sound like poor lady lost her job there are 6,660 people in the jail right behind your office who have lost their jobs cannot make bond and sitting there hoping for justice. Having worked at the County 20 years I do know that defense Attorneys walk in the Court offices all day asking for cases to be dismissed and the assistant DA's do it without calling upstairs.The fact that Mr. Lyons got a case dismissed is no news it's done all day every day. Maybe if he had not been on TV and delivering termination notices this would not have been news. I hope something is learned from this "keep some of your business to yourself".

What's New !

I was happy to read that DA Crieg Watkins was looking at the DNA policy and willing to give it another look. What I do not understand is why Fred Moss over at SMU thinks the law-and order folks will see this as an attack on the police and prosecutors. The police and prosecutors work with the information given them in a case. If technology is not available or was not used ,what is wrong with simply
doing the test and knowing the truth. The victim should be happy to know if the wrong person is locked up, because that means the Pert. is still out there hurting others. Maybe it is something that I do not know about the criminal justice system ,but I believed for years it was about catching the real criminal not just picking up any one to put in jail. I hope the guilty are jailed and the innocent
set free.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Picture!

How about that new picture? Jesse Hornbuckle Photography did the work. Hornbuckle can be reached at 214-942-6100 he is located in that new Arts District over on Tyler St. He has a wonderful place and professional staff.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Is It About SOB's that Bring Out Hypocrisy?

The City of Dallas has the HIGHEST RATE OF STD'S in the Country. The City of Dallas has the HIGHEST RATE of SYPHILIS among young adults in the Country. The City of Dallas has the HIGHEST RATE of NEW HIV infected women in the Country. Many of the new infected live in the Southern Sector. The numbers of people infected are 90% related to unprotected SEX. With the numbers of Sexually Transmitted disease in this City and County and not one Soul is talking about it. I must say IBOC and Friendship West have been very active in making their congregation aware of HIV/AIDS and working on prevention.

I have not heard one Elected Official call for a stop or meeting or any thing to educate the public or simply say stop Young people.

Yet when they get word that a SOB (sexually oriented business)is being built on Westmoreland that will sell and rent Adult movies they go crazy. Where have they been ? It has had license for two years .The City of Dallas was sued by this industry and lost at the Supreme Court. In fact the Court said that the City must make available 5% off it's land mass for these businesses. The City then passed an ordinance governing SOB's.

We have no SOB's in Southern Dallas or in Oak Cliff so what is the cause of all the SEX in Southern Dallas that's causing all the STD's? I have no dog in this fight just common sense. I do not want an SOB in my neighborhood, or near my home, school or church. But if it is legal and the Court says we must allow them, the City has done its best to make them locate in industrial District or manufacturing district that should not impact neighborhoods.

Pastor Ted Haggard in Colorado who led the move against homosexuality by day and practice it by night remind me of some of the people that have come out with some very odd speeches. It reminds me of the Congressman who hated pornography but keep a locked case of it under his desk for viewing until a clean up crew found it and put in trash by mistake.

I hate to see the Political operatives make this an issue during election time when they know full and well what the Court said. Playing on the emotions of good people should be against the law. I do not want my area to go down any more then it has in the past five years ,but I will not advocate violation of anyone's right nor will I lie to the public for a vote. I will fight for my neighborhood by any means necessary.