Friday, February 16, 2007

City Council Campaign

My City Council Campaign is up and going. Good volunteers and organization. Thanks to my son Dirk his campaign skills are coming in handy. I am really having fun.Have not had this much fun since I ran John Wiley Price's campaigns. I got a text message that I was being taken off the air at KKDA until after the election.
It seems one of my opponent's called in and complained. Service Broadcasting made a decision to take me off. I thank Service Broadcasting for 15 good years of being on the air giving service to my Community. Ten years I hosted Community Connection every
Thursday night for the past five years as part of the Willis Johnson morning show I have enjoyed every moment. I wonder if my opponent thinks by taking me off the air will help her? The people who have heard me for the last 15 years will not forget me
and my service to my Community in two months. May 12, 2007 they will still remember Betty Culbreath and My Record of Making a Difference. I am sure there will be more tricks and all kind of nasty things said but voters are not fools.

Thank you for the support you have already given. I am just surprised every day upon my return from the Post Office at how giving people are and their commitment to good government. I still need money and volunteers.

Call 214-374-9100 Campaign Office
To mail contribution: Betty Culbreath Campaign, P.O. Box 764588, Dallas,Tex 75376.

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