Friday, December 29, 2006

On The Road To Complete Recovery

Thanks to the many People who prayed for me during my illness. The months from June 27,2006 until this day has been some of the most painful in my life. The Kidney Transplant in 2003 was a breeze compared to this.God my higher power marched me straight on through it. I had my last surgery December 13,2006 and I did good. I did not tell anyone because I did not want it in the press. Sorry press you have been good to me, but I did not want the General Public to think I was sick , they might not understand this was the good surgery the reconnect. I am doing fine just home recovering and getting ready for what God has for me to do. I will be ready for March 3,2007 and working towards May.
Happy Holiday Season and Healthy New Year!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Leo Chaney Sold Out Ash Creek Mobil Home Park

Once upon a time people talked about Leo Chaney and I was on the front line defending him. I have been on the front line fighting for a few people who turned out
just as bad as People said they were and I did not see it for a long time, but when I get it, I get it! Chaney has put about 100 people on the street who live in the Ash Creek Mobil Home Park. The Park has been there for 50 years in the same place and never did the City of Dallas use Code enforcement to make the Owner fix up any thing.The Mobil homes belong to the people and most cannot be moved. You see Leo Chaney allowed the City Attorney in fact he encouraged the City Attorney to file criminal charges on the Owner just as he did with Mr.Lee Bilal Mr. Bilal went to jail and to his death ,this owner surrendered and was forced to close the Park while the zoning was pending before the City Plan Commission. We need a revolution in Dallas. Elected Officials who can use their Power to move people from their homes with no remorse should be ----. The reason these people are being mistreated is that the new homeowners in the 300,000 homes do not want to look at the Mobil home park, the Mobil home park was there when the new homes were built. Chaney thinks the people in the 300,000 homes will vote for him for higher Office. I wonder did it occur to him that if they do not like poor white and Hispanic people what would make him think they will vote for a poor black one? Mr. Chaney will need to answer to his God for this one.

Is Ron Price DISD Trustee Brain Dead?

The DISD Director of Human Resources, Troy Coleman resigned at DISD. The first thing out of Ron Prices mouth was " it is because he's Black". When in the hell will it be ok to fire a Black person when he or she is not doing their job? Does being Black guarantee you a job for Life? In my job as Director of Dallas County Health and Human Service I hired all races and fired people who were not doing their job, race does not hide incompetence. Mr. Coleman might have stepped down because he wanted to and to remove hiself from a bad situation.The Public statement said he resigned so Ron Price give it a break. When a serious race problem comes up no one will listen to you and on that occasion you might be right.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Told You So!

I told Dr.Hinojosa I would help him for free. As a manager I know the first thing you do about before hiring a person in a position who claims some sort of title that requires a license from the State is CHECK THE STATE AGENCY that issues the license. See I learn that from my last job because I hired people who had to be licensed and reported if the committed an offence against the license. DISD Teachers are required by law to be license so they should have known to check with the State it is FREE online. The man could be good at what he does but it is illegal to claim something you are not that is FRAUD. How can the FRAUDER check on the FRAUDEE.
Once again someone call Dr. Hinojosa and tell he need me, because I would have checked the State site and simply deleted the CPA claim if all else checked out. Very simple process but you need a mind to think of problem solving, however I would
have told the superintendent I had an integrity problem with Mr.Fryar because he knew he did not have a CPA license so why add it to your Resume when it is not a requirement for the job.
Someone call them,They need help bad. Sooner than later that Board will be sick of this type of embarrassment and take some action do not say I did not offer to help for free. I know people hate to admit they need me but they do. I love former County Judge Lee Jackson.Lee called upon me to Direct the juvenile Department along with my department after the Death of its Director, Laura Miller called me to help turn the Plan Commission around, you have heard any bad news from City Plan Commission or questions of integrity since.Many people call on me for help I will not name them all but, I knew Lee and Laura would not care if I used their names. I want so bad for Dr. Hinojosa to be successful, a hometown man,from the DISD return home to make it better. There could not be a better story with good outcome.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Free work Offer to Dr. Hinojosa

I made a very serious offer to volunteer to help Dr. Hinojosa. I know that the people
in his arena will not want me to work for the District for fear of what I will find and what I will recommend to the superintendent. Also the Political types that want to run the District do not want me down there. Poor Dr. Hinojosa need help bad He has a lot of people but what do they do? When he ask Rena Martinez to take care of the Preston school problem, he had no idea that Mr. Martinez would do it in a Political move.I know the man is in shock that it ended as it did. How could a Hispanic not take care of Hispanic parents in a situation like that? But Rene has been in the political arena a long time and that is how he solves problems. Is his only job to deal with Hispanic parents problems? Do they have administrative personal to deal with parents problems of all other races?

City Council Race

Many people ask me daily if I am going to enter the City Council race. I tell them I do not know. I am having a talk with myself, God and family members to see if I want to spend that much time serving others full time. I have spent the adult part of my life serving the public and trying to have a family many times doing more for others then my family. I know if I run I will be full time because I do not know any other way to be, however Public Service has become so dishonest and Public Officials are so into themselves and what they can get for themselves that I do not know if I can operate in that environment. I have seen Good people go to City Hall, Commissioners Court, State House, School Board and others and become money hungry, making deals to benefit themselves or their friend with no consideration for the public. Maybe other people did that in the past but at least some part of the deal was about the People but now a day its 90% about self and 10% the people. I have one health issue to solve and I will make up my mind in late December. If you are for me do not leave until I say yes or no. If I run I will have a platform with issues that will make the quality of life better for the residents of District 5. Stay tune.


I need Three Good White Elected Officials on the DISD Board of Managers to step up and Save the DISD. When Hollis Brashear was there and he and Ron Price made such a Race baited mess on the Board I spoke out against them and still do speak when wrong is being done. The White trustees did not allow them to kill the District,made it sick but not dead. Carla Ranger is a new Trustee and very well educated and does her homework. I have been to the meetings and watched her work. The fact that she had an item placed on the Board agenda so angered the Hispanic Board members at least Jerome Garza that he has deleted her from his mind and does not intend to work with her at all. He also does not plan to respect her as a fellow Trustee. I have known Jerome and respected him a long time and I kind of know how he feels to be locked out of a system so long that when you do get a little power you use it, but Mr. Garza is hurting his own people and he is creating a racial divide on the Board and in the Community. The statements that he has made in the past week go beyond racist they are down right mean and ugly. The one I most remember is Mr. Garza saying" Blacks have got all the jobs at DISD because of the protection of the Court Order" and then he counted all the Black Principles vs. Hispanic ones hired lately. The one thing he forgot is that when the Court Order started 30 years ago blacks were the ones being discriminated against. Hispanics were not the majority of the District and were considered white and could attend any school they wanted or be hired in jobs Blacks could not. I even spoke at the meeting about settlement of the Court Order many in the Black Community were very angry with me know I see why.The point being why would a Trustee use that theory when speaking about employment in the DISD? There is not a District that is solid black,Brown or White in Dallas. Every Trustee has all races in his or her District. The Hispanic Trustees have turned out to be worst then the Black Trustees who used color all the time to get their way. Ms. Ranger had a right to put the item on the Agenda, why would Mr. Garza become so angry that he cannot move on? In the latest rife Garza had a Pct. Moved from Rangers Dist. He finally said it was because there were schools in the PCT.named after Hispanic people and he wanted to make sure the Students knew who the people were. What a lame excuse. Every student should be taught the History of the Persons name on their school. I'm sure Ms. Ranger would have gladly agreed to the Pct. being moved from her District since she was getting more people from the Wilma Hutchin District. Why did he not just tell her or recommend it in an open meeting? Why did he feel the need to go behind her back tell the legal staff to change it and present the changed map at the meeting much to Ms. Rangers surprise some of her District was gone. What really takes the cake is when Ms. Ranger ask the
DISD Attorney who requested the change he replied" that is Client privilege information" .How in the HELL can a Public employee tell his boss that another one of his bosses has Client privilege when he is dealing in a public forum with public information? DISD Board is once again out of control. The Minority Board members are killing the District.
Chairman Jack Lowe, Leigh Ann Ellis, Nancy Bingham please stand up and save the DISD.
I am a graduate of the District, I have worked for the District, I have run for the Board, I pay tax and very high tax since your exemption is lower then any other Government 36,000 vs. Every one else at 42,000. I want you to represent me and my Tax money. I want you to stop the Minority madness by doing the right thing for the Students and Taxpayers. Start voting for the real issues and stop going along with one group over another. You know some of what is going on is not right yet you condone it. Mr. Lowe your father would have stood up and said what was right, he would make them respect one another or al least let them know they were wrong. Would
the Whit Folk please stand UP!

Monday, November 27, 2006

DISD Not Again?

Would someone please call Dr.Hinojosa and tell him to hire me to fix his trouble operations. What he needs is a professional manager to just fix stuff without needing more money. I can do it! I have been giving free advice to them so far but I am tired after seeing how much tax money they spend for bad results. The DMN says DISD is behind in criminal backgrounds checks on some new hires. How can you be behind on something that is required prior to being hired? Derrell Coleman staff attorney for DISD said per DMN that they were behind getting information from Safe Advantage the firm the District pays to do the background check. How can you be behind on information you pay to receive? Who submits the name and who is responsible for checking on the response? Here are a few simple steps to help the District and I am giving it for free. Procedure changes:

1. Transfer background check duty to DISD police department.
2.Cancel contract with Safe Advantage instead of increasing their contract by 152,000.
3.Contract with data base firm that provides information connect to DISD police computer.
4.Assign full time clerk to run check as employment application come into Human Resources.
5. Advise all applicants that their application will not be processed until background checks are complete. Have all applicants sign release of information form.
6.Advise all applicants that they can get their own background check from Texas Department of Public Service mailed to the District.
7.Furnish them with finger print cards to send to TDPS. District police
should have cards.
8.Once background information is in return complete fill to HR for hiring process.
The above items take no more money in fact it will save money and every applicant will be checked.The Police Department will be trusted with the
back ground check and there will be no hole in the screening process.
Every one should know that the hiring of Edward Randolph was no slip
in the process, they just did not follow the process because he was a former baseball star from Roosevelt High School. I hope the District can get it right soon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Dear Mr. DA

The election is over, winner has been selected.
Dear Mr. DA please take your time and digest the duties of your office. Do not let men or woman who have not walked in your shoes direct your steps. As you change rolls from Defense Attorney into County Prosecutor you must change your way of thinking. You do not need a transition team as much as you need a trainer in managing your staff, budget,cases, and other areas of your Department. You need to spend your first 100 days getting to know what your office does. Walk around the buildings your staff are located in.You have a very good Civil section over at 411 Elm St. and in other County buildings. You need to be humble and learn the ropes before you do any thing about your staff. Your first Assistant should be chosen because I am sure Mr. Carnes is leaving.
You are not the leader of a gang now you are the Lead Dallas County Prosecutor for all the people of Dallas County. You must make sure that
all people get a fair trial from the DA's side of the Court room it is up to the Defense to defend. I hope you much success but you must take control of your self and your job. Take time and get your personal business in order so that will not haunt you every day of your office. Do not have another press conference until you have some thing to say. Many of the people who voted for you cannot go look at your Web site they do not have computers are can not use them. God be with you as you start this new journey because if you do your job correctly many in the Black community will become mad with you but that to will pass. Good luck Mr. DA. Feel free to tell the press you are busy .You do not need to be avaliable every time they call.

Ed Bradley What A Man!

Ed Bradley was a Man: A very good man and will be missed. He was professional and always in good spirit. I met Mr. Bradley in New Orleans some time ago and he was so down to earth. I will miss you.


I have in hand my new Tax statement: City tax $ 767.94. I get police, fire,library, street lights, parks, and etc. Seems reasonable. County,(SCH) and I do not know where that goes,College Dist,Hospital Dist. Combined $571.05. DISD $1,960.58 with the lowest homestead $36,164 everyone else is $42,328. All I get from DISD is more request for funding thief, waste, overpaid Administrative staff and miss education of some students. DISD has so many programs that the teaching staff can not keep up with them. I have called about a child who needed help the school staff did not have a clue, but I called Ross Ave. And they could call the role on all the famous programs .How good are these programs if the school and parents do not know about them. Why does DISD need so many programs? What do they accomplish? Where is the student benefit? What do they do with all the Money? When will other Tax payers become angry as I am and join me at their Board meeting and demand some answers?
If the Board wants bilingual education why are the English speaking students not being taught Spanish? Only Spanish speaking students will be bilingual.
I want the Superintendent to be successful but how can he until he cleans house on Ross Ave. I understand it takes time , but how much time? He
should know where the weakness is and it is money management. The DISD does not need money and it is time for the people who foot the bills to speak up.Please join me!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 7,2006 The Day the Dam Broke:

When people said they were mad at President Bush, I did not know that everyone at Frank Crowley Court Building was name Bush. I have said over and over we need to find another way to Elect Judges. Some very fine Judges lost the bench Tuesday and the new ones do not even understand the Law that they will follow come January 3,2007. Some of them just put their names on the Ballot so it would not be easy for the Republican party, but oh what a Webb we weave. Justice in some Courts just went out the door and injustice walked in. Some think it's funny but wait until it's your time or your loved one's time to face a Judge that will allow the DA to do anything in his Court. I do not care who the DA is.Crieg Watkins cannot be in every Court room every day. So you got what you wanted Democrat in charge I just hope we have good legal minds in charge.

The County Judge seat is another story. She lost the Cowboys and was never a good leader. She followed the stars or moon or something.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Wright

I still would like to know where will the competition come from at Love Field with only 20 gates. Southwest owns 16, American owns 2, Continental owns 2 .The agreement says they will destroy any gates that might be used by another Airline. So DMN where will the competition come from or better question FLY from?
Mayor Miller did a good job but she did not know all the language that the Airport People and Airlines Executives use. Some parts of the deal are the same as we had on the table last time this issue came up. The new parts are the 20 gates because the Love Field study called for 32 gates so some other low cost Carriers could offer really low fares. Southwest will start out with the 99.00 fares until they get people educated to the Through Ticketing meaning you stop one time but you do not need to deplane or recheck you bags. When the ticket prices go up the same as DFW please remember Betty Culbreath told you first.

Mayor Race / 2007

You know it is to early for this but I read something that I just had to comment on. It was on another Blog and it said "Darrell Jordan would bring us together." Us who? I am trying for the life of me to find out where we are apart. This whole conversation about Dallas having some racial divide that I do not see and have not felt is still a mystery to me. That was one of the big things Mayor Millers critics beat her over the head with. I wonder why she just didn't ask them what the hell are you talking about? Black,White,Brown and all other groups are busy in this Community working together and making money and progress. Mr. Jordan is a nice guy .What we need in a Mayor is someone that can hit the ground running and continue to do the work already started by Mayor Miller. We also need a person that knows their way around City Hall, if you do not know City Hall the learning curve can be a long process. Ed Oakley is a man who knows the job, is Dallas ready? Should be!

Ron Price DISD Trustee Again

I do not know what it will take to stop poor DISD trustee Ron Price from telling lies. The man fair de lied on me , on KKDA radio. I attended DISD
board meeting last Thursday and moved from one seat to another and he could not see me in the back of the room so he proceeded to tell a radio audience that "I missed most of the meeting". Poor soul trying to defend himself on the vote of last week on the Spanish speaking issue. Thanks to Trustee Carla Ranger and Lew Blackburn for voting for the people. Ron Price voted for the deal he had cut prior to the meeting. I found out how he was going to vote on the outside of the building and low and behold it went just as my informant said. I do not have a problem with getting votes but , I do have one with people who speak at the meeting and Ron Price did , saying all kind of things before the vote was cast about the item knowing full and well he knew all the time how he was going to vote.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Club Blue

I still think it is wrong to use police to close business if it is operating legal, just because someone does not want them Downtown .What will happen when it's your business? If Club Blue was breaking the law why has the TABC not enforced the State law. If the trouble is all Club Blue where are the off duty Police patrolling the out side. Why does Blue have a different set of rules than other clubs? I remember when the Skin Heads took over Deep Elm and that is when I stopped going because they targeted blacks to hurt .I do not remember any one closing down Deep Elm or running off the Skin Heads the Blacks just stopped going. Now why is club Blue being treated this way. Mayor Miller should move careful in using the City Police to deny a person the right to own and operate a legal business in the City Dallas. The people who attend the club should act like people with good sense, but they do not. The owner should do every thing with in his power to operate a safe environment for patrons. The City and Owned should work this out tax payers have an interest in that building we invested in it and did not know it. I think in the future all of these so called tax deals involving city money should be published in the paper to give citizen a chance to protest. We saw what happen with Cinimark and others people when the city use tissue paper rules to stop them. We have spent millions on law suites and settlement and have been overturned by higher Courts. People already are not coming to this City for entertainment, the convention center is dead, Deep Elm is dead, West end is dead and something need to happen. Maybe appoint a Assistant City manager for hospitality some one young
enough to understand night life and what people want to do and enjoy themselves downtown every one does not go uptown. Some one do something quick I am 65 and enjoy a smooth dance at a beautiful place but I can not find one in Dallas. Do you know of one please let me know.

People I think about often!

I think about people a lot. I just think about them and remember what they mean to me or just how good they were if they have passed on.
Just to name a few:
David Fox , George Allen Sr., George McGowan father made me the woman I am today, how I miss him wish he could see me now. Marvin Thomas, W.O. Bankston, Alto McGowan, John Stemmons ,Patricia Beck my friend from the Community Council day's I was paid she was a volunteer, Jimmy Bankston I think I will go to the Country and visit him.
Jesse Dawson, Al Lipscomb, Retired police officer Dwayne Bishop, Arthur Busby, Burl Jernigan, Thomas Jones, Cleo Steele, Robert Jones Waco Texas followed me on TV and news paper. Jim Bowles, Sharon Boyd, Steve Bartlett, Al Gonzales, Eddie Hill, Jeff Fagan, Kevin Cox ,Lucy Patterson. Well that's enough tonight it makes me sad that some of them have passed on. I have more!

Trinity River Project / Good Thing

I know why people in power do not want people like me to have a lot of information because I am not a freezer :I cannot keep it! The Trinity River project is a good thing for Dallas and in the long run every one Should benefit. In the short run a lot of low income housing is going away, small business people are going to be removed, property is going to be rezoned and tax will go up. The problem is that the real People that are going to be effected by it the most right now are the least ones that can afford it.
We had a zoning case of blocks of property in South Dallas along Bexar St for a fancy mixed use development and everyone on the bus tour wondered how could the area support the development. Low and behold
the back of area sits on the bank of the Trinity River. Eleven black people showed up to ask the Plan Commission to delay the action until they could find out what was going on in their area. We ask staff if any meeting had been held with the neighbors and nobody knew, that means no. The people were not asking for denial just information. How could Leo Chaney have such a radical zoning request on the CPC agenda and keep it from the people it impact the most. The Ideal neighborhood is on the Trinity Project map as an identifiable area to be changed yet the people in attendance knew nothing about the plan and live in Ideal neighborhood.
This Trinity River project, if they are not careful will start another FBI investigation and this time it will involve the little people and they are going to tell. All they have worked for are in the homes they own
and paid for. They cannot afford to buy new ones for 100,000.00 . I did
ask Councilman Ed Oakley Chair of the council Trinity River committee to make sure that the people are treated right and I know he will. We have enough money in the bond program to do this right . I hope the manager ,staff and elected officials will do the right thing because I came off the picked line in 1967 but now that a higher power has made me new I can walk again in spite of Wal-Mart.

So Much to Think About!

I have been out of the City on City of Dallas business and oh my so much to blog about. Word that I was in Corpus got to some local people and they called the hotel wanting a meeting about some land use issues they had. I guess when you are good at helping real folk that gets around. I did check on their issue and sure enough they had the same problem that we had with I 45 splitting a neighborhood. The same thing has happen to them now they are not in the Downtown development district so their property value is low. It happens a lot to low income area's.
I did speak with their staff and inquire about it and they promise to meet with the neighborhood and explain the situation.

Well see where John Price the deal maker cut a deal with Chris Bell camp on Sunday the Lords day for: DMN says around 50,000.00 .I guess Carol Strayhorn had sense enough to keep her money knowing 90% of the Black Community that go and vote or going to vote democrat smart move on her part, but Chris got that extra million and felt obligated after a few Black elected Dallas democrat's twisted his arm into meeting with Price the deal maker so they would not feel the raft of Price on the Local level after the election. As if the County has something they need.
Here is the dream budget I think: $20,000 for Kathy Nealy ,$20,000 for Price the deal maker, $10,000 for the people semi homeless that you see going door to door putting literature in your front door and Gromer calls that a machine. At least some poor people will get a good day 's pay and lunch. Shameful, shameful how Good White people keep doing the same things expecting different result. .

Sunday, October 15, 2006

NAACP President / Poor Judgement

What is it about people that would make them think that because they hold a position it exempts them from the law. When the NAACP President was stopped why did he not just take his ticket sign it or write refuse to sign and move on. Why would the Black County Peace Officers go talk to the Deputy if in fact they supported the Officer. Bob L. Should be ashamed of himself for letting such a simple matter cause conflict on a man and his job. The Leadership in this Community is suffering in every area. City, County and local organizations, they are all so miss directed and living and thinking in the 60" or beyond. When will some new people step up to the plate and not be afraid to take them on, they can be BEAT. Young people please step up.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can We All Work Together / Kathy Nealy

I notice in the DMN that Carol Reed was the manager of the Bond campaign so that means she got the contract and her competitor Rob Allen did not. As I continued to read about the money spent and how it was being spent low and behold Ms. Red paid Rob's company to do some work for her. That Ms. Nealy is the way business people get along and work together. Real business people do not cry wolf and make a big fuss over nothing. I hope this little drama has grown some people up because the Voters are finally paying attention and getting real sick and tired of paying Tax and seeing their neighborhood's go down, driving to Cedar Hill to shop, tearing up their cars on these streets, no new development of jobs. All the warehouse jobs going to Ennis, and down 35 and 67 out of the Dallas County. So wake up people look at what is happens to our community and think about who is in charge.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Why did T.O. not get the ball until 3rd quarter? Please someone tell me.

Roger B. Brown/ What School

Roger B.Brown sport's director KKDA radio said this morning he attended the Cedar Hill and Desoto football game Friday night and it was so many Black people it "looked like a jungle bunnies movie was being made". Willis Johnson Host of the show told him he could not say that on the air, Roger B. Brown repeated the statement that it looked like "jungle bunnies" and he was black so it was ok for him to say. What school of journalism did he attend that said it is alright to use derogatory names to describe people regardless to what race you are. There are many White people who listen to KKDA radio and they must have been insulted by what was said, because I was and so was Alicia and she let Mr. Brown know it. It is a sad commentary when professional people think that any thing they say about there own people is ok! As Andy Young did and had to resign, but Roger B. Brown is a professional and should know better.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Consultant gets 10,000 per month

I wondered why Kathy Nealy was so mad about Mr. Johnson getting the GOTV contract on the Bond election, now I know why. Rumor has it she has signed on to Max Wells for Mayor campaign for 10,000.00 per month. That meant she lost about 20,000.00 for that
Bond campaign. That will make anyone mad. I am mad as hell because I worked for free
did not know they make that kind of money! Well I guess I need a GOTV program for the
next election. Just kidding I don't want an Elected officials money because after the election they owe you nothing in terms of community improvement commitment.

Comments from readers:

Well I sure got some heated comments from one person who did not like my stand on paying school tax. Good thing for me that they do not put you in jail this person wanted me jailed for not paying them, even after I said they were in an escrow account in the District name I did not spend the money I saved it for the DISD until they stop spending tax money like it's water. I paid some after Dr.M.H. was hired. I trust him and he will do a good job.

The other one was about my support of Chief Kunkle: I have been a wife and been cheated on and I do know just how bad it hurts but, the good part is" A Rose is still a Rose" and will live on after the pain is healed. There is nothing you can do about human emotions or feeling when they are not FOR you. Pray for peace and relief of the hurt do things to keep your mind occupied and move on to higher ground. I want to get married again. Marriage is good for the soul.

John Price rethinks endorsement !

The voting public must be thinking about now: " What is going on with Commissioner John Wiley Price"? Well it's about the money! The commissioners endorsement of Carol Strayhorn was against every thing the democrats party stands for. The Strayhorn camp must have though it was about them ,but now it seems it was about GOTV money. Get Out The Vote in other words. You see GOTV means money paid to a Political consultant to do GOTV. In steps Kathy Nealy with her GOTV proposal worth thousands of dollars, who gets the GOTV contract with the campaign.Contract to turn out the Black Community for candidate, who by the way are already going to the Polls
and vote Democrate. Price said in DMN article "I don't know who the hell is advising her".I don't know what the hell is going on". Well they are not paying Kathy Nealy for advise or to Get Out The Vote because they know it's a waste of money. The bad part is what he said about his long time Friend Jesse Jackson because
Chris Bell Democrate candidate for Governor canceled a meeting with him and visited
Jesse Jackson in Houston. Houston is Mr.Bell's home turf he did the right thing,John Price was only meeting to see what GOTV money was available for Kathy Nealy for the November election. That is so sad when the Minority community is in such bad need of real Leadership someone who really cares again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Black on Black Business Attack

Only in Dallas Texas in 2006 are Black people still calling White people to try and take business from other Black people. A campaign committee hired a Black Consultant to work on the November Bond election another Black Consultant with heavy black political ties did not get the work. The Consultant who did not get the work called her Black elected and formerly elected buddies to Cry foul: "why didn't you all make sure I got this job" well there was a process and the Consultant who got the work followed it. The Good Old Boy system is what blacks said was keeping them down and the one's in Public say it loud and proud but what do you say now. The Good Old Black
Boy system is doing the very same thing in this Community and it has hurt some very qualified people in business. The Good old Black Boy system will also get you fired from your job with lies, keep your child from getting work, file tax liens on your property using measures not normally used on other people, black ball you from purchasing list and it goes on and on. The Good old Boy's did not do that. The Good Old Boy system just meant they helped their friend FIRST and then every one else. You were not cut out of deals, your family was not hurt,they did not do bad things to you personally. It was about business but this Good Old Black Boy System is filled with evil and money grab. So sad, So sad. I hope the Black Community will wake up and vote for new Leadership and put this Good Old Black Boy system out to pasture.
The sad part about the Consultant who did not get the contract: She has no recent history of getting the Black vote out. When Ron Kirk won the Mayor race it was about Ron Kirk being Black he did not need a consultant, black people were going to vote for him anyway. The consultant lost the Dunnung for Mayor race, Price (panty bandit)school board race and she trained him ,he attended her school and she did not do a background check on him. When you are so accustomed to getting business using the Good Old Black Boy system :how can you of all people cry foul when a process is follow and you did not participate. Then have the nerve to call White people to bitch
about another Black getting the contract. The one reason White people do not respect the Black Community in Dallas is because of this very behavior of some Blacks.

Mayor Miller/Please Give Club Blue A Break!

Mayor Laura Miller was very out spoken on the People who developer Club. Not the manager or owner but the Developer. There has to be something wrong with government when a Developer is held totally responsible for the action of a tenant. Club Blue
has had some problems but all of the Downtown Clubs have. The people who attend the
clubs cause the problems outside of the Club and around City streets. I agree that Club management should follow State law and not allow underage people into the Club.
they should also have enough people to make sure that Club guest do not take glasses out side of the facility. The TABC regulates liquor sales if in fact the Club is selling to minors the TABC should investigate. To deny the Developer tax credit from the City to develop another property because of Club Blue is not good government.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The T.O. Story :

I wrote T.O. this summer and told him that based on what I had read about his life he need some Professional help to deal with his childhood issues. I did not discuss the items but just suggested seeking help. The items I identified as a Social Worker/sociology/Health Professional from what I read were:
1. Rejection of father who lived across street. 2. Shame of birth as relates to mother and father.3. Rejection of siblings from father 4. Grandmother protective sheltering to protect him from pain. There are many more with being in Public life
and the Media. Mr. Owens publicists did him a great disservice with her statements on TV. The poor old T.O. sound bite just made her look very unprofessional and that last bite "he has 25 million reasons to be here" was the silly part because money is the last thing in the world that makes a Millionaire happy when he is depressed or having problems of the mind or heart. The Dallas Cowboy Organization is in desperate need of a Professional program that understands mental health/minority relationships.
There is a difference and it needs to be specialized. Calvin Hill is good at what he does but he is not a Professional in the area of need. The people who work with the Team somehow get caught up in the HYPE and get so excited about being with the Boy's they lose site of their jobs and the Players get lost in the system. Some very good players have been lost who had diagnosed mental disorders that could be treated if only identified early. It seems that every one at the Valley thinks odd behavior is just a THING that people do, well it's not. There is a reason people do things and some time it is a health issue. I hope the Cowboy organization will get wise and hire me or somebody to help them observe behavior and identify potential problems so we can save the player,team and Community grief.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something is wrong with Wright Deal !

I knew something was wrong with the Wright deal when no one from the Outside was involved in the deal making. From what I have read on the deal: A: The local parties want the Federal Law to include an immunity from Antitrust law. How on earth can anyone ask the Federal government to pass a law that violates another Federal law that protects the freedom to conduct business in America. B: How can anyone support a 20 year non compete agreement between American Airlines and Southwest Airline at DFW when presently DFW has 46 empty gates, and DFW has been trying to recruit Southwest Airlines for the past 15 years. C: Who would support demolition of a new terminal at Love Field built with private money ,and claim it's part of a gate reduction at Love for environmental reasons? Who could ask Taxpayers to repay the Private builder for his investment if they pass a Bond deal to pay we the Taxpayers
will still pay. Bonds must be paid back. D: Why did the Mayors of Dallas and Forth Worth not allow any public participation in this process? E: Why does every item in this agreement benefit the Airlines, reduction to 20 gates from the original 32 gates proposed in the Love Field Study that was approved by the Council and Community people ,will only benefit Southwest,American and Continental Airlines. Southwest has 16 of the gates,American has 2 and continental has 2. Where can any low cost Airline come into Love?

This Deal has nothing to do with Low ticket prices for the Traveling Public. It has all to do with helping big business. The Citizens have fallen for this deal because they think it will end Wright and effect Air Fare, the general public has not a clue
what is in this deal and that is the only reason there is no public out
cry.Shame,Shame,Shame on the wool that has been pulled over the Citizen of Dallas
who will be hurt more then Fort Worth citizens. People who support the repeal could not understand this deal it is not a repeal. Call your Congress person ask them to remove the Antitrust clause and other harmful provisions from the deal.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Lost of Great Men

I wrote about how short Life can be and that all people should enjoy as much happiness as possible. I was in great health went to a Doctors office for routine
test, one day later on life support three days in Baylor ICU. I know how short life can be I passed through the door of life or death. Thanks to a higher Power and good
Doctors I am here to write this blog.

I am sad today at the lost of Chief Charles Gaines, Fort Worth fire Chief. 49 years old in the prime of his life gone.

Evangelist Reginald B. Dulin a great man, always smiling and helping someone never got to big to keep grounded. Built a beautiful new Church life seem good to him. I had spoke with him and he was concerned about how I was doing. I told him I was fine he said good to hear that, because God has some more work for you to do.

As the DISD Turn

I feel so bad for Dr. Michael Hinojosa he had no idea what a mess DISD was in. Mike Mosses could not have had an idea. The problem is that the District is so large with so many different departments and programs and so much money that there is little oversite. They spend money as if it comes from trees. The past four years I have protested and not paid School District tax until I knew some new Leadership was in place. I paid up when Hinojosa was hired.It will take a complete overhaul of key middle management staff to clean out the mess. The Supervisor over the Grants gave some very foolish answers when ask how the staff purchased large items and not books. She said "they told her the students did not want books".Who the hell is in charge?Why on earth are we paying student to learn? What happen to going to school because it is the place to learn. All the Tax money from local tax and on top of that Grant money both State and Federal spent on all this staff and programs yet Students can not read or pass a test.Dr Hinojosa needs to cut programs and staff that are not working, where you see no positive results.Parents buy hundreds of dollars in supplies and equipment each school year. What supplies are the schools buying? Every form up there has been copied so many times you can hardly read them. Dr. Hinojosa money is not the problem at DISD, money management is. Please take the time and clean it out retire the people who have perpetrated this thinking. I support you and know you are doing your best. DISD is a large can of worms with some very good people in the mix trying to make it better.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thanks: Dwaine Caraway & Michael Davis

Many people do not realize that the 40 rooms or less motels operating in mostly low income areas and minority neighborhoods do not have the Special Use permit to operate.The City of Dallas passed the Special Use regulation back in the late 80's.I was on the Commission at the time and remember it very well. Councilman Lipscomb and Councilwoman Ragsdall worked very hard to close the motels and keep the drugs and prostitution from the area. The motels have operated since then illegally. The City has not enforced the closure because the Motel Owners have filled a lawsuit back in the 80s and it has not been resolved to this day. The law is still on the book that the Motel Owners must have an SUP to stay open and they do not have one.What Dwaine Caraway and Michael Davis are doing is what the City Code enforcement should be doing but are not. Thanks to these men for taking on this project and helping to make the quality of life better for the people.

South Dallas Cleanup/Chaney

South Dallas cleanup in need of housekeeping!Metro section Saturday front page. Leo Chaney has been in office eight(8) years and the scrap metal yards have been there and getting larger by the year. In fact Mr. Chaney was on the plan Commission when some of the zoning was approved to permit the scrap yards on Lamar.The current Plan Commission went on a bus tour of South Dallas last Thursday and I was surprised at the trash and bulk items laying around on the street and in front of houses.There were boarded up houses next door to each other and just a depressing look. All of what we saw would not be allowed in any other part of this City. There are City services for all of what we saw. Why has Chaney not forced the City to do it's part? Why has the residents not called 311 and demanded City service? Do they not know the service is free to them? What is wrong with this picture? Leo Chaney lives in the area how can he drive in the area and not see it. What is wrong when an elected official does not inform his people or they do not hear? Why keep asking for more money to clean up something that has money allocated in the City budget? There are demolition dollars in the City budget why not demolish the boarded up property? Why didn't Chaney use some of the 4 million to help clean up. It is just sad that after 8 years the South Dallas part of the District looks worst. People bring on some new Leadership and please think before you vote and remember Ron Price from the DISD and the way he has spent your tax money on himself and the lies about the campaign signs already printed for the 2007 election.

Dirk Culbreath /My Son

My son Dirk Culbreath was married last Saturday in a beautiful ceremony to a beautiful young Lady. My son and I have been through a lot. Dirk is a bright and brilliant young man but some how along the way drugs interred the picture and we had our hard time with that. I write this because I never gave up on him but, when I adopted tough love and had him arrested for taking my car it seem to work. My beautiful son whom I love dearly is now sober,thank God his mind was not effected by his drug use. Parent do not give up but, please as soon as you can, tough love. Please try tough love you will save your child's or loved one's life, I almost loved my son to death.

Thanks to people who stood by me and my son:
Al Lipscomb, Dawaine Caraway,Burl Jernigan,Dwayne Bishop, Willie Cothrum,Arthur Busby,Rev. Freddie Haynes,Dr.Louise Deere,Helen spicier, Diane Waters and others.

Chief Kunkle /DMN Blog

It is sad when a major publication will not print a story but use it's blog to print it any way. The fact that a reporter from the News put information about Chief Kunkle
on the Blog that can not be proved should be libelous. Chief Kunkle was hired to do a job and he is doing a very good job. Who he dates and who he married is no concern of mine as long as he does not use his official position to force any woman to date him or marry him. Life is much to short to not be happy and for a police officer it can be very short. Chief Kunkle still makes police calls and go out on his own many day's and nights. I wish people had something serious to do other then worry about who dates who. We do not know and should not know what goes on behind closed doors of any person unless it interferes with their sworn duty or taxpayers money. To put pure gossip out because a man is having lunch or dinner in a public place with a woman is as silly as hell. In my professional life I often have lunch and many times have dinner with married men.We often times have a bottle of wine or drinks that does not mean the next step in the bedroom. It means a business deal or interview is started or finished. Give Chief Kunkle a break since he is in charge of my safety I want him happy and if that means getting married 10 time so be it!

Kinky Friedman / NAACP

I would think that Gary Bledsoe, head of the Texas NAACP would have some serious work to do: on Education of people of color, reducing the number of people of color in the Texas State Department of Correction, adding funding for substance abuse in -patient treatment, it seems to be the only one that works: and a host of other important things that effect the quality of life of the People of Color in the State of Texas.
Who gives a Shit about what Kinky said yesterday let alone 26 years ago? The man is a comedian with a stand up act. Richard Pryor used the N word and so many other did and still do. Watch BET comedy hour any night at 9 PM. What is important seems to escape Black Leadership. What has Kinky said he would do if elected Governor of Texas that would make the quality of life better for people of Color and all Texans? What has he said that would hurt us? That is the only thing I want to know about Kinky and is the only thing important. What would an apology about a stand up show 26 years ago improve my life or yours? Who gives a damn in the real world? Gary Bledsoe get a real cause and work it leave Kinky alone and allow him his freedom of speech!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Blog

This Blog is for my opinion on matters I read in the Dallas Morning News and other news papers. I am an American Citizen and last time I checked had freedom of speech.
Stay tune the best is yet to come.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

City Manager

Happy to say the first right of refusal on Reunion was signed in 1974. So the Manager and her staff had nothing to do with that deal. I still do not have a problem with Hunt property buying the building. They made good business move in 1974.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Kathy Nealy and I

When Kathy Nealy and I were young we were such good friends.It is funny how life takes so many turns and Devils get in the way. This picture was made in 1985 how innocent we were.

Sheriff Valdez What Next?

Sheriff Valdez just does not get it! The duties of the Dallas County Sheriff's office is to run the jail,have custody of people awaiting trial or transport or release. Arrest people with warrants and a host of other things. Community Liaison?
There are not many people in Dallas County who come in contact with the Jail and after working 20 years for Dallas County five of which were in charge of Jail Health
(when it did pass inspection)I never remember any complaints that were related to sexual orientation. I cannot wait until the next election. Sheriff Valdez is out of her league and I see why she could not pass the test. The Dallas Police has such a position but they are in daily contact with people also the have a gay and lesbian policy at the City of Dallas, Dallas County does not have such a policy. Why does the Sheriff hide from the public? Never see her until now about gay,lesbian issue.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

City staff/Reunion Arena

I wonder if the City staff or the Dallas City Council think the taxpayers are just Crazy ?Or do they think we cannot put 2+2 together. If in fact the Council does not know it then something is wrong with them. If staff is so political then we have a problem. Why would the City of Dallas have a contract with Hunt to allow it to buy Reunion after 60 days of the City declaring it surplus property? Why now is the City closing Reunion? How is Reunion losing 1.5 million a year? How can an empty building cost the City that kind of money? How can the City not open the bid to sell to the general public? Is that not against the Law. In the Bond covenant on Reunion does it say anything about abandonment of mortgage property? This is a back door move to deliver a City property to Hunt.
I have no problem with Hunt having Reunion, my problem is the silly back door move the staff is pulling for them to get it and to think we the Public do not have a clue. The current balance on Reunion is 28 million that is what need to be paid for Reunion so the Taxpayers will not need to pay the loan off. Why would the staff want to surplus a property with a 28 million loan on it? We cannot surplus our home with mortgage in fact it is illegal to destroy a mortgage property. When will the Taxpayers in this City get mad. We are being ask to vote on a very large Bond proposal in November and have not spent pass bond money and now talk of giving away a
building built with bond money for less then is owed has me wondering if I can vote on the New Bond proposal.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Being honest was Everman Principal mistake

I think it is terrible that a good Educator is no longer in the Education business.
The fact that Kathy Culbertson spoke the truth to a group of students she felt comfortable with shows how little we understand about human nature. If Ms.Culbertson were a racist she would not have been in the Everman district. When will Black People start accepting integration all around and not just on our side. If we can say anything about other people just as Andy Young did other day and as other Black people say every day, why do we scream so loud when White people do the same thing. The numbers clearly showed that some black students needed to do better on the test, so when she said that group needed to improve what was the big problem. If she had said the ninth grade needed to improve would all ninth grade parents become outraged? If she had said all people with filling in their teeth what would happen?
We need to move above race, granted the principal should have handle it differently, but to lose a job ? Do not think so!

Dr. Elba Garcis for Mayor

I think Dr. Elba Garcia, Councilwoman would make a great Mayor. She is a Great Council woman,she is smart ,takes very good care of her District does not have the
in my District mentality clear on directions, communicates well with others and
a hard worker. A very pretty woman with brains. Please judge her on her actions not any other.

Lancaster Teacher Jailed three day's

Dallas County and the City of Dallas operation down at the Jail complex are a joke.
Thank God Parkland finally took over Jail Health maybe things will change. Now maybe
you know that Jim Bowles was a good sheriff and the trouble he had in his last two years was caused by the Dallas County commissioners Court. The fact that one of them served on the State Jail Standards Commission certainly did not help. The fact that
the Teacher stayed in jail 3 day's on a $50 ticket first of all is crazy. It must have been a slow day.
Here is the real crazy part. County Constable serving City of Dallas traffic warrants when the City has hired a big time firm to collect such fines. Teacher put in jail on City of Dallas warrant means City of Dallas must pay ,Dallas County around $70 dollars per day to house her cost appox.$210.00 figure can be checked I am not sure of current contract amount but I am not far off. City Municipal Judge then gives her time served ,no fine collected. Cost to Tax payers appox. $1500.00 when you add all staff involved in total process. Does that make any kind of sense?. Why is a County Constable sitting around scanning the computer looking for traffic warrants when there are real Felony warrants all over the County sheriffs office?
I am a paid Consultant and I would share with the County and City way's to save money for free but, they will not ask and do not mention will not listen. I Directed one of the most efficient Departments in Dallas County and implemented cost saving at the same time increased productivity,went from 39 heat related deaths one year to 0 deaths the next so the proof is in the pudding. The City Council think they run something but do not have a clue about what is going on. How many times have you seen a City Council member or the Mayor in a City building conducting business? How
many times have you seen a County Commissioner doing the same? What they read on paper and what is actually going on are two different things. The lines at the traffic ticket payment windows are as long as a parade every day at every hour and this is where they collect money if you are going to staff anything it should be your revenue generating windows I could go on and on but I am sure you are ready to move on.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dallas County Commissioners Court

I supported Margaret Keliher for County Judge, and as a County employee at the time she took office, I got a first hand look at her Leadership. There was none. The men on the Court took over the meetings and she sat there and allowed it. The Judge had a hard time making the transition from District Court Judge to Administrative County Judge. She seems to bright and smart but just does not work well with others. The Judge seldom talk with colleagues away from the horseshoe at least when I was there
I do not think things have changed. The County Judge lost the Dallas Cowboy's and poor Laura Miller got the blame. The worst part about the County Judge is that she
cannot keep information confidential. When a Department head confides in here for directions or help with another Commissioner or department head she goes and tell the information and you are then retaliated against. Lee Jackson was the last Leader
the County had. Judge Keliher will not let other County employees do their job she gets involved in daily operation that are not in her duties.
The worst part is she listens to John Wiley Price and believes what he says is sad that she cannot see him for what he is. John Price will always keep his Road and
Bridge for control over the Cities,in his District, like this last ordeal with Wilma and the Allen Group. The Allen Group did not hire his favorite Negroes so he's mad with them. Wonder where is FBI when it comes to County Government? I guess they only want City Officials.
People need to take a look at County Government and see what they are doing with your tax money. John Price talks a good game, he was a good Commissioner before he started using his County position to hurt people because of his personal feelings.

Hornbuckle Jury

I was impressed with the Jury in the Hornbuckle case. They took their job serious and worked very hard to come to a decision. They even worked as hard on the sentence. Speed addiction is worst then crack and believe me as a mother of a recovering addict ,I never would have dreamed that a drug would come along that does a person worst then crack. Speed has a different effect on the mind and people who use it think every thing they do is right, crack users on the other hand are very remorseful at their actions. I hope that the church will remain strong and sclect a Pastor to Lead them. I also hope Texas Department of Criminal Justice will get treatment for inmate Hornbuckle.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I, feel for the family of Pastor Hornbuckle and the members of his church. If only
someone who new that something about this Pastor would have just spoke up maybe some
lives would have turned out different. If only his wife would have trusted someone and told them about his change maybe he could have been confronted and forced into treatment. Someone noticed Terry Hornbuckle's change, can you love a person to death
by silence. Mr. Hornbuckle's down fall is his fault but some where along the way he had help from the people who remained silent. In the end they let their friend Terry down. Drug addiction has no certain color or profession.
A Bishop who lived next door to me was addicted to crack, I new from living next to a Church owned property how other Bishop's had acted there was never all night and
traffic. The Church took action and the Bishop went to treatment and moved to another area and last report was drug free. People can stop and will stop but when Loved ones allow things to happen and keep in inside you are hurting the one you love. I know because I almost loved my son to death. Thank God I found tough Love
by asking God what to do.

Chief Kunkle

Today I saw something on the news that made me know the right person was hired for Police Chief. The Chief Kunkle attended the job fair for ExOffender to let them know he supported them and their quest for work. There were over 2000 people black,white,Spanish and others in the lines. People who have made mistakes need a second chance.Could we please help find job's Steve Blow!

Judge Greg Mathis got one, Charles Dutton got one, Bob Hayes got one and I got one.
We need to put our arms around people and help them with another chance.It will make a difference.

Mexico Should Pay

Parkland Hospital released figures today saying they spent 22 million on illegal people for nonemergency from Mexico. The American couple that was on vacation in Mexico when the husband became ill and was hospitalized was not released until he paid $19,000. In cash. He and his wife said they felt as if they would be arrested if they tried to leave the Country. They called family members and borrow money to pay bill before leaving Mexico.
Why do we feel so obligated to serve everybody for free. Why do we treat non emergencies at Parkland and other hospitals without being paid by non citizens. It is not right! When I visited Mexico City on vacation not one sign was in English not even at the Airport. The President of Mexico is always talking to President Bush about the treatment of his people in the US when will
President Bush start talking about the treatment of his people in Mexico? Mexico should pay for it's people who get service in the US or the US should stop the service. My tax money should serve the people that are legal citizens or Mexico should pay.

Terrell T.O. Owens need Counseling

God gave T.O. talent but it seems that T.O. thinks he gave himself the talent. There are hundreds of young men playing football on sand lot's all over America that have as much or more talent then T.O. the only difference is Media coverage. Publicity is the key as to if you make big time or not. It's not talent its exposure. This man has been fired from two jobs but is a favorite of the people. He goes against every thing management says, he will not wears Cowboy clothes when practicing, he has more loyalty to NICE then the Cowboys. T.O. Will cause conflict within the team and it's going to be a mess.

One day I hope we can get back to when professional athletes understood they were very blessed to have an opportunity to play in the big league. So few get t's chance to make money doing what they like to do. They owe the public a reasonable amount of respect.

Ron Price is Crazy

Dallas school Board member Ron Price has started his campaign for City Council by going to City Hall today asking for the City to pass an ordinance banning pants from hanging below the waist.
First of all he has a seven member school board that will not ban the hanging pants in its on schools. Mr.Price should first clean his house before he cleans the whole City. No City in America is going to pass such an unconstitutional ordinance. The Civil union will take it all the way to the Supreme Court.
Mr. Price there are Senior citizen living in houses that are falling down on them, crack houses on every corner, streets need work,AIDS spreading in the area, syphilis cases up again and not enough Police to curtail current crime. Who will enforce the no hanging pant ordinance?
I hope the voters see this for what it was a "Political Stunt".

I am so sick of this current group of minority elected official who never speak for what is needed or what is right for our community.
Don Williams a white businessman is talking about building South Dallas back one block at a time. Where is Leo Chaney? Where is 14-1 and the other minority officials who have driven by Frazier Courts and the area around them where houses are in disrepair and the City of Dallas
has housing rehad money? Why did Don Williams get with Ann Lott to remove old Frazier Courts and pledge to help rebuild the Community? Where was Chaney? Every minority District
after eight years looks the same and some look worst.

I look forward to the May election and some new blood on the Council and we have some on the DISD maybe we will return to the real business of Good Government.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm Back

I first want to thank God and all the people in the County who sent prayers, cards, flowers,food and visits during my stay in Baylor Hospital. Sharon Boyd who came on the 4th of July with the most beautiful American Flag arrangement and Dwayne Caraway who was faithful and helped my family manage the people and press.
Barbara Caraway and Little Charles for staying with Dwayne Lister and my son Dirk Culbreath during the night of the 6 hour surgery are so many people to thank but space will not permit. To Dr. Edward Franko the best surgeon I know and he's a man of faith Thank you for the skill it took to save my life. Thank"s Mayor Miller for your visit
I sure did miss the Political scene while I was very ill, I'm home now recovering and feeling better, I have started to read the paper and listen to radio. I sure have wanted to respond but nurse and Dwayne Lister my special care giver would not allow me to get on computer nor would Dwayne move it into my bedroom.

First I am sorry that Laura Miller will not run for Mayor in 2007 but Family comes first and she is young and has a good chance to contribute again. I wish the Media would write about the November election not the May 2007 election. Voter turnout will be low as it is if the Media continue to only write and talk about 2007 it will be lower would someone please advise them! All the people talked about for Mayor are good but I have not heard one of them say why they want to be Mayor or what their Vision is for the City. Hope they get around to that! DMN ask former Mayor Kirk about one possible candidate and the also ask John Wiley Price
what I found odd is why they ask Price. John Price has picketed the last four Mayor's so what does his comments matter in a City election. The County is in such a mess and the poor County Judge does not know if she is coming or going. The jail is a mess, computer system a mess, emergency money being spent on wrong thing, we have no organized response system in place for the whole County. John Price need to try and get the County operating again. His attempt to sabotage bridge construction in the City of Wilma and the Allen group
is just another example of his handy work. The Allen group fought back so they would not become another Southwest Housing .

More to come this week

Friday, June 23, 2006

City Plan Commission

We had visitors from the Bent Tree area of Dallas in opposition to a case on the Agenda. It is amazing how people of wealth view other people. Even down to the food they eat, who uses drive in restaurant windows, what behavior people who
eat at low cost restaurants vs. Who eats at Ruth's Chris vs. Cantina Laredo.
When I tried to tell one speaker how what she said was casting negative images of
people she did not get it. I think what is sad about the way they think is they have children and that kind of prejudice will live forever.

All people living in this City ,should come out of their closed world and experience People and things so we all will understand each other. I lived in North Dallas all my life until I moved to the Southern Sector 20 years ago, so I know the attitude. What a wonderful surprise I got and I remain in one of the best kept secret neighborhood in Dallas.

Other case of interest: $150,000 Townhomes for south's Cliff taken under advisement Marshall commissioner for that district is working with residents to resolve issues. Ms. Marshall reports they have had four meeting with residents so far. Case put off until July.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Some people in our Community are in so much pain. The Family that was found murder/suicide in Roulette. The Family that lost a Son to a car jacking. The Family that lost a Father to blood clot. The Wife who lost a husband to war. The Husband who lost a wife to another man in an affair. The Mother and Father that cannot find their run away child. The mother who cannot find the father of her child for support. The loved one that lost a mate to an affair.

The Pain never stops. We must find a Being to help us ease this pain. God is the answer for some, therapy works for some, change of life helps others. We need to call upon what ever Higher Power we have to get through the Pain. Remember the Pain is temporary and it will go away. Each time the negative enters your mind replace it with a positive picture. A good memory, a beautiful flower, a bible verse anything to keep from reliving the painful situation over and over again. Do not allow anyone or thing to enter your space that will cause you to relive the situation that caused the Pain.

Pain, Pain, Please Go Away. Help me God!

City Plan commission

As Chair of the City Plan Commission it pains me that more people of color do not attend Planning meetings. I see week after week cases that can impact the Black Community on our Agenda and no one is there to speak. I and other members of the Commission speak and identify cases that are harmful to the Community and many are denied. The professional staff recommends cases for approval or denial based on land use ,area land use plans and other issues. If Communities do not speak out when a case comes forth to the CPC and staff recommends approval there is no valid reason to deny it unless the Community objects. We need more participation from the Black Community. The staff sends out notice to residents in a 200 mile radius or 500 mile depending on the case.
In many cases non of the notices are return from the Southern sector. I have suggested having meeting in the evening maybe more people could attend. If you have any idea on how we can get more people involved please
let me know.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Young people so willing to kill!

The past few days in Dallas there have been reports of people being shot and some killed. Random shootings at different events across the City. From downtown, North Dallas, West Oak Cliff and East Dallas. Why are young people going out to fight, shot and cause trouble? What can police do about it? What can Parents do about it? What can we public do about it? There has to be an answer some place. Do you have it? Write and let's discuss what we the Community do about this crime in our Community.

Monday, May 29, 2006

What will Ron Price Do?

What will School Board member Ron Price of the Dallas, Texas School District do with all the Yard signs for the 2007 City Council race if God tells him to stay on school Board? Ron Price said after all the 2007 yard signs were discovered that he had no idea how they got there and who ordered them. His only answer was he would do what God told him in the City Council race. I just wonder what will he do if God does not speak to him at all after that story?

Word on the Street: Dallas Political Scene

My information on some subjects are not confirmed however we know much is true. My opinions are just that mine.
Word on the street has Councilman Don Hill getting married in June. Congratulation !

Can anyone believe Ron Price would tell a story as strange as what he told about the yard signs. He really thinks people believe him. The plan is remain in the School Board seat until after the Council election if he wins step down if he loses stay on School Board. I hope the People in South Dallas do not go for this madness. A person who wants to serve should run and teach this young man a good lesson.


Not what the Council think's it is. What they Govern and what the taxpayers get are three diffrent things. What the
Manager knows and is being told by staff is so far apart. The cover you ass policy prevails if you lie who will check? When staff lies they are belived and the Public is not.Some City staffers work very hard some do not work at all. So sad each week I will write about a non working City of Dallas staffer.