Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November 7,2006 The Day the Dam Broke:

When people said they were mad at President Bush, I did not know that everyone at Frank Crowley Court Building was name Bush. I have said over and over we need to find another way to Elect Judges. Some very fine Judges lost the bench Tuesday and the new ones do not even understand the Law that they will follow come January 3,2007. Some of them just put their names on the Ballot so it would not be easy for the Republican party, but oh what a Webb we weave. Justice in some Courts just went out the door and injustice walked in. Some think it's funny but wait until it's your time or your loved one's time to face a Judge that will allow the DA to do anything in his Court. I do not care who the DA is.Crieg Watkins cannot be in every Court room every day. So you got what you wanted Democrat in charge I just hope we have good legal minds in charge.

The County Judge seat is another story. She lost the Cowboys and was never a good leader. She followed the stars or moon or something.

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