Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear Mr. DA

The election is over, winner has been selected.
Dear Mr. DA please take your time and digest the duties of your office. Do not let men or woman who have not walked in your shoes direct your steps. As you change rolls from Defense Attorney into County Prosecutor you must change your way of thinking. You do not need a transition team as much as you need a trainer in managing your staff, budget,cases, and other areas of your Department. You need to spend your first 100 days getting to know what your office does. Walk around the buildings your staff are located in.You have a very good Civil section over at 411 Elm St. and in other County buildings. You need to be humble and learn the ropes before you do any thing about your staff. Your first Assistant should be chosen because I am sure Mr. Carnes is leaving.
You are not the leader of a gang now you are the Lead Dallas County Prosecutor for all the people of Dallas County. You must make sure that
all people get a fair trial from the DA's side of the Court room it is up to the Defense to defend. I hope you much success but you must take control of your self and your job. Take time and get your personal business in order so that will not haunt you every day of your office. Do not have another press conference until you have some thing to say. Many of the people who voted for you cannot go look at your Web site they do not have computers are can not use them. God be with you as you start this new journey because if you do your job correctly many in the Black community will become mad with you but that to will pass. Good luck Mr. DA. Feel free to tell the press you are busy .You do not need to be avaliable every time they call.

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