Monday, November 27, 2006

DISD Not Again?

Would someone please call Dr.Hinojosa and tell him to hire me to fix his trouble operations. What he needs is a professional manager to just fix stuff without needing more money. I can do it! I have been giving free advice to them so far but I am tired after seeing how much tax money they spend for bad results. The DMN says DISD is behind in criminal backgrounds checks on some new hires. How can you be behind on something that is required prior to being hired? Derrell Coleman staff attorney for DISD said per DMN that they were behind getting information from Safe Advantage the firm the District pays to do the background check. How can you be behind on information you pay to receive? Who submits the name and who is responsible for checking on the response? Here are a few simple steps to help the District and I am giving it for free. Procedure changes:

1. Transfer background check duty to DISD police department.
2.Cancel contract with Safe Advantage instead of increasing their contract by 152,000.
3.Contract with data base firm that provides information connect to DISD police computer.
4.Assign full time clerk to run check as employment application come into Human Resources.
5. Advise all applicants that their application will not be processed until background checks are complete. Have all applicants sign release of information form.
6.Advise all applicants that they can get their own background check from Texas Department of Public Service mailed to the District.
7.Furnish them with finger print cards to send to TDPS. District police
should have cards.
8.Once background information is in return complete fill to HR for hiring process.
The above items take no more money in fact it will save money and every applicant will be checked.The Police Department will be trusted with the
back ground check and there will be no hole in the screening process.
Every one should know that the hiring of Edward Randolph was no slip
in the process, they just did not follow the process because he was a former baseball star from Roosevelt High School. I hope the District can get it right soon.

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