Saturday, December 02, 2006


I need Three Good White Elected Officials on the DISD Board of Managers to step up and Save the DISD. When Hollis Brashear was there and he and Ron Price made such a Race baited mess on the Board I spoke out against them and still do speak when wrong is being done. The White trustees did not allow them to kill the District,made it sick but not dead. Carla Ranger is a new Trustee and very well educated and does her homework. I have been to the meetings and watched her work. The fact that she had an item placed on the Board agenda so angered the Hispanic Board members at least Jerome Garza that he has deleted her from his mind and does not intend to work with her at all. He also does not plan to respect her as a fellow Trustee. I have known Jerome and respected him a long time and I kind of know how he feels to be locked out of a system so long that when you do get a little power you use it, but Mr. Garza is hurting his own people and he is creating a racial divide on the Board and in the Community. The statements that he has made in the past week go beyond racist they are down right mean and ugly. The one I most remember is Mr. Garza saying" Blacks have got all the jobs at DISD because of the protection of the Court Order" and then he counted all the Black Principles vs. Hispanic ones hired lately. The one thing he forgot is that when the Court Order started 30 years ago blacks were the ones being discriminated against. Hispanics were not the majority of the District and were considered white and could attend any school they wanted or be hired in jobs Blacks could not. I even spoke at the meeting about settlement of the Court Order many in the Black Community were very angry with me know I see why.The point being why would a Trustee use that theory when speaking about employment in the DISD? There is not a District that is solid black,Brown or White in Dallas. Every Trustee has all races in his or her District. The Hispanic Trustees have turned out to be worst then the Black Trustees who used color all the time to get their way. Ms. Ranger had a right to put the item on the Agenda, why would Mr. Garza become so angry that he cannot move on? In the latest rife Garza had a Pct. Moved from Rangers Dist. He finally said it was because there were schools in the PCT.named after Hispanic people and he wanted to make sure the Students knew who the people were. What a lame excuse. Every student should be taught the History of the Persons name on their school. I'm sure Ms. Ranger would have gladly agreed to the Pct. being moved from her District since she was getting more people from the Wilma Hutchin District. Why did he not just tell her or recommend it in an open meeting? Why did he feel the need to go behind her back tell the legal staff to change it and present the changed map at the meeting much to Ms. Rangers surprise some of her District was gone. What really takes the cake is when Ms. Ranger ask the
DISD Attorney who requested the change he replied" that is Client privilege information" .How in the HELL can a Public employee tell his boss that another one of his bosses has Client privilege when he is dealing in a public forum with public information? DISD Board is once again out of control. The Minority Board members are killing the District.
Chairman Jack Lowe, Leigh Ann Ellis, Nancy Bingham please stand up and save the DISD.
I am a graduate of the District, I have worked for the District, I have run for the Board, I pay tax and very high tax since your exemption is lower then any other Government 36,000 vs. Every one else at 42,000. I want you to represent me and my Tax money. I want you to stop the Minority madness by doing the right thing for the Students and Taxpayers. Start voting for the real issues and stop going along with one group over another. You know some of what is going on is not right yet you condone it. Mr. Lowe your father would have stood up and said what was right, he would make them respect one another or al least let them know they were wrong. Would
the Whit Folk please stand UP!

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