Friday, December 29, 2006

On The Road To Complete Recovery

Thanks to the many People who prayed for me during my illness. The months from June 27,2006 until this day has been some of the most painful in my life. The Kidney Transplant in 2003 was a breeze compared to this.God my higher power marched me straight on through it. I had my last surgery December 13,2006 and I did good. I did not tell anyone because I did not want it in the press. Sorry press you have been good to me, but I did not want the General Public to think I was sick , they might not understand this was the good surgery the reconnect. I am doing fine just home recovering and getting ready for what God has for me to do. I will be ready for March 3,2007 and working towards May.
Happy Holiday Season and Healthy New Year!

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