Monday, December 11, 2006

Leo Chaney Sold Out Ash Creek Mobil Home Park

Once upon a time people talked about Leo Chaney and I was on the front line defending him. I have been on the front line fighting for a few people who turned out
just as bad as People said they were and I did not see it for a long time, but when I get it, I get it! Chaney has put about 100 people on the street who live in the Ash Creek Mobil Home Park. The Park has been there for 50 years in the same place and never did the City of Dallas use Code enforcement to make the Owner fix up any thing.The Mobil homes belong to the people and most cannot be moved. You see Leo Chaney allowed the City Attorney in fact he encouraged the City Attorney to file criminal charges on the Owner just as he did with Mr.Lee Bilal Mr. Bilal went to jail and to his death ,this owner surrendered and was forced to close the Park while the zoning was pending before the City Plan Commission. We need a revolution in Dallas. Elected Officials who can use their Power to move people from their homes with no remorse should be ----. The reason these people are being mistreated is that the new homeowners in the 300,000 homes do not want to look at the Mobil home park, the Mobil home park was there when the new homes were built. Chaney thinks the people in the 300,000 homes will vote for him for higher Office. I wonder did it occur to him that if they do not like poor white and Hispanic people what would make him think they will vote for a poor black one? Mr. Chaney will need to answer to his God for this one.

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