Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Told You So!

I told Dr.Hinojosa I would help him for free. As a manager I know the first thing you do about before hiring a person in a position who claims some sort of title that requires a license from the State is CHECK THE STATE AGENCY that issues the license. See I learn that from my last job because I hired people who had to be licensed and reported if the committed an offence against the license. DISD Teachers are required by law to be license so they should have known to check with the State it is FREE online. The man could be good at what he does but it is illegal to claim something you are not that is FRAUD. How can the FRAUDER check on the FRAUDEE.
Once again someone call Dr. Hinojosa and tell he need me, because I would have checked the State site and simply deleted the CPA claim if all else checked out. Very simple process but you need a mind to think of problem solving, however I would
have told the superintendent I had an integrity problem with Mr.Fryar because he knew he did not have a CPA license so why add it to your Resume when it is not a requirement for the job.
Someone call them,They need help bad. Sooner than later that Board will be sick of this type of embarrassment and take some action do not say I did not offer to help for free. I know people hate to admit they need me but they do. I love former County Judge Lee Jackson.Lee called upon me to Direct the juvenile Department along with my department after the Death of its Director, Laura Miller called me to help turn the Plan Commission around, you have heard any bad news from City Plan Commission or questions of integrity since.Many people call on me for help I will not name them all but, I knew Lee and Laura would not care if I used their names. I want so bad for Dr. Hinojosa to be successful, a hometown man,from the DISD return home to make it better. There could not be a better story with good outcome.

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