Saturday, December 02, 2006

Free work Offer to Dr. Hinojosa

I made a very serious offer to volunteer to help Dr. Hinojosa. I know that the people
in his arena will not want me to work for the District for fear of what I will find and what I will recommend to the superintendent. Also the Political types that want to run the District do not want me down there. Poor Dr. Hinojosa need help bad He has a lot of people but what do they do? When he ask Rena Martinez to take care of the Preston school problem, he had no idea that Mr. Martinez would do it in a Political move.I know the man is in shock that it ended as it did. How could a Hispanic not take care of Hispanic parents in a situation like that? But Rene has been in the political arena a long time and that is how he solves problems. Is his only job to deal with Hispanic parents problems? Do they have administrative personal to deal with parents problems of all other races?

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