Saturday, December 02, 2006

City Council Race

Many people ask me daily if I am going to enter the City Council race. I tell them I do not know. I am having a talk with myself, God and family members to see if I want to spend that much time serving others full time. I have spent the adult part of my life serving the public and trying to have a family many times doing more for others then my family. I know if I run I will be full time because I do not know any other way to be, however Public Service has become so dishonest and Public Officials are so into themselves and what they can get for themselves that I do not know if I can operate in that environment. I have seen Good people go to City Hall, Commissioners Court, State House, School Board and others and become money hungry, making deals to benefit themselves or their friend with no consideration for the public. Maybe other people did that in the past but at least some part of the deal was about the People but now a day its 90% about self and 10% the people. I have one health issue to solve and I will make up my mind in late December. If you are for me do not leave until I say yes or no. If I run I will have a platform with issues that will make the quality of life better for the residents of District 5. Stay tune.

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