Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Will Black People in Southern Sector, Stop the Ignorance?

When Will Black People in Southern Sector, Stop the Ignorance? If anyone is still wondering, why the Southern Sector of Dallas looks worse, after thirty years of Black elected Leadership, wonder no more. The recent action by Dallas County Commissioners Court, newly Elected County Judge Clay Jenkins and co heart Commissioner John Wiley Price, with silence from newly elected County Commissioner Elba Garcia, is reinforcement that it will continue to decline and Civil rights of County residents are in danger. Fair elections in Dallas County are also in jeopardy. Action taken to fire Election Administrator Bruce Sherbet based of personal feeling of certain political operatives, and not allowing them to interfere in election process all wrong. Statement made by John Price, that Republicans have run election for year, lie. Protest for Bruce Sherbet mixed group of Precinct. Chairs, election Judges and citizen, some Judges were members of Tea Party movement, so what? Mr. Turner spoke used a term John Price did not understand meaning, and made it a bad word. It was not bad then and still is not. Mr. Turner might have meant it to be bad, fact is it was not. The word actually gave John Price more credit than he has. (Mullah=Muslim learned in theology and sacred law) neither of which John Price is, the word is still not racist or derogatory. John Price, interrupted Mr. Turner, with, if you are going to talk about me call my name, at which time Judge Jenkins, said nothing. Mr. Turner finishes his remarks. John Price said, “Why are all the speakers White”, as he was getting up from his seat, he repeated it, someone from the audience as they were leaving, said we have a right to speak. Price said your all, “White Go to Hell”, he repeated that seven time, than, invited the people to meet him out side, they complied with Ok, as he was moving from one area to another he called Rev.Lovell fat-boy. Now, tell me why not one person from the Court, Black Community has said his behavior was wrong. What he said to those people was wrong. Do Black people, hate, whom we are so much, that we will allow our own to treat others wrong. Commissioner Price is an Elected Official and his behavior should be that, Becoming of an Official, no matter what or when someone else decides to act different. Commissioner Price has always been able to dish it out, now we see, Price cannot stand the medicine he gives others. Price continues to act as he does, because of those fools around him, they play on his weakness, and they cheer him in that ignorance. They need his help, they are his dependants, and they want to keep him silly so they are needed. Many of them had nothing, when they stumbled up into his office, I mean nothing not even a car, job nothing. To make matters worse, a Churchmen’s group gave him a Community service award, Sunday four days after he stood and told people in the presence of God,” to go to Hell.” They also gave others awards all of whom are paid to do their job. Black People Community service awards go to people who, work in their Community FREE. Community service is Free. Today, people registered to speak supporting Fair elections, and people were there to speak on Commissioner Price’s behalf. County Judge Clay Jenkins once again acted as if he slept through law school. He cut speakers in mid sentence when he wanted to, this man holds a law license from the State of Texas, yet does not know First Amendment Rights. Speakers, one was Ron Price, former school Board member said Officials should not be attack, but it happens. John Price, was, not attacked, he was the aggressor. Price invited people to meet him on outside to finish. Don’t people know this is what makes us look so stupid in the eyes of the World? We are saying what ever we do, we are the victim, and no one takes responsibility for any wrong action. Vincent Hall, County employee since 2003, speaking for Price, what else he would do on County time. Paid, Community Service Leader at Church meeting encouraging people to attend rally for Price today, for what? Bruce Sherbet is the person harmed, White people, told to go to Hell, so what rally for Price? If Black People agreed with what Price did, it would not take public out cry to have people go downtown; Black people have shown up for Price in past when he was wronged. Commissioner Price has always exercised his first amendment rights. He marched in front of Mayor Ron Kirk’s home, calling him names; Kirks kids were in the house saw it all. I first met Ron Kirk, when he stopped at John Prices house, to drop off campaign check and volunteer in his campaign. Price wore billboard signs calling former City manager John Ware, calling Ware names. Price marched at Police Stations blocking streets, marched at Parkland patients could not get to hospital, marched at DMN, Channel 5, and broke windshield wipers on woman van. Price broke Timothy Shorts leg down at County building. A Man, Who Has Done Ever Thing. To Everybody, Now Wants Respect, but Will Not Give Any. That is why the Southern Sector will get worse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survey of Community People Tonight. I was Shocked !

I mention John Price's action on yesterday,in Commissioners Court. People actually felt he was a victim.I could not believe it.Two started down that race train,saying he was the only one down there, doing anything for Blacks and he just got tired ,of White people messing with him.I ask one lady,what White people have been messing with Price? All she could say was something that happen 20 years ago. I ask another Lady what does he do for Black people,she could not name one thing. I ask if they had read about the Inland Port and the lost of potential jobs in the southern sector,they knew nothing.One man did say that John was wrong in speaking to the Citizens in that manner and that he should have left room. Another woman said John was a embarrassment to the Black Community. The Black Community has sent this Man to do a job 26 years and don't have a clue what he does,other than Sound Clips.I wonder did he do all that yesterday so his name would get the press,he is on Ballot in 2012.
I reminder them that John Price had lived off the Taxpayers for 30 years with the time he spent in JP Court and public works.We paid him and rewarded him for bad behavior .When I worked for John Price,I cared about the person,not the Commissioner.I saw how he became a magnet for people who used him for their selfish needs.I witness people coming into the office with stories that made no sense,and he felt for them sincerely believing what they said .Darren Reagan was one,I told Price,Darren was a modern day Robin Hood,but he only helped himself. I don't know what has happen to John ,since I left his side,but if Daphene Fain , Kathy Nealy,Vincent Hall and Zach really care about the person and not just their meal ticket,they will get him so immediate help.

What Will It Take, Dallas Black People ? Will It Take Death? Who's?

Dallas Southern Blacks,how long will you allow Commissioner John Wiley Price ,to miss-represent us? We all know,what the Commissioner did yesterday was Wrong.It was not proper decorum for a public meeting,in a public building.The people speaking had as much right to be there as any other Tax payer.John Price has been on that Court 26 years,he chose to run for elective office,if he's tired of being there he needs to leave.Price is paid over a $100,000 to work full time in the business of Dallas County. John Price did not hear what Attorney Turner said,then did not know meaning of word,made up racist meaning. John knows RACE card draw support from Black people when, he is wrong.Price had no legitimate reason for doing what he did. Commissioner Price marched in front of former Mayor Ron Kirks house,calling him names,walked with double side sign board,calling former City manager John Ware an Oreo cookie,called out on KKDA radio ,Fort Worth Blacks are handkerchief heads.Marched in front of Mayor Millers home calling her Bitch.Made name plate,Judge Foster Grump sat it on Court table in front of Judge Foster. Voters of District 3 we have allowed all of this to go on, while being paid with our Tax dollars. During Black History Month the year of a Black President,Dallas has a County
elected Official shouting at citizens saying "your White,Go To Hell" This man is out of control and should be out of Office.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dallas Is A Unique Place ! We Unite To Hate and Support Wrong,To Hell With Right or Wrong,Law of the Land.

I sat in a room of people ,who volunteer their service, in a Political party. A group of them are hell bent,on believing ,what they say or think is correct.One older man,two younger women have not been in the world long enough ,to know what to wear in public,making statements so far from truth that it hurts the ear.What shock me,the Older man, whom I have respected a long time,seems to think its OK, to take action, if members of the party agree,weather the action is right or wrong.I was taught to do what is right regardless to who proposes doing wrong. I see how everyday folk have lost faith in the System and casting a vote.We are reminded daily that most Politicians are voting their own wishes,and are out of touch with the people,really don't give a dam about our position on matters. The recent action taken against the Dallas County Election Administrator was wrong,not the fact that Election Commission did not have the authority to do so,the process was flawed.I now believe Judge Clay Jenkins was duped by Deputy dog,John Wiley Price,however Jenkins should have done his homework on the issue: Micheal Vick Animal rights groups, in and around Dallas hate Micheal Vick ,because of his involvement with the training of fighter Pitt bull dogs.I saw no direct evidence that Vick touched any dog,I saw photos of Dogs,law enforcement Officials say were hurt by Vick's crew.I read the prepared statement Vick read and answers given to Federal officials,I also know they prepare your script for Court.Needless to say what happen to the dog's was wrong and should not have happen.The purpose of prison confinement is to punish and time to rehabilitate your mind and soul.Under Vick's sentence guideline all that was taken into account , he is doing ,just as the Court instructed him ,as well as Martha Stewart.I know his crime was worse, living animals were involved.It is what It is,he's out of jail doing what Judge required: Dwain Caraway represents the Citizens of District 4 ,they support his giving key to Vick, as a Thank You for speaking to our Young People.When and if Caraway becomes Mayor for 90 day his actions will be on behalf of all of Dallas.I'm sure he will Lead accordingly. Animal Lovers I wonder how people can eat fried chicken,knowing this little animal was running around a yard someplace,eating and drinking water.How do we walk into butcher shop and pick steak and pork chops with full knowledge that these animals were alive,and we see the blood in the cold box.I look at men on TV getting ready for the deer hunt,when they shoot these innocent animal they look them in the face,the birds are trying to fly to freedom and shot down,rabbits chased with dogs and shot down,then skinned and cooked.How about the beautiful fish that swim in our lakes minding their own business we track them with devices find their nesting bed and go in for the kill. Do any of you dog lovers care about these animals?Do you care about the many Pitt bulls put out on the streets in Dallas by bad owners that are euthanized daily at the Dallas Animal shelter,or is your love for Mel,Vick's adopted dog,just the Vick dog,he mean so much more to you.You hate Vick because he plays football for a living,blame that talent on God,
he was the giver not man.